Wednesday, 2 November 2016

No 11841, Wednesday 02 Nov 2016, Buzzer

9   Find an expert to solve a problem (7) PROCURE {PRO}{CURE}
10 Historic period of mostly regional settlement (4,3) IRON AGE REGIONAl*
11 Love to live with endless sea round (5) OBESE {O}{BE}{SEa}
12 Tries going through concrete with drill (9) REHEARSAL {RE{HEARS}AL}
13 Perhaps saint has yen for millions... (1,4,4) A GOOD MANY {A GOOD MAN}{Y}
14 ...chap is penniless on the other hand (5) BLOKE B(-r+l)LOKE
15 See typo corrected in marking (7) EYESPOT*
17 Simple exhibit captivating everyone (7) SHALLOW {SH{ALL}OW}
19 One runs for a ball hit high (5) SKIER [DD]
20 Washes, cuts in half double part of grassy area and then wipes (9) LAUNDRIES {LA(-w+u)UN}{DRIES} Half of W (~ Double U) is U :-)
22 Gamble's wasted effort to get richer (6,3) BETTER OFF {BET}{EFFORT}*
24 Hawaiian greeting heartily positive foreign character (5) ALPHA AL(-o+p)PHA
25 Fall in eagerly accepting succession (7) LINEAGE [T]
26 Lug around in the back daily (7) REGULAR {RE{LUG<=}AR}

1   Aware of latest developments till now (2,2,4) UP TO DATE [C&DD]
2   Why are people conceited? Give up? (6) FOREGO {FOR EGO}
3   First-class criminal pursued by agent around (5-5) SUPER-DUPER <=> (Addendum - {PURSUED}*{REP<=} - See comments)
4   Alpine area stretching over Balkan states (4,4) NEAR EAST [T]
5   Setter's drink, reportedly strong (6) MIGHTY (~ my tea)
6   Explorer has a stick for climbing up (4) DORA {A}{ROD}<=
7   Tall seat sticks over line (3,5) BAR STOOL {BAR S}{TOO}{L}
8   Corn from the tips of maize, a whopper (6) MEALIE {MaizE}{A}{LIE}
14 Speaking generally, XL? (2,3,5) BY AND LARGE  {BY} {AND} {LARGE}
16 Real chauvinistic tendency leads astray (8) EXISTENT {sEXIST}{bENT}
17 Place for horses to train mostly remote and grand (4,4) STUD FARM {STUDy} {FAR}{M}
18 A crew is suffering taking direction from a smart alec (8) WISEACRE {A+CREW+IS}*{E}
19 Understated caption, it is out of place (6) SUBTLE SUBTitLE
20 Behold fine queen, a beauty (6) LOOKER {LO}{OK}{ER}
21 Spike a spirit with beer (6) IMPALE {IMP}{ALE}
23 Had on a regular basis, meatballs and others (2,2) ET AL mEaTbAlLs



  1. I had 3d as pursued* + rep<=

  2. 3D First-class criminal pursued by agent around (5-5)
    I anno'ed it as PURSUED* + REP<< (criminal as the anagrind, def = "first-class")

    Lovely grid Buzzer. 12A was my COD!

    1. Re 12a: Tries going through concrete with drill (9) REHEARSAL {RE{HEARS}AL
      I agree 3d is a very good clue. I like it. Having said that, may I ask if 'with' is an accepted link between wp and def?
      Yes, i have used it occasionally. I think I have seen it in UK crosswords as well.
      But I seem to remember that there's some opinion against 'with' as connector.
      Will be grateful for members' opinions.

    2. Use of 'with' has been debated as you say. Suppose it can be used. Can well be justified in DEF with(by means of) WP.

    3. I think we setters must go by instinct and our own feeling that the clue reads aright, instead of keeping in mind some rule somewhere.

    4. As far as I am concerned, the clue should read properly

  3. Extremely enjoyable one- as usual from Buzzer.
    I was found wanting in-
    19D was too 'subtle' for me.
    12A- I misssed it completely along with 8D
    Looked up here for the anno of super duper.

  4. Several rather good clues today from Buzzer... super duper, rehearsal.. nice surfaces :) eyespot new term.. but bar stool was sorta clevva no? my crib reserved for 16d.. where astray somehow doesnt subsitute for removal in my lexicon.. astray is more an anagram indicator right? rather than absence .. i think i got quite a few on the buzzer..but not all :)

  5. When I tried to log in online, both by clicking GRID and the Hindu Online on the side of this, I am surprised to find an Ad superimposed of a form to be filled for cleaning some part (why not the whole ?) of Madras !! IT DOES NOT PRODUCE THE CROSSWORD ONLINE AT ALL ! Any solution to this?

    1. Same here :( I don't see 11842

    2. TH has scant regard for cw feature.

    3. I've reset the link to the new page. However yesterday's and today's CW is yet to be uploaded

  6. CV at 911; Bravo, well said !! Whose rule where? no rules anywhere ! We create new rules but logical !

    1. Yes, wordplay, in my view, means it is not bound by rules except rules of grammar.