Friday, 15 January 2016

No 11601, Friday 15 Jan 2016, Buzzer


1   Routine plot including love and Bollywood’s essential dancing (12) CHOREOGRAPHY {CHORE}{O}{GRAPH}{bollYwood}
8   Poor clue's back to front (4) THIN (+t)THIN(-t)
9   Possibly one in Capitol (10) POLITICIAN {1+IN+CAPITOL}* &lit
11 During funeral I lie dead, covered in flowers (6) LILIED [T]
12 Sweeping changes initially to government educational activity (8) GROOMING (-b+g)GROOMING
14 Cheers tariff being cut repeatedly (2-2) TA-TA {TAriff}-{TAriff} (Addendum - TAx-TAx - See comments)
16 Wiggling of toe is a flirtatious move (7) FOOTSIE* &lit
18 Drug laws broken by one in Berlin (7) CODEINE {EIN} in {CODE}
19 Knock out performance cut short (4) STUN STUNt
22 Advocate to get delayed (2,6) BE BEHIND [DD]
23 Arrive outside hotel in a poor district (6) GHETTO {GET-TO} around {H}
24 A key shift in business (10) ENTERPRISE {ENTER}{PRISE}
26 Administer drugs for inside information (4) DOPE [DD]
27 How little musk mostly becomes odourless (7,5) WITHOUT SMELL {HOW+LITTLE+MUSk}*

2   Soldier on bhang in the regiment arrested (4,2,5) HANG IN THERE [T]
3   Express parking in charge (5) RAPID {RA{P}ID}
4   Study circles unknown to keep record (6) OOLOGY {OO}{LOG}{Y}
5   Dispense with it on a tour abroad (6,3) RATION OUT*
6   Film with best sound (3) PIC (~pick)
7   Protruding feature surrounding a mountain range (5) CHAIN {CH{A}IN}
10 Relation is more cheerful when not taking sides (6) AUNTIE {jAUNTIEr}
13 Movie star charting a timeline capturing work (7,4) MATINEE IDOL {DO} in {A+TIMELINE}*
15 Federer perhaps, at first totally different in person (6,3) TENNIS PRO{To...y}{IN+PERSON}*
17 Direct deliveries through empty godown (6) GOVERN {OVER} in {Go..wN}
20 Commercial conflict at sea (6) ADRIFT {AD}{RIFT}
21 Erects a shrine? (5) STUPA {STUP<=}{A}
23 Polished a gem full of luminance and sparkle (5) GLEAM {L} in {A+GEM}*
25 Take in tenants periodically (3) EAT {tEnAnTs}


  1. Ta ta would be Tax cut short, I think

    Happy Pongal

  2. Happy all
    Superb one from Buzzer...difficult to chose COD as the whole grid is filled with superb clues...

  3. Happy Pongal/Makara Sankranti to all :)
    Beautiful puzzle! I filled in LEGISLATOR in 9Ac and that complicated things in NE corner. Yet satisfied with what I could solve. Thanks Buzzer. :)

  4. Brilliant as usual. So smooth that you don't even get hurt when you are breaking your head :)

  5. Happy Pongal/ Sankaranthi to all and a big Thank you to all those who greeted earlier.
    AD put it nicely about breaking one's head painlessly. Thank you Buzzer for making Pongal day most enjoyable.

  6. My choreography was a few moves short today but still enjoyed what I did.

  7. If there is no paper tomorrow I will publish a special at 8 AM

    1. Thank you Col. There is no paper tomorrow as per TH announcement in print edition.

  8. Happy Pongal / Sankranti to all.. :) Thanks to Buzzer for the samosas.. must say hang in there was a well disguised telescopic !

  9. Lovely crossword again, Thanks Buzzer! Superb clues, esp the 2 &lits!

  10. Happy Pongal and Makar Sankaranthi to ye-all

  11. CHORE_O_GRAPH_Y !!! Wah, Buzzer !! What a merry dance you led us to !

    Made me to look for a CODEINE.

  12. Wonderful puzzle. Well laid-out clues enable thought-word process simply gushing. Really a nice Pongal bonanza. Thank you Buzzer.