Wednesday, 13 January 2016

No 11599, Wednesday 13 Jan 2016, Neyartha

7   What might be kept by staying under the radar (3,7) LOW PROFILE [CD]
9   Open letters from Guadalajara (4) AJAR [T]
10 Dismal deliveries by the model (8) OVERCAST {OVER}{CAST}
11 Ban on abstainer taking the place of the bishop for the military bugle call (6) TATTOO {TA(-b+tt)TTOO}

12 Arrived as lights got flipped by leaving American soldier (3,2) SET IN SETINgi <=
13 Treat fabric in the French sea with red colour (9) MERCERISE {MER}{CERISE}
14 Plot with the novice at sea to entertain a Pole (7) CONNIVE {N} in {NOVICE}*
17 Student at the wrong place with the more volatile American woodpecker (7) FLICKER F(+l)LICK(-l)ER With some help from Google
20 An outstandingly good thing from an insect's body parts? (4,5) BEES KNEES {BEES} {KNEES}
22 One in agreement (5) UNITY [DD]
25 Empty barrel covering receptacle (6) VACANT {VA{CAN}T}
26 Talk on cooking Eve's corn (8) CONVERSE*
27 Part of the gazebos sealed by the master (4) BOSS [T]
28 Supply of Greek wine returned before accepting mild changes by ousted liberal leader (10) ADMINISTER {MIlD*} in {ANISTER <=}

1   Shutter in a famous museum (6) LOUVRE [DD]
2   Blind Greek character in conversation with the valet (5) ROMAN (~rho){RO}{MAN}
3   Number by Sen? Exit assembly... (7) SIXTEEN*
4   ...straight up to another recital after Victor (8) VERTICAL {V}{RECITAL*}
5   Dental problem of a member of a Mongol tribe (6) TARTAR [DD]
6   Suspicions cut short after the first bridge player leaves shutter with angled slats (8) JALOUSIE JeALOUSIEs
8   Upset sire enters retreat to rest with a old man from Iran (7) PERSIAN {P{SIRE*}AN<=}
15 Public speaker going around the gym with a technician (8) OPERATOR {O{PE}RATOR}
16 Blind Italian? (8) VENETIAN [DD]
18 Concede talks after monarch gets overwhelmed by the bridge player (7) CONFESS CONFE(-r+s)SS
19 Mat providing good reception? (7) WELCOME [CD]
21 Vocal disputes are infrequent (6) SPARSE (~spars)
23 Volunteers rise without an ornamental tuft (6) TASSEL {TA}{SSEL <=}
24 Senseless Seychelles leader moves away from lunatic (5) INANE INsANE


  1. Another not so tough puzzle from Neyartha...if yesterday was on is blind..that makes colour blind..
    Some unusual words learnt..Bees knees...mercerise..jalousie...
    Enjoyable one

  2. 16Dn Blind Italian? (8) VENITIAN [DD]

  3. hee hee... yep this one blinded me and I missed samosa by losing set in :( three blind mice should be the theme