Sunday, 31 January 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2878), Sunday 31 Jan 2016

1   Tips from someone with doubt about traitor leading to seizure (13) SEQUESTRATION {So...nE}{QUEST{RAT}ION}
9   Revolutionary ruler retaining old cook (5) ROAST {O} in {TSAR<=}
10 Survive scrap that's desperate (4-5) LAST-DITCH {LAST}-{DITCH}
11 Roofing material fellows attached to part for all to see (7) BITUMEN {BIT}{U}{MEN}
12 Torpedo for instance from ship, one in distance (7) MISSILE {SS}{1} in {MILE}
13 Memorable time in base (8) IMMORTAL {T} in {IMMORAL}
15 Appeal following search for figure (5) DIGIT {DIG}{IT}
16 Upset about loud firearm (5) RIFLE {RI{F}LE}
17 Editor revised tales after quiet support (8) PEDESTAL {P}{ED}{TALES*}
19 Small jumper for customer in store? (7) SHOPPER {S}{HOPPER}
21 Friend keeping positive about examination (7) PERUSAL {SURE<=} in {PAL}
22 Accepted second wife, lawful (9) SWALLOWED {S}{W}{ALLOWED}
23 Some artistic ingenuity needed for cake decoration? (5) ICING [T]
24 Go into main tent prepared for show (13) ENTERTAINMENT {ENTER}{MAIN+TENT}*

1   Saint put on garment in flashing light (6) STROBE {ST}{ROBE}
2   Lawman initially trapped by criminal can quote famous Bond movie (7,2,6) QUANTUM OF SOLACE {La...n} in {CAN+QUOTE+FAMOUS}*
3   Spontaneously pace about after European vote (9) EXTEMPORE {E}{X}{TEMPO}{RE}
4   Claw used in brutal onslaught (5) TALON [T]
5   Put together article on predicament, upset and drained (9) ASSEMBLED {A}{SSEM<=}{BLED}
6   River popular before twilight, mostly (5) INDUS {IN}{DUSk}
7   Roughly right on this name for county (15) NOTTINGHAMSHIRE*
8   Risk in hospital restricted by nurse (6) THREAT {H} in {TREAT}
14 Lifted prize, prize of highest quality (3-6) TOP-DRAWER {TOP}-{DRAWER} <=
15 Terribly tired, one's leaving (9) DESERTION*
16 Stand up to run over development of sites (6) RESIST {R}{SITES*}
18 Insult lacking in substance (6) SLIGHT [DD]
20 Guide holy group (5) PILOT {PI}{LOT}
21 Gold turning up under stuff in Italian city (5) PADUA {PAD}{UA<=}



  1. Special at 10:30 by Dr Satyen Nabar

  2. Enjoyed Sunday samosas. Once Bond movie and Nottinghamshire fell in, many answers followed.

  3. Ditto here on a Sunday after a long time. Comparatively easy? Hope to keep it going for today's special also.
    Anagrams are so neatly done.

  4. One more joining the samosa eaters today!

  5. First time able to finish an xword without solving on the grid. I think this is an old one..most clues were very familiar