Monday, 11 January 2016

No 11597, Monday 11 Jan 2016, Gridman

1   Turning the mind to embracing internal security gets publicity (11) ADVERTISING {ADVERT{IS}ING} Anno pending See comments
9   Others have skill to begin anew (7) RESTART {REST}{ART}
10 Does this magazine add spice to life? (7) VARIETY [C&DD]
11 Cricketer wants extremely tasty nuts (5) BATTY {BAT}{TastY}
12 How memory should be — unlike a sieve (9) RETENTIVE [CD]
13 Bill gets the French instrument (5) TABLA {TAB}{LA}
15 Man returns with question about model's inlaid decoration (9) MARQUETRY {MAR<=}{QUE{T}RY}
18 Associate army officer's measure (9) COLLEAGUE {COL}{LEAGUE}
21 Korean city, say, has UP uncle going around (5) TAEGU {TAU} around {EG}
22 With support, cover dividing line in air battle (4,5) WARM FRONT {W}{ARM} {FRONT}
24 Regretting destruction, head of government follows (5) RUING {RUIN}{Go...t}
26 More fortunate — with power, more brave (7) LUCKIER {pLUCKIER}
27 Tailor Rani met for finery (7) RAIMENT*
28 He illumined the streets in a bygone era (4-7) LAMP-LIGHTER [GK]

1   One who usually has balance, no doubt (9) ACROBATIC [CD]
2   Call on six with investigators (5) VISIT {VI}{SIT}
3   Somewhat dreamy about head being not hard, not original (5-4) READY-MADE {READY-M}*{hEAD*}
4   Gap in merit dispensation (7) INTERIM*
5   By no means a party pooper (7) INVITER [CD]
6   Terribly gory, new heraldic charge (5) GYRON {GORY*}{N}
7   Put down: "Don't be generous" (8) BELITTLE {BE}{LITTLE}
8   Young person in party keyboarded (4) TYKE [T]
14 Obvious, bit of magic doesn't begin with belt (8) BALDRICK {BALD}{tRICK}
16 Reversal experienced by party leader in a kind of swerve on the road (9) UPTURNING {Party} in {U-TURNING}
17 What a boy or girl is before getting out of teens (9) YOUNGSTER [CD]
19 Great, Indian soap turns up with hard stuff (7) GROGRAM {GR}{OGRAM<=}
20 Umpteenth rally may partly captivate (7) ENTHRAL [T]
22 Sag with one hollow leftist (4) WILT {W}{1}{LT} LT for leftist? (Addendum - {W}{1}{LeftisT} - See comments)
23 Showy extra from setter and one learner after another (5) FRILL {FR}{I}{LL} 
25 Still at home, initially expecting rare tenderness (5) INERT {IN}{Ex...g}{Rare}{Te...s}


  1. 22 Sag with one hollow leftist (4) WILT {W}{1}{LT} LT for leftist?

    hollow leftist: L...T

  2. 1 A Turning the mind to embracing internal security gets publicity (11) ADVERT{IS}ING

    ADVERTING: turning the mind or attention to

    1. Maybe. Actually, though the crossword had undergone checks, at the last minute yesterday suddenly I found an infirmity that had escaped, and did a fix. Luckily, I caught the sub before she left and managed to get the revised version up. Should have thought it through at the beginning.
      BTW, where does the same root come in? I am not trying to pick holes in the query but am trying to understand. A public discussion might help others as well.
      ADVERTSING is the word. The WB is ADVERT(IS)ING
      To indicate 'adverting' 'turning attention to" is used.
      Of course 'adverting' and 'turning' may come from the same root.
      Does the objection lie here?
      Will be grateful fir inputs.

    2. Advert has two distinct meanings - 1. noun advertisement and 2. verb turn, so I personally don't think there is a common root problem with using adverting in the wordplay and advertising in the answer.

    3. Thanks Bhavan for your Comment.

    4. Thanks for the clarification Bhavan!

  3. At last samosas! Thanks GM!

  4. Phew!For some reasons found today's puzzle tough going...Baldric...warmfront...grogram...taegu...variety..all these got with lot of difficulty
    The tougher the puzzle..more enjoyable..

    1. I would like to add that the grid was not autofill. If I have done it at any time, it must have been very rare.

    2. I'm currently finding out that even with manual fills you can box yourself into a corner and be forced to accept some not so common words into the grid. Hopefully the clues will signpost the answers clearly enough.

    3. It has happened to me. Even careful slot by slot filling at a final stage my force you to use a not-so-common word in just one slot where there is no alt., try as you might with dicts. and crossword sw. Having said that, even while we fill, we always keep an eye on contiguous slots/crossings to seewhether we are likely to run into trouble.

  5. I wonder how many of us remember Margo soap? Even though it is more than familiar to me, I was tricked into (?) thinking about soap operas.

  6. Missed out on the Sunday Special yesterday as we had gone to attend the 50th anniversary of the Coimbatore Book and theater group meet followed by lunch. An interesting review of a book on Kerala's Maharanis and matriarchal society was very interesting followed by interactive discussions on Sir CPRamaswamy yer and his chequered life. I wonder why Deepak's sister Nimmiji didn't turn up? She's always a regular. An interesting Souvenir was also issued with a cut and paste NYTcrossword which I never even look at but could complete post lunch- all correct earning me a special prize.

    The Sunday crossword grid and solution goof up in the printed edition was a big let down. Will take up all the pending Sunday paper reading today and also the crosswords.

  7. Been away for a while.. missed this blog.. no crosswords :( traveling and left my charger behind :( finally found a match in my bil's house .. phew.. quite a lotta new words .. found it a bit tricky Gridman :).. needed quite a bit of help from google etc.. btw in 22a, what is the definition? warm front has something to do with weather and air.. i first thought it was "m" + war front (dividing line) but if it is w + arm + front.. then is the definition just line?

    1. Col. has marked the Def. in bold letters and the link gives details of air circulation. Very interesting.

  8. Gm was unusually tough all these four days. Today we were not disappointed thanks to apt clues serving as blocks to build. To mention a few: 9,12&13 a & 1d. 15a -laterally inverted man with query brought cheers. Thanks GM.

  9. I missed Ram and was struggling to invert the man! ( He would not, of course)

  10. I printed the grid from Hindu website,the setter's name is given as Scintillator.

  11. Very frequently. Hindu publishes old CW's by mistake. But, Scintilator was quite a few days ago!