Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2877), Sunday 24 Jan 2016

1   Transported from point after time, bearing north (6) ENRAPT {E{N}RA}{PT}
4   Sad, vocal, befuddled? That'll be the brandy (8) CALVADOS*
10 Freeloading artist with singular appeal, one protected by cover in retirement (9) PARASITIC {PA{RA}{S}{IT}{1}C<=}
11 Upset in middle of plea, breaking free (5) RILED {pLEa} in {RID}
12 Endlessly ridicule language about love and meditation (13) CONTEMPLATION {CONTEMPt}{LATI{O}N}
14 One exacting retribution against foe finally consumed by fury (7) AVENGER {A{V}{foE}NGER}
16 Musical fashionable in the past (7) CHICAGO {CHIC}{AGO}
17 Goat mostly inhabiting rocky lair in country (7) LIBERIA {L{IBEx}RIA*}
19 Follow triumph (7) SUCCEED [DD]
20 Method of solving problems in revolutionary manner with country in panic (5,3,5) TRIAL AND ERROR {T{RIA<=}{L AND} ERROR}
23 Bitterness holding good? That's nonsense (5) BILGE {BIL{G}E}
24 Odd tips recur in sacred text (9) SCRIPTURE*
25 Order son to follow obligations, restricting noise (8) TIDINESS {TI{DIN}ES}{S}
26 Believe in sacred item (6) CREDIT [T]

1   In particular spot, holding diamonds up above everything (10) ESPECIALLY {ESP{ECI<=}{ALL}Y}
2   Show again some clearer understanding (5) RERUN [T]
3   Bird, as revealed by sad page in press, gone (9,6) PASSENGER PIGEON*
5   Old-fashioned roguish spies turned up (7) ARCHAIC {ARCH}{AIC<=}
6   Vine that's damaged receiving repair (8,7) VIRGINIA CREEPER*
7   Describe food shop smart entrepreneur's opening (9) DELINEATE {DELI}{NEAT}{En...r}
8   Team gave expression of relief, reportedly (4) SIDE (~sighed)
9   Spout garbled rubbish initially in daze (6) STUPOR {SPOUT*}{Ru...h}
13 Gained impression about king followed by me in awe (10) WONDERMENT {WON}{DE{R}{ME}NT}
15 Doctor in place in Washington, first off, on day beset by difficulties (9) EMBATTLED {sE{MB}ATTLE}{D}
18 Learner when in classes disregarding right books of charts (7) ATLASES (rAT{L}{AS}ES)
19 Guard head of state on arrival (6) SENTRY {St..e}{ENTRY}
21 Plump for quantity of sandwiches (5) ROUND [DD]
22 Support article with stake (4) ABET {A}{BET}


  1. For those who missed it yesterday Photos of the Mini S&B meet at Mini S&B Meet

    Shall upload some more snaps later tonight.

  2. Nice one. Had samosas alright but couldn't parse 15 & 18 Dn. Otherwise an enjoyable solve.

  3. lovely crispy samosas today - could not parse atlases - didnt think of classes as rates ! trial and error was quite a clue :) 6d has a pretty neat surface .. so also 1d