Tuesday, 19 January 2016

No 11603, Tuesday 19 Jan 2016, Arden

Master at work today.

1   Happy to beg and get two quarters (7) PLEASED {PLEA{S}{E}D}
5   Burst river inundated accommodation (7) DEFLATE {DE{FLAT}E}
9   Protecting the Irish — some of them (5) THEIR [T]
10 Number's watched — keeps happening (9) SEVENTEEN {S{EVENT}EEN}
11 Magna Carta not good — bad craft (9) CATAMARAN {MAgNA+CARTA)*
12 Some amount of betrayal taking place in Crimea (5) YALTA [T]
13 Don't take taxi back — Bacardi rum is dry (4) ARID bacARDI*
15 How trade may be executed in futuretaking one from here (5,3) DEATH ROW*
18 Makes camel sit for the climber (8) CLEMATIS*
19 Touch round instrument (4) TUBA <=
22 Stadium in Kolkata renamed (5) ARENA [T]
24 Cheat before you offer (9) PRETENDER {PRE}{TENDER}
26 Ran in having paid for it (9) HOTFOOTED {HOT}{FOOTED}
27 Setter goes back and forth, tense seeing insect (5) EMMET {EM<=>ME}{T}
28 Wrong to have held one back — it holds wicked things (7) MENORAH {M{ENO}RAH}<=
29 Felt one's born for a show (7) MATINEE {MAT}{1}{NEE}

1   Places order for takeover (6) PUTSCH {PUTS}{CH}
2   Electrical switch, I see being replaced by the old on poles, say (9) ELECTORAL {ELECTR(-ic+o}OAL}*(~polls)
3   Run to school and study (5) SCRAM {S}{CRAM}
4   To brush aside record, tried another way (9) DISCREDIT {DISC}{TRIED*}
5   Doctor vanishedhe's left the seat (5) DIVAN VANIsheD*
6   Imagine special soldiers avoiding threat (5,4) FANCY THAT {FANCY} {THreAT}
7   A currency depending on the size (5) AREAL {A}{REAL}
8   Need an arrangement for a group of nine (6) ENNEAD*
14 Degrade our air (9) DEMEANOUR {DEMEAN}{OUR}
16 Master at sea will check port (9) AMSTERDAM {MASTER*}{DAM}
17 Stupid man, so dumbdo you complain to him? (9) OMBUDSMAN*
20 Shelf at home covers six feet (6) FATHOM [T]
21 Twist and turn, as he follows the code (6) WRITHE {WRIT}{HE}
23 Had detained suspect, did let go (5) EATEN {dETAiNEd}*
24 Play area is mine — catch taken at boundaries (5) PITCH {PIT}{CatcH}
25 Establish before court (5) ERECT {ERE}{CT}


  1. Agree 100% with Col.'s byline. Impossible to pick out any one or even a few as the best. Each one is. No matter I could not complete, enjoyed whatever I did and again enjoyed the rest from Col. Thanks to both of you.

  2. Nice one! Could get 90%. It could have been 96% had I put in some more effort. Anyway, Thank you Arden, for lowering the bar by a few notches today! Overall it was an enjoyable solve. :)

  3. Indeed..the master at work...such lovely wordplay....did the puzzle in intervals..having a busy morning...on the way learnt a few new ones...putsch...areal...hotfooted...
    A lot easier than yesterday's but equally masterful

    1. Feel like cluing this:
      Timeless passionate setter(5)

    2. We have be patient (ardent?), take our time and then we can get all- what I lacked today.

  4. Got 29 out of 32. Felt great. Thank you Col. & Arden.

  5. Good workout. Some amazing clues, took time for the penny to drop

  6. Arden's crosswords getting better and better.

  7. Lovely clues, with ultra-smooth surfaces! Slow solve, finally got everything except Menorah :) Thank you Arden!