Wednesday, 6 January 2016

No 11593, Wednesday 06 Jan 2016, Exa

Crisp definitions.

5   A celebrity keeps student excited (6) AFLAME {A}{F{L}AME}
7   Crew gets old dresses (8) BANDAGES {BAND}{AGES}
9   Perfect chance to tour the south (4) BEST {BE{S}T}
10 Old-fashioned rock genre has a 50's beat (10) OUTGENERAL {OUT}{GENRE*}{A}{L}
11 Brand new chai caterers (12) CHARACTERISE*
13 Compassionate tone enthralls lover (6) HUMANE {HU{MAN}E}
15 Boys held by law for wreckage (6) RUBBLE {RU{BB}LE}
18 Trim, fashionable girls now changing into robe (8,4) DRESSING GOWN {DRESS}{IN}{G G}{NOW*}
21 Mom dancing when drunk? Impressive (10) COMMANDING*
22 Turned on by jolly type (4) NORM {NO<=}{RM} Jolly=Royal Marine=RM
23 Short, skinny trousers proper for coastal resort (8) BRIGHTON {RIGHT} in {BONy}
24 Time of day in New York now (6) TRENDY {T}{RE}{N{D}Y}

1   Bugs bachelor with endlessly dreadful recital (8) BACTERIA {BA}{RECITAl}*
2   Grand choir arranged over middle of opera (6) HEROIC {CHOIR+opEra}*
3   Lower pants (8) INFERIOR [DD]
4   Grace men with flowers (6) RACEME [T]
6   Expand shelf (5,3) FLESH OUT {SHELF}*
7   Friend lacking resistance to trouble (6) BOTHER BrOTHER
8   Minute cutting tool lifted for an evaluation (4) EXAM {EXA}{M}<=
12 Fresh folder we opened (8) FLOWERED*
14 Drug that for married one in motherhood is paradise (8) ETERNITY (-m-a+e)ETERNITY
16 Order beer and gin with northern starter (8) BEGINNER {BEER+GIN+N}*
17 Give out a small warning (6) ASSIGN {A}{S}{SIGN}
18 Lady given silver as compensation (6) DAMAGE {DAM{AG}E}
19 Oppose rebellious teenager without hesitation (6) NEGATE TEENAGer*
20 Give gold entry (4) DOOR {DO}{OR}


  1. Short and sweet clues! Good things come in small packages! :)

  2. Lovely one from Exa with smooth surfaces! Liked reverse anagram in 6Dn. My COD is 18Ac DRESSING GOWN. Thanks for the samosas, Exa. It was an enjoyable solve. :)

  3. Awesome puzzle!Amazing clues all round...

  4. Some very nice clues. Bravo Exa!

    1. +1 took the words right out of my keyboard

    2. Reminded a lot of a Buzzer Puzzle

  5. Only four hits as at 1330 hrs? Where's everyone?

    When was it that we had the least or no hits ?

  6. The grid on the online edition appears to be flawed?
    12 and 14 down are stuck together. So was unable to solve completely.

    1. TH has omitted to darken the square next to 12. 14 comes in the next row.

    2. Thanks. I used the grid on the Hindu website. The online application seems to be missing some slots altogether!

  7. Late in getting to the CW. Loved it nevertheless, though not near samosas. Thank you Exa.