Tuesday, 12 January 2016

No 11598, Tuesday 12 Jan 2016, Neyartha

Neyartha in a blue mood.

1   Package holding features indiscernible to the human eye? (7,4) SILICON CHIP [CD]
9   Japanese art exhibited in Maori gaming houses (7) ORIGAMI [T]
10 Corruption returns with valuable rock in retreat for the bullfighter on foot (6) TORERO {TOR<=}{ERO<=}
11 Monotony of the nine broken by dropping uranium inside (5) ENNUI {U} in {NINE}*
12 Strongly built alien goes behind the reservoirs (4-3) WELL-SET {WELL-S}{ET}
15 Duck's colour (4) TEAL [DD]
16 Differentials Al solved before final removal by one supporting a stronger centre (10) FEDERALIST {DIFfEREnTialS+AL}*
18 Official nailed frame for citation (10) ACCREDITED {AC}{CREDITED} Not sure of anno (Addendum - {AC{CREDIT}ED} - See comments)
20 Boasted in speech about a colour (4) BLUE (~blew)
23 Mythical bird eating a parasitic larva on an island is emotionless (7) ROBOTIC {RO{BOT}{I}C}
24 Fluent government leader overwhelmed by promotion had to proceed without notes (2-3) AD-LIB {AD}-{gLIB}
26 Contract with a psychiatrist (6) SHRINK [DD]
27 Article and movable scale returned before clergyman gets lost in that place (7) THEREON {THE}REON Anno pending (Addendum - THEREIN {THE}{RIENrev<=} - See comments)
28 American realtor to declare maturity on entering the medical department (6,5) ESTATE AGENT {STATE} {AGE} in {ENT}

2   Handwriting style of the single volunteer left in charge (6) ITALIC {1}{TA}{L}{IC}
3   Satirists smuggle a flowering plant (4) IRIS [T]
4   Open to rewriting the novel before the Spanish (2,3,5) ON THE LEVEL {THE+NOVEL}*{EL}
5   Colour of container holding bait sent up by Edward (8) CERULEAN {C{ERUL<=}{E}AN}
6   Someone from the Middle East with former British PM Benjamin lost his head (7) ISRAELI dISRAELI
7   Likely for the egg to be placed in the deformed tin plate (9) POTENTIAL {O} in {TIN+PLATE}*
8   Antivenin prepared without tin in the capital city (6) VIENNA AntiVENIN*
13 Colour of a marine snail on the woody herb (10) PERIWINKLE [MD]
14 Speaker's take censored for the audience by a Caribbean musical group (5,4) STEEL BAND (~steal){STEEL} {BAND}
17 Wheat milling byproduct for aliens cracked before imbibing revolutionary sacred chant (8) SEMOLINA {OM<=} in {ALIENS}*
19 They might be difficult to find in a nudist colony (7) CLOTHES [CD]
21 Picked up female replaced by the student and sang cheerfully (6) LILTED {LI(-f+l)LTED}
22 Type of fabric getting the senate dissolved (6) SATEEN*
25 Identifies leading scientist going to the top with an animal (4) STAG (+s)STAG(-s)


  1. I had 27a as Therein but could not explain it.

    1. I also had there in..i annotated it as
      Movavable scale=vernier*

    2. I was thinking of musical scale. No wonder I did not get the anno.

  2. Neyartha's opens with an easier offering...no blues in solving but lots of blues in solution...
    Surprised myself by solving at a fast clip...

  3. I will be in Hyderabad on 23rd Jan and plan to meet up with those in and around Hyd for lunch. Ramesh and MB have confirmed, Sandhya is being contacted by Ramesh. Anyone else interested may contact Ramesh or make a mention here

  4. Here's another announcement. The next edition of our S&B meet will be held at Chennai on Saturday 12th Mar. This time we meet for dinner. Details of venue will be intimated later. Bhavan from Australia will be attending. So mark this date on your calender. I shall start a separate post for this tomorrow.


    1. Welcome KKR. Can I have your full name please

  6. Was off on a day trip to see my 94 yr old grandmom and aunt and uncle...so couldnt get to this till very late and not at my best...missed several hence. had well set as deep set and threw me off in that quadrant :( just loved the parsing on federalist, accredited and therein..thanks neyartha for an awesome puzzle.. pity will have to miss the chennai meet as leaving next week :(

  7. Sorry Col, didn't see thie message earlier. I am Kolluru Koteswara Rao, mobile No. 8374882418