Saturday, 9 January 2016

No 11596, Saturday 09 Jan 2016, Gridman


1 Likes son to follow a couple of pages and drift (8) APPROVES {A}{P}{P}{ROVE}{S}
5 Electronic image's big appeal the girl recalled (6) BITMAP {B}{IT}{MAP<=}
9 Almost cover new set of young persons in soldiers' hangouts (8) CANTEENS {CAp}{N}{TEENS}
10 Spice of fifty in shelter (6) CLOVER {C{L}OVER} Clover is a spice?
12 Help follows ruler's surprise attack (4) RAID {R}{AID}
13 Concession held back by cripple can be chucked away (10) DISPOSABLE {DIS{POS<=}ABLE}
15 They are heard well by society (6) SOUNDS {SOUND}{S}
17 Easy to follow Shakespearean king coming after many (5) CLEAR {C}{LEAR}
20 Greeting Shakespearean hero, ignoring first two characters (5) HELLO {otHELLO}
21 Half-a-dozen having common, not top-class, illustration (6) VISUAL {VI}{uSUAL}
24 Timetable creators reportedly dropped impossible rules (10) SCHEDULERS {~SHED}{RULES*}
27 Hindu god of love initially “kills” — all maidens aroused (4) KAMA (Acrostic)
29 Setter's back with gruff shout: “Set out” (6) EMBARK {EM<=}{BARK}
30 In sum, took off (8) DEDUCTED (CD)
31 Stree, in agitation, takes Tamil leader’s new exam (6) RETEST {STREE*}{T}
32 Confidential: each son gets free loan (8) PERSONAL {PER}{S}{LOAN*}


1 Grant a c-string (6) ACCORD {A}{C}{CORD}
2 Expert makes almost weak trim without a bit of effort (6) PUNDIT {PUNy}{DIeT} {PUNy}{eDIT} See comments
3 Romeo, say, with first of lines forgotten, is finished (4) OVER {lOVER}
4 He, Ann and Lui, all lose first place, getting this ho-hum feeling (5) ENNUI {hE}{aNN}{lUI}
6 Woman up — man below does nothing (5)  IDLES Anno pending {ID<=}{LES} See comments
7 While shifting house, these are taken away (8) MOVABLES (CD)
8 Whole constituent slipped up, dismissing HOD from theatre section (8) PARTERRE {PART}{ERREd}
11 Pass around writings in bursts of energy (6) SPASMS {PASS*}{MS}
14 Marco's game (4) POLO (DD)
16 One heartily loves devouring them (6) NOVELS {oNe}{LOVES*} &lit
17 Teatime conversation (4) CHAT {CHA}{T}
18 Tea users' runaway attendant (8) CHASSEUR {CHA}{USERS*}
19 Patel, initially having apprehended betrayal, shredded a set of letters (8) ALPHABET {PATEL+H+A+B}*
22 Box no small amount (Euro excepted) that has been raised (6)  CARTON {eCART}{ON}<=
23 Property destroyer gets Virginia land mucked up (6) VANDAL {VA}{LAND*}
25 Game jumps (5) DARTS (DD)
26 One of the Canterbury pilgrims on woman (5) REEVE {RE}{EVE}
28 Spoils not one of courses (4) RUNS {RUiNS}


  1. Replies
    1. Les is a mans name, short for Lester or Leslie

    2. Remember Leslie Charteris?

    3. Creator of 'The Saint', I loved his books

  2. Couldn't get SCHEDULERS, DARTS AND REEVE :((. Yet many clues, like APPROVES, BITMAP,DISPOSABLE, NOVELS, VISUAL bear GM's stamp. Happy

  3. Lovely puzzle...
    Was unables to annotate idles & parterre...nice one this HOD...thanks COL for such a useful blog & Gridman for an entertaining puzzle

  4. 2d: In second part of anno, I think it is E removed from EDIT

  5. A clue from Sowmya's TH BL Brand crossword 100 discussed here in my FB page:

  6. Not able to understand HOD. Can someone pl. explain?
    Put in voices for sounds and could not devour the novels.

    1. 8Dn : Whole constituent slipped up, dismissing HOD from theatre section (8) PARTERRE {PART}{ERREd}
      My understanding : ..'dismissing HOD mean... 'd' 'is' 'missing' from HOD. Hence slipped up = ERREd ... 'd' is removed. Hope it is ok.

    2. And HOD has to be read as head of department

  7. Thank you MB. I could understand that much. But no indication for selecting D from HOD. There should be something which I have missed (erred?) Is it Head of Dept.(D) missing from 'Erred'? I think that should be it.

    1. Yes, it could be! Hope CV Sir could help us in this regard.

    2. HOD is Head of Department, meaning D

    3. Thanks, Suresh garu. My Head is clear now!

  8. That woman up and man below in 6Dn and also PAMmy girl in 5Ac stole my samosas today :-( ...English names...not my cup of tea!

    1. In India Pattammal may be called Pattu or Pat. Girls familiar to each other may call 'Di..." You might probably see an Indian connection there, MB. Just kidding.