Sunday, 10 January 2016

The Sunday Crossword (2875), Sunday 10 Jan 2016

1   Air force officer's good, playing part in a coup (5,7) (5,7) GROUP CAPTAIN {G}{PART+IN+COUP}* MM was a Group Captain
10 US city in plan linked to a new fraud (9) CHARLATAN {CHAR{LA}T}{A}{N}
11 Superior meal, not small (5) UPPER sUPPER
12 Old, spoilt meat, large area turning greyish-yellow (7) OATMEAL {O}{MEAT*}{A)(L<=}
13 Drama company with rented theatre finally full (7) REPLETE {REP}{LET}{t...rE}
14 Material, extracted, put about (5) DENIM<=
15 Fine time to grab souvenir without resistance (8) DELICATE {rELIC} in {DATE}
17 Article about unusual cupola in Mexican resort (8) ACAPULCO {A}{C}{CUPOLA*}
18 Go over cornfield initially during harvest (5) RECAP {RE{Co...d}AP}
21 Instrument in middle of shrine guarded by snake (7) MARIMBA {shRIne} in {MAMBA}
23 Treated badly, not noticed around university (7) MISUSED {U} in {MISSED}
24 Absolute prophet capturing hearts (5) SHEER {S{H}EER}
25 One with power consumed by warlike objective (9) IMPARTIAL {1}{M{P}ARTIAL}
26 Sauce, out of order, bringing reprimand (8-4) DRESSING-DOWN {DRESSING}-{DOWN}

2   Flickering fire, ample guide for climbers? (6,3) RELIEF MAP*
3   Section of account I led up to (5) UNTIL [T]
4   Actor not bothered about line in singing voice (9) CONTRALTO {L} in {ACTOR+NOT}*
5   Fruit, soft and fleshy (5) PLUMP {PLUM}{P}
6   Nice tip perhaps designed for training period (14) APPRENTICESHIP*
7   Open, reserving right to be annoyed (6) NARKED {R} in {NAKED}
8   Grant agreement (6) ACCORD [DD]
9   Film director's treatment of senator's crimes (6,8) MARTIN SCORSESE*
15 Dog wagging tail and protecting mother (9) DALMATIAN {MA} in {AND+TAIL}*
16 Opener in county's team (9) CORKSCREW {CORK'S}{CREW}
19 Push up in battlefield deployment (6) PEDDLE [T<=]
20 Commercial full of inspiration entertained (6) AMUSED {MUSE} in {AD}
22 Customs further south (5) MORES {MORE}{S}
23 Two-wheeled vehicle was miserable (5) MOPED [DD]

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