Monday, 14 November 2016

No 11851, Monday 14 Nov 2016, Scintillator


Some neat products here today!

1   Food that can bring a smile? (6) CHEESE [DD]
4   Playful kid's allowed to be not outspoken (8) IMPLICIT {IMP}{LICIT}
9   Enfield's appearance to change for the better (6) REFORM {RE}{FORM}
10 Most glossy cell – in the end turns into most disgusting (8) SLICKEST {S{celL}ICKEST}
12 Basically dairy cattle are reared, gave 5 (8) LACTATED {Da..y+CATTLE}* Second A from? (Addendum - {Da..y+CATTLE+A}* - See comments)
13 Prevent heart attack/blocks/eye infection (6) STYMIE {STY{MI}E}
15 Fat is removed from flabby tissue (4) SUET TisSUE*
16 Uneventful monsoon out to be destructive (10) MONOTONOUS*
19 Ape tactic left characters in a trance (10) CATALEPTIC* What's the Anind? See comments
20 A great deal of money to go down the drain (4) BOMB [DD]
23 Vile disease caused by limiting to 5 (6) SCURVY [CD]
25 Take no notice of outer garment being absent (5,3) SHRUG OFF {SHRUG} {OFF} Anno pending See comments
27 Accused struck on top using impaling rod (8) CADUCEUS {Using) in {ACCUSED}*
28 Anarchist sees off tactical invader (6) ATTILA TAcTIcAL*
29 Swore, being disadvantaged (5,3) WORSE OFF [RA]
30 Should Republican be let inside chamber? (6) GROTTO {R} in {GOT TO}

1   Coagulates blood at last around diseased ulcers (7) CURDLES {b..oD} in {ULCERS}* Around or In?
2   Constant, not firm but effective (9) EFFICIENT Anno pending (Addendum - coEFFICIENT - See comments)
3   Course of study that's current (6) STREAM [DD]
5   Make use of email – like regularly? (4) MILK {eMaIl+LiKe}
6   Checking in at cool place (8) LOCATION*
7   Finest cosmetic (5) CREAM [DD]
8   Testator, not old, showing up in rags (7) TATTERS TESTAToR*
11 Compensates on sudden strikes (7) RECOUPS {RE}{COUPS}
14 End of this day, leader of thugs hit on girl obscenely (7) TONIGHT {Th..s}{HIT+ON+G}*
17 I got tools to mend your radio? (9) OTOLOGIST* &lit Radio or Receiver?
18 Infected cell around a semi-pelvic bone (8) CLAVICLE {A}{pelVIC} in {CELL}*
19 Training coach was lacking a moneyspinner (4,3) CASH COW {COACH+WaS}*
21 Intimidate a thick-skinned creature (7) BUFFALO [DD]
22 Ram's milk product? (6) BUTTER [DD]
24 It gives 5 a shiver in the absence of mum (5) UDDER shUDDER SH for silence/mum
26 A lookout for 21's bare skin? (4) BUFF BUFFalo


  1. 12 Basically dairy cattle are reared, gave 5 (8) LACTATED {Da..y+CATTLE}* Second A from? A= Are.

    19 Ape tactic left characters in a trance (10) CATALEPTIC* What's the Anind? Characters

    1. could it be an attempt at semi@lit.. with "character in a trance" being the anagrind...?

    2. for A from are shouldn't the A in Are be capitalised

    3. Is characters acceptable as an Anind?

    4. a2 abbreviation 1 acceleration. 2 acre or acres. 3 adjective. 4 are or ares.

    5. I remember characters being only once in THC a few years back as anind. I can't find any other reference to that.

  2. 2 Constant, not firm but effective (9) EFFICIENT + Co

  3. 2D: COEFFICIENT (constant) -CO (not firm) =>EFFICIENT
    25A: CD / DD Shrug is a woman's cardigan or jacket (outer garment)

  4. Ha ha.. Neat is perfectly appropriate DG sir :) whats with the dairy theme tho.. anything to do with the day today?

  5. Radio is said to be a receiver, isn't it?

  6. Setter's name is missing in the online version.

  7. How shall I solve these crossword puzzles, what must a beginner do in solving them?

    1. Welcome to the community. You have come to the right place. You will soon be walking with ease. Keep watching how the clues are solved.
      You have a link on the left side "Crossword unclued" Go there and read, that will help you in making good beginning. Goodluck!

    2. You can join community of learners guided by Mona Sogal, Supriya Mithal, Ramki Krishnan and other mentors:

  8. Milky & creamy puzzle..loved solving it.Suet & caduceus were new words for me. Some delectable deletions like (co)efficient & buff(alo).Thanks Scintillator.

  9. How come I could do this 14th already yesterday afternoon (13th Nov in New York) online The Hindu ? someone at The Hindu is pre-posting it ?

  10. If it is posted at midnight (as was done earlier) it will still be AN in NY. I used to get it in the AN's there a few years back- Of course the on line version was not there then.

    1. During Orkut days, I used to see the puzzle at 9.30 PM Kuwait time. The puzzle would be next day's one.

    2. Always forward , never backward , eh ? but the Sunday grid doesn't open up online either at The THCC or at THe Hindu !