Thursday, 28 January 2016

No 11610, Thursday 28 Jan 2016, Lightning

1   Extreme thought essentially held by sought after swinger (8) PENDULUM {P{END}{thoUght}LUM}
5   A symbol of burden on the other side (6) ACROSS {A}{CROSS}
9   Impress one new secretary (8) INSCRIBE {1}{N}{SCRIBE}
10 Resistance to cut tree to make part of a barrel (6) BREECH {B{R}EECH}
12 Crush postage accessory (5) STAMP [DD]
13 A symbol of fortitude, physicist falling short at the start (9) AMPERSAND {AMPERe}{SAND}
14 Neglect one good nuclear mineral deposit (6) IGNORE {1}{G}{N}{ORE}
16 Fundamentalist caught in movement away from centre (7) RADICAL {RADI{C}AL}
19 Supporter truly being courageous (7) BRAVERY {BRA}{VERY}
21 Dehydrated, passes each minute with a wandering mind (6) DREAMY {DR{EA}{M}Y}
23 Change in dialect is indistinguishable (9) IDENTICAL*
25 Our neighbour in Ambur relocated (5) BURMA*
26 One knight certain to protect (6) INSURE {1}{N}{SURE}
27 Routine of first lady at line from dawn to dusk (8) EVERYDAY {EVE}{RY}{DAY}
28 Descend to warehouse (6) GODOWN {GO DOWN}
29 Impressive beauty of main road in Paris going west (8) GRANDEUR {GRAND}{EUR<=}

1   Capri establishment detained religious man (6) PRIEST [T]
2   Engineer again lost in homesickness (9) NOSTALGIA*
3   Cut open, grate turnip after peeling its top off (5) UNRIP tURNIP*
4   Shadow cast by one half of parasol on earth after a gale begins (7) UMBRAGE {UMBRella}{A}{Gale}{E}
6   Carry bank magazine (9) CARTRIDGE {CART}{RIDGE}
7   Love extremely good ending (5) OMEGA {O}{MEGA}
8   List of clues he cracked with daughter (8) SCHEDULE {CLUES+HE+D}*
11 Knocks over box (4) SPAR <=
15 Upset in open, hard fight (9) OVERTHROW {OVERT}{H}{ROW}
17 Happened to miss the last game in English city (9) CAMBRIDGE {CAMe}{BRIDGE}
18 Accommodating soldier wearing old gaudy jewelry (8) OBLIGING {O}{BLI{GI}NG}
20 Letters from lady acknowledging foolish talk (4) YACK [T]
21 Abused climbing bear (7) DELIVER <=
22 Advocate’s work in film (6) LAWYER {LA{W}YER}
24 Relieved of ailment, is relieved start to finish (5) EASED (-d)isEASE(+d)D
25 Shed providing shelter to old nobleman (5) BARON {BAR{O}N}


  1. Straight forward xword from Lightning today - can smell the crispy samosas :)

  2. Replies
    1. KKR - See Comments yesterday about my welcoming you back. Saw the Hyd meet pics as well -- after PR's prompting. Only your full name raised a spark in me, not the initials KKR used here earlier - from which I couldn't recollect because of fading memory.

    2. Yes Shri Vasi,
      It was my mistake (attribute my anonymity so far due to the autofill facility) to shorten my activities in the blog.

  3. Thank you Lightning for samosas!

  4. Crisp clues as usual. Missed the crispy samosa- spoiled by the new secretary.
    Agree with KK Rao absolutely.

  5. Very good entertaining type of puzzle. Thoroughly enjoyed crispy clues.2a- wonderful anind.15,6d&9a well-forged wordsmithery. In fine a wholesome package.Thanks thunderous Lightning.

  6. 2nd day in a row solved the puzzle late in the evening & after a long time pen on paper...very good one from Lightning...crisp clues..a few easy ones..a few challenging ones..nice surface stories...

  7. And wonder of wonders...the puzzle was up on The Hindu site at 7 am!