Tuesday, 8 November 2016

No 11846, Tuesday 08 Nov 2016, Incognito

8   Half this is score for a boundary (4) FOUR (8/2)
9   Time for a quick walk (5) MARCH [DD]
10 Utter defeat due to losing direction from a regular path (4) ROUT ROUTe
11 Pythons hug to some extent in this part of Japan (6) HONSHU [T]
12 Prohibit shelves in soldiers' quarters (8) BARRACKS {BAR}{RACKS}
13 Name the Messiah initially expected before noon (8) CHRISTEN {CHRIST}{Ex...d}{N}
15 Dirty nut was turned before unknown princess returned (6) UNTIDY {NUT*} before {Y}{DI}<=
17 Counterfeiting work done by a Smithy (7) FORGING [DD]
19 Drink tea and almost get nirvana (7) CHABLIS {CHA}{BLISs}
22 Please go round the inactive (6) ASLEEP*
24 Impressively add a month before leap year starts (8) AUGUSTLY {AUGUST}{Leap}{Year}
26 Yes, French lawyer consumed half of London's soup (8) BOUILLON {B{OUI}L}{LONdon}
28 Take over eastern building expansion (6) ANNEXE {ANNEX}{E} Expansion or Extension?
30 Just the name used by Gardner when writing some books (4) FAIR [DD]
31 High price is difficult to negotiate (5) STEEP [DD]
32 Exchange animal limbs rejected (4) SWAP <=

1   Mad like an engine without purpose (4) LOCO LOCOmotive
2   Urgent ironing (8) PRESSING [DD]
3   Sum paid for one horse (6) AMOUNT {A}{MOUNT}
4   Tease during melody composed for a Roman official (7) TRIBUNE {T{RIB}UNE}
5   Methodical treatment that an author ought to exhibit (8) THOROUGH [T]
6   Bunker seen when one soldier replaced another in Truman (6) TRUANT TRU(-man+ant)ANT
7   Scrap a ship (4) JUNK [DD]
14 Shoot around to make noises (5) HOOTS*
16 Machine usually seen on school playground or military parade ground (5) DRILL [DD]
18 English! Return and please reconstruct for our neighbours (8) NEPALESE {EN<=}{PLEASE*}
20 Public transport head takes some interest in trade (8) BUSINESS {BUS}{In...t}{NESS}
21 Mountain prince of Monaco (7) RAINIER [DD]
23 Exile, before the fighter comes in (6) EMIGRE {E{MIG}RE}
25 Great snakes! Eat out and come to grips (6) GRASPS {GReat}{ASPS}
27 All correct, contracted first and then expanded (4) OKAY Ok, Okay, how do I explain this?
29 Celebration when Sam returns carrying a cross (4) XMAS {X}{SAM<=}



  1. 28AC Both extension and expansion are valid
    27 DN : Easy type, in my view

    1. Agreed, though the Col. has a point

  2. I was almost in a soup while solving 26 AC. Wondered for few seconds what would French call a lawyer!

  3. Fairly easy one from incognito.. flowed well.. only Okay remains a puzzle to me too..unless it just means expand ok - where is Sandhya? :)

  4. Pretty clues, easy on the brain! Thanks Incognito.

  5. 27 All correct, contracted first and then expanded (4) OKAY Ok, Okay, how do I explain this?
    Why should this remain puzzling?
    In OKAY, the first two letters are OK - expanded it is OK. That's how Incog saw and wants us to see.

    1. I was talking about classification of the clue?

    2. I am not sure if classification, but OK is rumoured to have been an abbreviation of Oll Korrect, or All Correct

  6. What is 'Truman'? Name of a ship or something like that?

    1. I can only think of Harry Truman.

    2. There is a USS Harry Truman, we also have a film named Truman

    3. Paddy, I knew about the President Truman, but that cannot be used in the clue hence my question.

    4. There are a couple of towns in the US called Truman

  7. Yes, French lawyer consumed half of London's soup
    - did he do it in France or UK's capital? Or in India?

  8. KRK - The next time a French lawyer meets you, don't be overawed. He is avocat (think our English 'advocate') or juriste (think our 'jurist') or if you want to be expansive 'l'homme de loi' - man of the law.

  9. Surprise- the on line version was there for the asking! I have not tried it for the last few days. A walk in the park alright (Ok?)
    I have a doubt about the London soup- How do we start? I mean, how do we get the B?
    I had a doubt too about the prince of Monaco until I googled him to find that he was, after all, Mr.Grace Kelly- Probably better remembered that way.

  10. The usual one from Incognito..he makes crossword solving a gentle exercise.No problem for me for OKAY & TRUANT too.Bouillon was the LOI.

  11. Oh! I got him. He is an Indian lawyer after all- BL! ( I had taken only L for lawyer earlier)

  12. An easy grid but enjoyable.My favourite was 6D, lol Bunkers as Def.