Saturday, 2 January 2016

No 11590, Saturday 02 Jan 2016, Afterdark

1   Singapore Don, Lee beat up a retiree, perhaps (3-3,9) OLD-AGE PENSIONER*
9   Heard you're more certain he is Shylock (6) USURER (~you){U}{SURER}
10 In a way, give permission for a game (8) ROULETTE {ROU{LET}TE}
11 Chances for police officer to get caught is essentially bleak, being sheltered (8) PROSPECT {PRO}{SP}{blEak}{CT}
14 Set out on road picking every other Xerox and sound equipment (6) STEREO {SET*}{R}{xErOx}
17 Niggardly writer's at New York on emergency; without a gain possibly (5-8) PENNY-PINCHING {PEN}{NY}-{PINCH}{GaIN*}
20 Today's speculation; irregular snow; me inclined to engage in risky activities (13) ADVENTURESOME {AD}{VENTURE}{SnOw}{ME}
23 Dangerous threat from a madman, proverbially (6) HATTER* [CD]
25 Surveillance by Keats (8) STAKEOUT {KEATS}*
28 Disturbing to lose blood in fighting, take some rest first (8) RATTLING {Rest}{bATTLING}
29 At last, George Bush receives direction for first course (6) ENTREE {g...gE}{N}{TREE}
30 What Edward Snowden got, but Mehran Karimi Nasseri didn't (9,6) POLITICAL ASYLUM [GK]

2   Rule broken while crossing path of distinction (6) LUSTRE {ST} in {RULE}*
3   Moods of Asura is fickle (5) AURAS*
4   In a trance, camper drove out; Weird (5) EERIE rEvERIE
5   Welcome English leader from the centre moving ahead on a bird (5) EGRET (+e)EGR(-e)ET
6   Confines in small cabin; Evil (5,2) SHUTS IN {S}{HUT}{S IN}
7   Overly burdened engineers skip exercise for starters and get fat (5) OBESE Acrostic
8   By mistake, gardener bought old instrument (4,5) REED ORGAN {O} in {GARDENER}*
12 Nail fixed on a tree (5) PINON {PIN}{ON}
13 A rodent is kittenish, puny when bisected (5) COYPU {COY}{PUny}
15 Fry lightly, without starting to stir (5) RAISE bRAISE
16 Maniacal PhD ate rat in a perilous situation (9) DEATHTRAP*
17 Depend on spin (5) PIVOT [DD]
18 Circular without a point is dull (5) INERT INsERT
19 Secure a bird, essentially enchain inside (5) CHOCK {encHain} in {COCK}
21 Boundaries scored in time get runs (7) TERMINI {R} in {IN+TIME}*
22 Sweetheart seen outside university rector's office (6) BUREAU {B{U}{R}EAU}
24 New tourist loses gold to a tribe (5) TUTSI  ToUrIST*
25 AGM is sabotaged by a Greek character (5) SIGMA*
26 Player enters neighbourhood ground (5) ARENA {N} in {AREA}
27 Approach nurse and check out (5) ENTRY {EN}{TRY}


  1. I will be posting both the CWs used at the IXL Finals on stage round, tomorrow. The first one at 9:30 AM and the second at 11:30 AM

  2. Yippeee.. thanks Colonel :) some adorable clues today.. the long ones esp :) thanks AD ..

  3. Samosas today after a long time...

  4. Lovely CW. Sad on seeing a thin population here. Deserves a big hand. Thank you AD (though I missed my quota of samosas)

  5. Col.,
    Thanking you in anticipation of the repast tomorrow.

  6. One of the best from AD...Lovely clues

  7. Very enjoyable crossword, thanks AD!