Wednesday, 20 January 2016

No 11604, Wednesday 20 Jan 2016, Arden

1   Against work, sitting pretty (8) OPPOSING {OP}{POSING}
5   Land remains a valuable commodity (6) ASHORE {ASH}{ORE}
10 Our heart breaks taken right out of his writing (7) THOREAU {OUR+HEArT}* Semi&lit
11 Beginning to remove clot from damaged contact lens... (7) NASCENT {coNtACT+lENS}*
12 ... and in Paris saying “return or refuse” (5) WASTE {WAS}{TE} <=
13 National artefacts in a camera shot (9) AMERICANA*
14 By chance, change some cops and others get named (12) COINCIDENTAL {COIN}{CID}{E{N}TAL}
18 Mother will speak “ this place is under control” (12) PROTECTORATE {PROTECT}{ORATE}
21 Operatic heroine's unfinished song creates a spark (9) ELECTRODE {ELECTRa}{ODE}
23 Dirty article taken off the fence, perhaps (5) UNCLE UNCLEan
24 Remove scum and demand protection (3,4) SKI MASK {SKI M}{ASK}
25 Forming pictures and thinking- but not at home (7) IMAGING IMAGINinG
26 Democrat never swapped top spots in state capital (6) DENVER {D}{N<=>EVER}
27 Metal top removed, needs red cross (8) INCENSED {zINC}{NEEDS*}

1   American power- only for raising capital (6) OTTAWA {O}{TTAW}{A} <=
2   French author's head strong- but gives way to daughter (6) PROUST PROU(-d+st)ST
3   Way the girl will work on one handling the cargo (9) STEVEDORE {ST}{EVE}{DO}{RE}
4   Are tunnels made to hide what's done to computer architecture? (6,8) NEURAL NETWORKS {WORK} in {ARE+TUNNELS}*
6   Food we found in short supply (5) SUSHI {S{US}HIp}
7   Hams finished with part of bible (8) OVERACTS {OVER}{ACTS}
8   What it takes to cross river? Guts (8) ENTRAILS {ENT{R}AILS}
9   Far from the coast, plan your home decor (8,6) INTERIOR DESIGN {INTERIOR} {DESIGN}
15 Train essentially went by travel time (9) ENTOURAGE {wENt}{TOUR}{AGE}
16 Switched second grade for school- seemed satisfied (8) APPEASED {APPEA(-r+s)SED}
17 Entertainer against muzzling the press (8) COMEDIAN {CO{MEDIA}N}
19 Regular mode of investing- receives credit on Siemens shares (6) SCRIPS {S{CR}IP}{S}
20 Henry's tense, head of department took no chances (6) HEDGED {H}{EDGE}{De...t}
22 Kid will let change in leadership happen (5) TEASE (-l+t)TEASE



  1. What a superb clue 2 is! Lovely surface even as it avoids the well-worn anagram of the word.

    1. +1Plenty of such kinds today. Lovely crossword

    2. Well worn anagram...stupor?

  2. 20d Henry's tense, head of department took no chances (6) HEDGED {H}{EDGE}{De...t}

    Love the usage of 'Henry's tense' to show Henry is on Edge

    1. Thank you. I missed it and was wondering if it would not be 'edgy'.

  3. Wow!what a lovely puzzle!
    Cant identify COD..all seem equally brilliant...SE corner took a long time & Incensed was the last
    The fact that the clues were put up in the hub very early helped in giving me a head start..Thanks a lot Col

  4. Was traveling, then under the had missed last couple of days xwords. So did three Arden xwords back to back now :) Loved several clues - affliction, neural networks, proud leading to proust ha ha ha, menorah was truly wicked :) lots of addition, deletions over past 3 days..but great going.. enjoyed immensely - doing 3 back to back does really mean its whole lotta fun :) thanks Arden...

  5. 27A Is 'red' anagram indicator of 'needs'? How come?