Saturday, 30 January 2016

No 11612, Saturday 30 Jan 2016, Anon


1 I quit casino in revolt to takeover (11) ACQUISITION {I QUIT CASINO}*
9 Censors communist deeds (7) REDACTS {RED}{ACTS}
10 Remains of Arian at retreat (6) ASHRAM {ASH}{RAM}
11 Grain for one in confusion (5) MAIZE {MA{I}ZE}

12 Recover from regular reef, one caught in mollusc (7) RECLAIM {ReEf}{CLA{I}M}
15 Press, we hear, is a prerequisite (4) NEED {~KNEAD}
16 Eat chapatti, say, after recess (5,5) BREAK BREAD {BREAK}{BREAD}
18 Clone turned out to be daring deer (4,6)  DEAD RINGER {DARING DEAR}*
20 Monster dwells in antifog realms (4) OGRE (T)
23 Writes single odd view when preoccupied (7) PENSIVE {PENS}{I}{ViEw}
24 Car maker has no lasting sound (5) AUDIO {AUDI}{nO}
26 Fraud Earl, oddly, is a mendicant (6)  FAKEER {FAKE}{EaRl}
27 Permitted everyone to be in debt to first draft (7) ALLOWED {ALL}{OWE}{Draft}
28 Broadcasters sense rewards in a revolution (11) NEWSREADERS {SENSE REWARD}* Extra S in fodder


2 Money, we hear, primary triumphs prestige (6) CACHET {~CASH}{Tri..s}
3 Major (or Minor) Russian premier enters America (4) URSA {U{Rus..n}A}
4 Good man has beer with friends during deadlocks (10) STALEMATES {ST}{ALE}{MATES}
5 Halibuts composed in Bantu language? (8) TSHILUBA {HALIUTS}*
6 Iridescent gem is initially not elite (7) OPALINE {OPAL}{Is}{Not}{Elite}
7 Professional adults drink on seafront (9) PROMENADE {PRO}{MEN}{ADE}
8 Notice wrongdoing, counsel (6) ADVICE {AD}{VICE}
13 Oblique rants, in a way, are poetry (10) TRANSVERSE {RANTS*}{VERSE}
14 Jazz has light lyrics (4,5) IDLE WORDS {IDLE}{WORDS}
17 Cuts uncertainty in wagers (8)  BRISKETS {B{RISK}ETS}

19 Assert that generation is ordinary (7) AVERAGE {AVER}{AGE}
21 Descend into the warehouse (6) GODOWN {GO}{DOWN}
22 Fighter knocks second crown out of one who yells (6) BAWLER {BrAWLER}
25 Approach retiring room (4) WARD<=

Reference list

Communist=Red, One=I, Single=I, Car maker=Audi, Everyone=All 
America=USA, Good man=St(From Saint), Notice=Ad

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution Indicator


  1. Good beginning for a happy weekend. Briskets eaten away my chances of completion. Thanks Anon!

  2. Got 'Briskets', but fakeer (I thought it was fakir),Audio,transverse and the Bantu language got me. A good exercise to start the day and an enjoyable fare. Thank you Anon.

  3. Enjoyable "Ramesh Standard' of blogging.

  4. Cute xword today from Anon - boy tshulabi took me ages.. had ward aa yard ! so missed samosas :) fakeer seems a little too thought it was fakir so took rather long.

  5. Nice one....loved...breakbread..deadringer..idle words...

  6. 28A I counted 12 letters and decided it would not be an anagram. Only in the end when nothing else worked I decided there must be an extra S or E and completed the crossword.
    6D 'Initially' in the middle is a bit unusual. I would have expected to see it after 'elite' or before 'in'.

  7. Could 22d be also Mauler which means fighter.

    1. How did you arrive at MAWLER? What is the annotation?

  8. last got Anon's Samosas

  9. Splendid.Quite enthusing & entertaining.Relished to the core thanks to handy clues.10,16a- Really a nice (re)treat different from the usual one.25d- straight approach not to be (re) tired.Thanks Anon.

  10. Descend to warehouse - GO DOWN looks familiar

  11. Simple and entertaining fare today -
    Thank you Anon!