Wednesday, 9 November 2016

No 11847, Wednesday 09 Nov 2016, Incognito

8    Telegraph West Indies again (4) WIRE {WI}{RE}
9    British return eggs! Cheers! (5) BRAVO {BR}{OVA<=}
10 Shortly, our PM returns to the country (4) OMAN <=
11 Underground passage, made by peacekeepers in Tamil Nadu, has electrical lamps initially (6) TUNNEL {T{UN}N}{El...l}{La..s}
12 And beer flowed around European city (8) ABERDEEN {AND+BEER}* around {E}
13 A new king imports giant defensive equipment, like Czech 24, perhaps (8) ANTITANK {TITAN} in {A}{N}{K} Why Czech? See comments
15 For starters, barbed, electrified railway line's endless in capital (6) BERLIN {Ba...d}{El...d}{Ra...y}{lINe}
17 Entrance and circuitously get away (7) GATEWAY*
19 A type of coding support by sick escapee finally (7) BRAILLE {BRA}{ILL}{e...eE}
22 Police lost their cool about art forgery by roving group (6) PATROL {P{ART*}OLice}
24 Animal, that is, animal behind bushy barrier (8) HEDGEHOG {HEDGE}{HOG}
26 In scenic inn, a barman hides some ore (8)  CINNABAR [T]
28 Capital! A 0 Watt configuration! (6) OTTAWA*
30 Clever wife is initially erotic (4) WISE {W}{IS}{Er...c}
31 Plant found in Balusseri, Calicut (5) ERICA [T]
32 Drop autumn trip (4) FALL [MD]

1    Military officer drops lodger in place (4) LIEU LIEUtenant
2    Silent performer hugs English soldier in the interval (4,4) MEAN TIME {M{E}{AN T}IME}
3    Boy pushes man out from Amelia's plant (6) ABELIA A(-m+b)BELIA
4    My kraal is renovated in the USA. Nonsense! (7) MALARKY*
5    No, Victor took a piece of hot, glowing coal in the month before last month? (8) NOVEMBER {NO}{V}{EMBER}
6    Harmful insect consumes some dirt at edge (6) BORDER {BOR{Dirt}ER}
7    Ship's officer's friend’s last check, maybe (4) MATE [MD]
14 Alan returns with unknown animal (5) NYALA {ALA{Y}N}<=
16 Policeman John's accommodation (5) IGLOO {IG}{LOO}
18 Bill lied about two boys and spoke without a prepared script (2-6) AD-LIBBED {AD}{LI{BB}ED}
20 Find Yeti prowling and recognize (8) IDENTIFY*
21 Transmitter's third letter for a member of the Vietcong, perhaps (7) CHARLIE [DD]
23 Forest officer called Queen (6) RANGER {RANG}{ER}
25 Adder coiled around egg in Himalayan cedar tree (6) DEODAR {DE{O}DAR*}
27 A MI6 goddess (4) ISIS {1}{SIS}
29 Washington students' blockade, perhaps (4) WALL {WA}{LL}


  1. Replies
    1. Since the antitank devices are generally called Czech hedgehogs, and not just hedgehogs

    2. Small nit here, the Czech hedgehog is an antitank obstacle and not just antitank

    3. The def includes " defernsive equipment like".

      Bravo, like Charlie, was another crossing point. There were attempts, some successful, to tunnel under the wall. There were patrols there

    4. Okay, I didn't think of it that way

  2. There's a theme ... The title of the theme is also mentioned in the crossword and can be got by juxtaposing two lights together. By sheer coincidence, though this commemorates something that happened long back, the puzzle has appeared on a day America might be voting on, amongst other things, on a similar thing

    1. I think it relates to Berlin Wall. It was broken on November 9th, 1989

    2. I got the hint when I saw Berlin, Wall and (checkpoint)Charlie.

    3. And, of course, the Mexican wall ...

    4. one wall came down.. years before potentially decision on a new wall coming up?? way too obstruse..

    5. As said above, the Berlin wall thing was by intent... The other by chance

  3. Berlin wall thrown open on 9th November, 1989.

  4. Is it the start of Vietnam war in Nov.1955?

  5. I just noted that KKR had done it too.
    I was misled by Charlie, Vietcong tunnel etc.

  6. Enjoyable grid as usual, I did not get the theme.
    My favourite was 22A😊

  7. Did the puzzle late after reading K's comment in 1 Across regarding the theme.
    On this historic day when three major events occurred (today's demonetisation would go down in history as seminal), the second being the 9/11 attack, the theme is apposite & shows the setter's profound knowledge. Thanks Incognito.

    1. Vasant, I think it needs correction. If you have meant WTC attack, this 9/11 stands for 11th September (2001).

  8. ah well.. too much happening :) Incognito thankfully kept it not too complex ..

  9. Had a good laugh at igLOO! Poor Eskimos.

  10. Finished today all the back log..The two buzzers & four Ardens..also the 1Across presidential election special by Kishore..each & every xword was enjoyable...the crossword community here is an absolutely wonderful place..u have great minds prodding u onto solving great puzzles..thanks all..especially Col for all the efforts taken..