Friday, 22 January 2016

No 11606, Friday 22 Jan 2016, Scintillator

Sound Crossword.

1   Disease of children — or it's afflicting minors, primarily (6) AUTISM {AU}{ITS*}{Mi...s} OR=Gold=AU
4   Romanticism of thought associated with student philosophy (8) IDEALISM {IDEA}{L}{ISM}
9   Require to put up a loud burst? (6) DEAFEN {A}{F} in {NEED<=}
10 Aunt injured with a partial lump in fall (8) AUTUMNAL {AUNT+A+LUMp}*
12 Tense wife had a desire and got a spasm (8) TWITCHED {T}{W}{ITCHED}
13 Reluctant to write a poem (6) AVERSE {A}{VERSE}
15 Air strikes on Germany? (4) RAID {AIR}*{D} Semi&lit
16 Watchmen stun dacoits on the run after killing model (10) CUSTODIANS {STUN+DACOItS}*
19 Fictional character in Sholay bringing up all emotions originally (10) CINDERELLA {CINDER}{Em...s <=}{LLA<=}
20 No end to deadly virus countered in bottom of the ear (4) LOBE EBOLa <=
23 Clear out rum can that's unpleasant (6) RANCID {R{CAN*}ID}
25 One who authorises insurance company faces ugly sneer (8) LICENSER {LIC}{SNEER*}
27 New male recruit in this plant (8) TURMERIC {M+RECRUIT}*
28 Rhine flowing around one end of Cologne to bring prosperity (6) ENRICH {RHINE}* around {Co...e}
29 Mere 'No' is misinterpreted for emergence (8) EMERSION*
30 Adjust piano and bring to default position (6) PRESET {P}{RESET}

1   One examines books after passing examinations (7) AUDITOR [CD]
2   Custom in Bengal — sister taken care of by husband after end of torment (9) TRADITION {t...nT}{R{ADITI}ON} Not sure if the anno is right (Addendum - {t...nT}{RA{DI}TION} - See comments)
3   Painting of endless firmament has to corrode (6) SKETCH {SKy}{ETCH}
5   Monotonous buzz emitted by percussion instrument (4) DRUM [DD]
6   A holy book describing your extraordinary system of medicine (8) AYURVEDA {A}{YoUR}{VEDA} Are 'The Vedas' holy books?
7   Influential criminal is beheaded (5) INNER sINNER
8   Pursue llamas fenced from behind for a bone (7) MALLEUS [T<=]
11 A secretion providing cure to treat adults (7) CERUMEN {CURE*}{MEN}
14 Earache to ail a girl when sick (7) OTALGIA {TO+AIL+A+G}*
17 Sound qualities improved at Cisco, US (9) ACOUSTICS*
18 Last month I heard chimes with a degree of loudness (8) DECIBELS {DEC}{I}{BELS}(~bells)
19 Preserve dry smear, essentially using surgical instrument (7) CURETTE {CURE}{TT}{smEar}
21 1 Dn's killed in close range (7) EARSHOT {EAR}{SHOT}
22 One starting to drive loses heart, becomes more unsuccessful (6) LEANER LEArNER
24 Bundle of fibres in cheek (5) NERVE [DD]
26 I'll mostly be tearing in to knock out Juliet's follower (4) KILO {ILl} in {KO}


  1. 9 Require to put up a loud burst? (6) DEAFEN {A}{F} in {NEED<=}

    PUT UP on double duty?

    1. F: Forte - loud note in music

    2. Thank you SP. Would be useful in future.

    3. And its opposite soft=piano=p appears in 30A...very loud..ff & very soft..pp

  2. 4A- Only Romanticism is the def.? Thought= idea.

  3. 2 Custom in Bengal — sister taken care of by husband after end of torment (9) TRADITION {t...nT}{R{ADITI}ON} Not sure if the anno is right

    According to Google, the Bengali sis & husband are right :)

  4. Di for Bengali Sister. Husband = Ration

    1. :) Di & Da are forms of addressing Didi and Dada. MamtaDi

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Nice one AD..for a long time i was trying to fit in didi..then due to custom & crossing filled in tradition

    4. It is used as a suffix. Manna Da, Bau di etc

    5. Well cracked Shrikanth! :)

    6. Aww, from SPJ, then it ought to be good :)

  5. For folks in Hyderabad, mini S&B tomorrow, 23rd Jan @12:30 PM. We will be meeting in Minerva Coffee shop, 6-3-1110, Ground Floor, Amrutha Mall, Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda. Looking forward to meeting you.

  6. I liked Col Deepak's brief but quite an earful of preamble.

  7. Acoustically pleasing one...loved juliets follower...missed out on cerumen & curette despite all crossings available...

  8. ear ear :) alternate rock music to ma ears today...some seriously hitech riffs today accompanied by a low bass and a rather baritone voice .. with some acapella moments ... wow scintillator, u should get a grammy for this new one :)

  9. Wonderful x'ie.To be frank what I thought at first was I may not be able to crack. As the time went by, thimgs started falling in place,of course,thanks to clues well laid-out.29a-The usage 'emersion' news to me.1&21d clues meticulously told acomplete puzzle in the true sense. ThanksScintillator.

  10. 1A - In the interest of more accuracy in def, autism is a disorder (that has to be lived with and managed), not a disease (that can potentially be cured).