Tuesday, 26 January 2016

No 11609, Tuesday 26 Jan 2016, Skuldugger


1   Coat fails to provide contrast to comedian (3,2,4)  ACT AS FOIL*
6   North American article that goes well with curry (4) NAAN {NA}{AN}
8   Something taboo about woman being on top (8) DOMINANT {DO{MINA}NT} Not sure of Anno See comments
9   Lucre corrupts the law (6) WEALTH*
10 Passage may entail carnal stimulation (10,5) ALIMENTARY CANAL*
11 Merchant's collaborator Brown, for instance, smuggles gold (5) IVORY {IV{OR}Y}
13 Bask in the glow, get unusual black, tan hues (8) SUNBATHE {B+TAN+HUES}*
15 Racial conflict, hostility ultimately dismantled with swiftness (8) ALACRITY {RACIAL+{c...cT}+{h...tY}}*
18 Councillor in contact with unknown associate (5) CRONY {CR}{ON}{Y}
20 Wild attraction with fishy, mammalian tinges (6,9) ANIMAL MAGNETISM*
23 Flier blows off wings to stay off the radar (3,3) LIE LOW {fLIEr} {bLOWs}
24 Divested of head growth, make a noise. Indeed! (8) DEHORNED {DE{HORN}ED}
25 Advanced period of self-restraint (4) LENT [DD]
26 Provided sustenance for sickly runts we found extremely emaciated (3-6) WET-NURSED {RUNTS+WE}*{Em...eD} &lit

1   Ringed reed composed of coral to any extent, reportedly (5) ATOLL (~at all) Reed typo for Reef?
2   Garden implement orderly got me had rusty head (7) TRIMMER {TRIM}{ME}{Ru..y}
3   Young lover's dancing was all the rage (5) SWAIN {WAS*}{IN}
4   Expenses sailor wrung out of criminal layabouts (7) OUTLAYS LAYabOUTS*
5   Base, dissembling, far from lofty (3-5) LOW-LYING {LOW}-{LYING}
6   Climbing up from cellar again, falls (7) NIAGARA [T<=]
7   Lambskin article donned by dishevelled star, say, Shah Rukh (9) ASTRAKHAN {A}{STAR*}{KHAN}
12 Mysterious Levantine suitor (9) VALENTINE*
14 Is setter likely to get with a woman during a cold squall? (8) WILLIWAW {WILL I}{W}{A}{W}
16 Quadruped (goat) oddly lacking in Arthurian setting (7) CAMELOT {CAMEL}{gOaT}
17 Ready to rock 'n' roll as far back as anyone can remember (4,3) YEAR DOT*
19 Phenomenal roadster loses tempo, finally slows down (7) RETARDS RoADSTER*
21 Politician's jacket (5) NEHRU [DD]
22 Looking up details of ride (5) STEED ?


  1. In 8a 'something taboo' is DON'T and the name is MINA.
    I know and have met at least one MINA but quite a
    famous person. I did some editing work too on a book in the production of which the lady was involved.

  2. Thank you Skulldugger for the samosas.

  3. Happy Republic Day to all!
    Nice Crossword..Simple & enjoyable...
    Act as Foil & atoll took a long time...

  4. Double Mazaa for me...
    In Republic Day Parade tableau of MP had Rewa, the place where I graduated from, the land of white tigers & the tableau of UP had theme from the place where I live...

  5. Commenters are all engaged in watching R day parade or the Aus. open?
    Federer brought me late to CW and the blog.
    Happy R day to all.

  6. Happy Republic Day folks ! Simple, orderly and neat parade of an xword today .. didnt dig too much into the skull :) williwaw a new word to me .. when i got the crossing letters i was inclined to think i had made a mistake and such a word just could not exist.. so much for ones knowledge of the language :)

  7. Since there is no CW on 27 Jan. A special by Sridhar Krishnan will be published at 8 AM on 27 Jan.

  8. An enjoyable xword,loved Astrakhan and Alimentary canal . Missed out on atoll,wet-nursed and dominant.
    Alimentary canal reminded me of this CD:
    the path of the swallow (10)