Monday, 25 January 2016

No 11608, Monday 25 Jan 2016, Incognito

1   Removing water content may lead to drying death (11) DEHYDRATING*
9   Boy left mutilated gerbil for hybrid animal (5) LIGER GERbIL*
10 Accountant's charity fair for Royal Irish Academy's food outlet (9) CAFETERIA {CA}{FETE}{RIA}
11 MIT hens pun wildly and get retribution (10) PUNISHMENT*
12 Father’s with Indian redhead couple (4) PAIR {PA}{I}{Re...d}
13 Religious leader found in mihrab, bizarrely (5) RABBI [T]
15 Expectorate behind Head Office next to Albert's nursing home (8) HOSPITAL {HO}{SPIT}{AL}
17 Richthofen's embarrassed aristocrat (3,5) RED BARON {RED} {BARON}
19 Approaches player and lugs ... (5) NEARS {N}{EARS}
22 ... son with black stuff for leading performer (4) STAR {S}{TAR}
23 Dark summer snake (5,5) BLACK ADDER {BLACK} {ADDER}
26 Scary dream about horse after dark (9) NIGHTMARE {NIGHT}{MARE}
27 Aircraft panel’s damaged (5) PLANE*
28 Sincerity displayed by auditor having cosy pad near cape (11) EARNESTNESS {EAR}{NEST}{NESS}

1   Fortified position with revolving gun, including leading infantryman, after commencement of day (3,2) DUG IN {Day}{UG {In...n}N*}
2   His mohair was destroyed in nuked city (9) HIROSHIMA*
3   Leave secretly — last month a non-civil cop followed (6) DECAMP {DEC}{A}{MP}
4   An Iberian royal may be son of Al (criminal) (7) ALFONSO*
5   Setter’s not confused X (4) INTO {I}{NOT}*
6   Monster recast gun at Agra (9) GARGANTUA*
7   One who runs away to marry queen, having damaged Opel (6) ELOPER {E{OPEL*}R}
8   Scout patron changed direction from North to left (6) PATROL PATRO(-n+l)L
14 Dishevel sleeping place, with waste cloth tied on broken leg (9) BEDRAGGLE {BED}{RAG}{LEG*}
16 Explosive fruit found under tree (9) PINEAPPLE {PINE}{APPLE}
17 Hate letters from millionaire's enterprise (6) RESENT [T]
18 Ok, Alice makes animal feed (3,4) OIL CAKE*
20 Shout out Indian honorific before English king (6) SHRIEK {SHRI}{E}{K}
21 Take a millilitre (a drop of elixir) before exercise (6) ACCEPT {A}{CC}{El...r}{PT}
24 Distributes cards and trades (5) DEALS [DD]
25 Move and electrify prison (4) STIR [MD]


  1. I think Col would have finished in a jiffy.
    No doubt, we want samosas - not this easier.

    1. The puzzles of Incognito are easier...the challenge..i suppose was in the identification of theme as mentioned by K's post at 11:26

  2. Thanks to Incognito fora light quick diet of xword today :)

  3. Gulped all the samosas in one go! Thank you, Incognito. :)

  4. Extract of comment on Saturday:

    There are a few more theme references for this puzzle which came out between Army Day and Republic Day. Also, there is a subsidiary theme, which is probably a bit more obscure and extends to the next puzzle too, which might become clearer on Monday.

    1. Could identify the following words related to Army: Dug in..decamp...alfonso.. know if gargantua forms part of the theme

    2. As I said, Vasant, it's a bit obscure. But it relates to one of the top comedy shows ever aired by BBC having some top actors.

    3. Nope. The serial name is illustrated by the Colonel! Red Baron and most of the military terms are part of the theme.

    4. Thanks for the liberal hint...the said series is Black Adder(wiki shows Rowald Atkins of Mr Bean fame as the protagonist)...i could identify Captain... Darling...General...Red Baron as given by you...waiting for other theme words to be unearthed

    5. That's right! It has Hugh Lawrie and Stephen Fry too

  5. Some strange surfaces today!
    Found it enjoyable otherwise.
    Thank you Incognito.

  6. Enjoyed. Should make more time. Time allocation.

    1. More time? Time allocation? For what? Please clarify

  7. Fast and not at all furious,really enjoyed the grid.
    Have started doing the daily crossword only recently and this is the first one I managed to complete. Thanks Kishore Sir