Tuesday, 5 January 2016

No 11592, Tuesday 05 Jan 2016, Spinner

1   Base with square thread form (12) HEADQUARTERS*
10 Neighbourhood gangster is after retiring army officer (5) LOCAL {LOC<=}{AL}
11 Electronic research centre's lecture is complex (9) ELABORATE {E}{LAB}{ORATE}
12 Injury's said to be negligible (6) SCARCE / SNATCH ?
13 Senate playing noughts and crosses, leaving thousands confused (8) CONGRESS {NouGhts+and+CROSSEs}*
15 Stirring ale cocktail around is uplifting (9) EMOTIONAL {ALE}* around {MOTION}
16 Draw? 0-0? Manager, ultimately a non-performer, is shown this (4) DOOR {D}{OO}{m...eR}
20 Appends commercials with declarations at the start (4) ADDS {AD{De..s}S}
21 Produced powdered Boron sulphide (9) PUBLISHED {B+SULPHIDE}*
24 Weird, weird clue by Spinner has 'average' written all over it (8) PECULIAR {P{CLUE*}{I}AR}
26 Garden party film's good for the most part (6) PICNIC {PIC}{NICe}
28 Southern city seen another way, in crisis (9) NECESSITY {S}{CITY+SEEN}*
29 Agitated German man leaves in rage (5) ANGER GERmAN*
30 Stern manager surprisingly compromises (12) ARRANGEMENTS*

2   Cried as old partner's medical went wrong (9) EXCLAIMED {EX}{MEDICAL*}
3   Lied about accountant's tape being empty — It's sensitive! (8) DELICATE {LIED*}{CA}{TapE}
4   Doctor Seuss endlessly exercises (4) USES SUESs*
5   Sound engineers like working with expert (10) REASONABLE {RE}{AS}{ON}{ABLE}
6   English money (not counting Arabian money) is abundant (6) ENOUGH {EN}{dOUGH}
7   Time's short time/long time? (5) STAGE {S}{T}{AGE}
8   Meat's unpreserved! Add a little lemon right away! (5) FLESH F{-r+l)LESH
9   Styled one's hair over pudding (7) DESSERT <=
14 People of a region counted upon a pilot's flying (10) POPULATION*
17 Instant deliveries — Revolutionary thing! (9) OVERNIGHT {THING}*
18 Guy, not cruciverbalist basically, writes surfaces (7) HAPPENS {cHAP}{PENS}
19 Spinner's friend under mistakenly set impression (8) ESTIMATE {SET*}{I}{MATE}
22 More well matched roles messed up by leader of cast (6) CLOSER {Cast}{ROLES*}
23 Muffler basically silences automobile by force (5) SCARF {Si...r}{CAR}{F}
25 Two firms, one drink (5) COCOA {CO}{CO}{A}
27 Family displaced, yet sheltering some people (4) TYPE {TY{Pe...e}E*}



  1. 14D 'Counted'is also part of the Definition. 'People of a region counted' = Population.

    1. kewl crossword delivery from Spinner today :) I too had 12a as HP - scars sounds like scarce. Happens took away my samosas as I had basically as middle not start ! So cruciverbalist basically was er..not c :( I suppose essentially means middle :( really liked 19d, 23d, 14d.. thanks Spinner..

    2. How does SCARS sound like SCARCE.
      SCARCE sounds more like SCARES

  2. Some very nice clues. 23D is my pick.

  3. STAGE and HAPPENS have taken away my samosas. Nice to see COL and his pet COCOA in the answers.

  4. Loved the puzzle...1A & 30A were very good...i have put scarce in 12 A..lots of gogglies & flippers that were challenging to deal with

  5. Loved the scarf ( people wear it in Chennai too in Dec/ Jan!) and the pudding (imagined pudding over one's hair!)
    I am one in thousand(s) to be confused by knots & crosses. Nice one.

  6. Wonderfully spun. wonderfully woven too & the resultant fabric has come out nice.17,18,19& 23d stand out.7d miserably failed me. Anyway enjoyed a nice puzzle today. Thanks Spinner.

  7. 23d brought to mind imposition of odd-even rule in Delhi by the CM

  8. Found it very satisfying today. Staying away from samosas for dietary reasons :-)

  9. 17 Instant deliveries — Revolutionary thing! (9) OVERNIGHT {THING}* not reverse anagram. Deliveries = over (cricket)
    7 Time's short time/long time? (5) STAGE {S}{T}{AGE} 's =S, short time =t, long time =age