Friday, 8 January 2016

No 11595, Friday 08 Jan 2016, Gridman

1   Nothing to write on drudgery that is holey embroidery (4,4) OPEN WORK {O}{PEN} {WORK}
5   Charm of mother's little home (6) MASCOT {MAS}{COT}
10 Get twisted, coiled net at port (7) ENTWINE {ENT*}{WINE}
11 Routine disturbed where the unborn is (2,5) IN UTERO*
12 Reportedly collars rowdies (6) ROUGHS (~ruffs)
13 Manliness of Scotsman and his medical officer (8) MACHISMO {MAC}{HIS}{MO}
15 More modern but not new pitcher (4) EWER nEWER
16 El blathers about pawnbroker's sign (5,5) THREE BALLS*
18 Behind subway system's ultimate cost (10) BOTTOM LINE {BOTTOM} {LINE}
20 Neglect not any central incentive (4) SPUR SPURn
23 Pine hopelessly in poor inns for bowling game (8) NINEPINS {PINE}* in {INNS}*
24 Short sister's brief difficulty in getting coypu fur (6) NUTRIA {NUn}{TRIAl}
26 Rock loose sign around Seoul's centre (7) IGNEOUS {SIGN}* arond {sEOUl}
27 Greed of a member, not having a shade of morality, falling into a bad habit (7) AVARICE {A}{V{ARm}ICE}
28 Is rest available for relative? (6) SISTER*
29 Commentator's — or spectator's — cry on a boundary being reached (4,4) FOUR RUNS [GK]

1   Gambling machines dismantled, a note reminds. Bad. (3-5,7) ONE-ARMED BANDITS*
2   Text crude? Force out by not allowing intros (7) EXTRUDE {tEXT+cRUDE}*
3   Boxing division with a number (6) WEIGHT {W}{EIGHT}
4   Rush harmonica part (4) REED [DD]
6   A chum’s addiction unfulfilled in part of UAE (3,5) ABU DHABI {A}{BU D}{HABIt}
7   Endlessly cry over loose application of disinfectant (7) CREOSOL {CRy}{LOOSE*}
8   Worst: Coarse temp exposes those who can't hold their liquor (3-3,9) TWO-POT SCREAMERS*
9   Vegetable likely in a capital meal in South America (4,5) LIMA BEANS [CD]
14 The totality of said tunnel head (9) WHOLENESS (¬hole){WHOLE}{NESS}
17 Small publisher's book — unit that is a stock maker's addition (4,4) SOUP BONE {S}{OUP} {B}{ONE}
19 Letters prosper as these people occupy (7) TENANTS [CD]
21 Prince's web address that is universal haunt (7) PURLIEU {P}{URL}{IE}{U}
22 A top brace from live-in maid (2,4) AU PAIR {A}{U} {PAIR}
25 Son getting Goa's gluey, starchy stuff (4) SAGO {S}{GOA*}



  2. Gridman on a counting mission...could count one to ten except five, sox & seven
    Lovely one...could finish in double quick time...

  3. What is stock makers addition?

    1. Soup bones are used in making 'Stock' for soup

  4. Just like yesterday had to struggle a bit but could finally end up with a smile on my face! Thanks Gridman. :)

  5. 9D Is a ? required at the end of the clue? Perhaps not because it may in fact be a staple in Lima.
    Just an idle thought.

  6. Where is the grid though ,not available online

    1. CW for today has not been uploaded in the online edition

    2. If u want the clues & grid...follow the link of The Hub goven in the side bar...

  7. Solved CW after a long time & that too on paper with pen :) Great way to restart solving -Gridman's CW :)