Friday, 8 January 2016

No 11595, Friday 08 Jan 2016, Gridman

1   Nothing to write on drudgery that is holey embroidery (4,4) OPEN WORK {O}{PEN} {WORK}
5   Charm of mother's little home (6) MASCOT {MAS}{COT}
10 Get twisted, coiled net at port (7) ENTWINE {ENT*}{WINE}
11 Routine disturbed where the unborn is (2,5) IN UTERO*
12 Reportedly collars rowdies (6) ROUGHS (~ruffs)
13 Manliness of Scotsman and his medical officer (8) MACHISMO {MAC}{HIS}{MO}
15 More modern but not new pitcher (4) EWER nEWER
16 El blathers about pawnbroker's sign (5,5) THREE BALLS*
18 Behind subway system's ultimate cost (10) BOTTOM LINE {BOTTOM} {LINE}
20 Neglect not any central incentive (4) SPUR SPURn
23 Pine hopelessly in poor inns for bowling game (8) NINEPINS {PINE}* in {INNS}*
24 Short sister's brief difficulty in getting coypu fur (6) NUTRIA {NUn}{TRIAl}
26 Rock loose sign around Seoul's centre (7) IGNEOUS {SIGN}* arond {sEOUl}
27 Greed of a member, not having a shade of morality, falling into a bad habit (7) AVARICE {A}{V{ARm}ICE}
28 Is rest available for relative? (6) SISTER*
29 Commentator's — or spectator's — cry on a boundary being reached (4,4) FOUR RUNS [GK]

1   Gambling machines dismantled, a note reminds. Bad. (3-5,7) ONE-ARMED BANDITS*
2   Text crude? Force out by not allowing intros (7) EXTRUDE {tEXT+cRUDE}*
3   Boxing division with a number (6) WEIGHT {W}{EIGHT}
4   Rush harmonica part (4) REED [DD]
6   A chum’s addiction unfulfilled in part of UAE (3,5) ABU DHABI {A}{BU D}{HABIt}
7   Endlessly cry over loose application of disinfectant (7) CREOSOL {CRy}{LOOSE*}
8   Worst: Coarse temp exposes those who can't hold their liquor (3-3,9) TWO-POT SCREAMERS*
9   Vegetable likely in a capital meal in South America (4,5) LIMA BEANS [CD]
14 The totality of said tunnel head (9) WHOLENESS (¬hole){WHOLE}{NESS}
17 Small publisher's book — unit that is a stock maker's addition (4,4) SOUP BONE {S}{OUP} {B}{ONE}
19 Letters prosper as these people occupy (7) TENANTS [CD]
21 Prince's web address that is universal haunt (7) PURLIEU {P}{URL}{IE}{U}
22 A top brace from live-in maid (2,4) AU PAIR {A}{U} {PAIR}
25 Son getting Goa's gluey, starchy stuff (4) SAGO {S}{GOA*}



  2. Gridman on a counting mission...could count one to ten except five, sox & seven
    Lovely one...could finish in double quick time...

  3. What is stock makers addition?

  4. Just like yesterday had to struggle a bit but could finally end up with a smile on my face! Thanks Gridman. :)

  5. 9D Is a ? required at the end of the clue? Perhaps not because it may in fact be a staple in Lima.
    Just an idle thought.

  6. Where is the grid though ,not available online

    1. CW for today has not been uploaded in the online edition

    2. If u want the clues & grid...follow the link of The Hub goven in the side bar...

  7. Solved CW after a long time & that too on paper with pen :) Great way to restart solving -Gridman's CW :)