Monday, 7 November 2016

No 11845, Monday 07 Nov 2016, Arden

9   Immediate change — isn't one on time? (7) INSTANT {ISNT*}{AN}{T}
10 Signal to hold back mostly the crew (7) OARSMEN {ARSe} in {OMEN}
11 Name accepted in later version, no quarrels... (7) NEUTRAL {N}{E{U}TRAL*}
12 ... not cutting each line (7) PAINTER {AIN'T} in {PER}
13 Drink and drink regularly — get cross with old Greek (9) ALEXANDER {ALE}{X}{AND}{bEeR}
15 Bishop wearing pitch black (5) SABLE {SA{B}LE}
16 Possibility of getting money back — watch it (7) MONITOR {MO{NIT}OR}<=
19 Minimum delay in very old house (7) SOONEST {SO}{O}{NEST}
20 Light after next character comes to the centre (5) LASER Becomes LATER if T replaces S
21 Gone for a month, for one who's late (4,5) DEAD MARCH {DEAD} {MARCH}

25 What the snake does will kill the woman (7) SLITHER {SLIT}{HER}
26 King for single day (7) SOLOMON {SOLO}{MON}
28 Flies home, groups follow (7) INSECTS {IN}{SECTS}
29 Transport suitable to go through two rivers (7) RAPTURE {R}{APT}{URE}

1   European city against, say woman's upliftment (6) VIENNA (~vie){VI}{ANNE<=}
2   Clever, not at breaking a law (6) ASTUTE {A}{STatUTE}
3   Haunt with Latin song (4) LAIR {L}{AIR}
4   Wooden pole said to have one (6) STOLID {S}{TOL{1}D}
5   Pour liquid into head of a water body (8) BOSPORUS {POUR}* in {BOSS}
6   Cocktail bar in charge will think hard (10) BRAINSTORM {BAR+IN}*{STORM}
7   Statement of proficiency about sex — could be copied (8) IMITABLE {IT} in {I'M ABLE}
8   Inert gas making one extremely cross (8) ANGRIEST*
14 Desserts and wine will upset things a bit (10) AFTERSHOCK {AFTERS}{HOCK}
16 Material for sleepers with family support (8) MOLESKIN {MOLES}{KIN}
17 House wine bottled — it's extremely bad (8) NASTIEST {N{ASTI}EST}
18 They are doubly angry, but ready to help... (3,5) RED CROSS {RED} {CROSS}
22 ...since America upheld soldier's pledge (6) ASSURE {AS}{US<=}{RE}
23 Drink — drink up and create noise (6) RUMPUS {RUM}{SUP<=}
24 Provide help essentially to a composer (6) HANDEL {HAND}{hELp}
27 Run through special operations (4) LOPE [T]



  1. Online version doesn't give the setter's name. The trail left by Arden is conspicuous. Thanks

    1. Where did you get the online version?

    2. Ok, the old design is still available

    3. Yes, the new design still to be updated. Even the old design uploaded the grid after 7.00

  2. Arden again?? thought change this week.. anyway Bosporus (though i am used to the other spelling) and Laser are rather nice clues.. the "s" replacing the "t" is a newish device.. though next normally should mean letter post t - hence u.. but i suppose it could also mean "next to" ..

  3. Crossword of superlatives today - ANGRIEST, SOONEST, NASTIEST :)
    Thanks Arden!

  4. Coming back to crosswords & the blog here after a week..a bit rusty but enjoyed the puzzle thoroughly..bosporus was new for me..Red Cross & slither were amusing..Thanks Arden.

  5. Members are encouraged to make what is before the dash in Clue 7d so that what is after the dash can happen. Thanks.

  6. ...while on the subject is IT= sex? I was trying to fit in M for male.

    1. When in doubt check:

      2 colloq sex appeal. 3 colloq sexual intercourse.
      Wonder if the second meaning in the exact form would be allowed in THCs

  7. Cheers to Arden? Quite a few drinks today- asti,ale, beer, rum, sup.....
    Too early in the morning?
    Loved Red cross. Never thought of it as doubly angry.

    1. Some say IT is sex, some say too much booze and some say IT's superlative ...but people who do crosswords will think twice before they say " I work in the IT industry!"

    2. ;) that too on night shifts

  8. 20A- adjacent letter would have been more appropriate than next.

  9. Nitpicking here. 25A should correctly be 'what the snakes do'

  10. 10 across:{ARSe} in {OMEN} (????)for back? That for the rear end is it kosher in a crossword ? from ARDEN? what next another four letter word ? I find that it is very rude ; some may call me a prude !