Tuesday, 29 November 2016

No 11864, Tuesday 29 Nov 2016, Buzzer

Cartoon character seems to be the 'in subject' nowadays :-). I'm sure Gita Iyer will have a lot to say if she is reading this

8   Lie in wait in the morning hour to catch public transport (6) AMBUSH {AM}{BUS}{H}
9   Alternate avatar of Sriram at site of holy temple (8) AMRITSAR*
10 Having obtained biblical books, individual to pursue enthusiastically (2,2,4) GO TO TOWN {GO T}{O T}{OWN}
11 Reset IP of firewall protecting confidential information (3-3) TIP-OFF [T]
12 Irrationally unstable/rickety thing providing comfort (8,7) SECURITY BLANKET*
14 Periodically do it, chiefly look to become a tragic hero (7) OTHELLO {dO+iT+cHiEfLy+LoOk}
16 Eccentric, yet cope with distinct species in a habitat (7) ECOTYPE*
19 Made a mistake when recalling topic, one involving name of a cartoon character (6,3,6) DENNIS THE MENACE {SINNED<=} {THE ME}{N}{ACE} I was really tempted to put in a picture doing the rounds of late, but restricted my self :-)
22 Extra pass brings cheers (3-3) BYE-BYE {BYE}-{BYE}
24 Learned of changing reality around world essentially (8) LITERARY {woRld} in {REALITY}*
25 Tame work by setter, impassive, lacking heart (8) DOMESTIC {DO}{ME}{SToIC}
26 Spell 5 with couple of zeroes either side – 500? (6) VOODOO {V}{00}{D}{00}

1   First to admit male fashion is lacking decorum (8) IMMODEST {M}{MODE} in {1ST}
2   Be out to overcome absorbing, fine puzzle (6) SUDOKU {OK} in {SUbDUe}
3   Stories of Calvin & Hobbes primarily about the ultimate in fictional cronies (10) CHRONICLES {Ca...n}{Ho,,,s}{RONIC{f...aL}ES*}
4   Loudspeakers in back street to bother (7) TANNOYS {ANNOY} in {ST<=}
5   Book's routine and extremely dry (4) BRUT {B}{RUT}
6   Move quickly to convert set point (4,2,2) STEP ON IT*
7   Go on and on about a pancake (6) WAFFLE [DD]
13 Strange object is an iron horse (10) LOCOMOTIVE {LOCO}{MOTIVE}
15 Upsetting none is was bloody dignified (8) ENNOBLED {NONE*}{BLED} Msg from Buzzer '"I thought I had 'was' in the clue, not 'is' but looks like I made a mistake".
17 Irrational figure, timeless comic strip pirate (8) PICAROON {PI}{CARtOON}
18 Cup of tea left to cool (7) CHALICE {CHA}{L}{ICE}
20 Origin of word 'Extraterrestrial' unknown one (6) ETYMON {ET}{Y}{MON}
21 Lucknow or Ranchi brimming over limit (6) NARROW [T<=]
23 Has English poet lost his head? (4) EATS kEATS


  1. Thanks Buzzer!
    I too felt uncomfortable with 15D.

  2. Thought it was a far easier Buzzer puzzle but with some extremely good clues around..the two long ones..Othello was nicely done while Narrow was nicely hidden in Lucknow or Ranchi.
    Thanks Buzzer

  3. Really cool puzzle.. Picaroon is the setter in todays Guardian cryptic as well :) nice theme setting and funny set.. esp the chronicles clue.. surface is rather awsum..rather liked the amritsar clue.. thanks Buzzer... is avatar in 9a an anagrind? or is it alternate? is there need for both words?? btw why is Mon = one? first day of work week?? 2d.. be out to overcome absorbing.. surface seems rather wonky to me..??

    1. Srividya as you are in Singapore you have a 2 1/2 head start over us. If you have free time in the morning, would you like to blog on any one day between Mon and Fri?

  4. The simple elegance of some of the clues makes it a pleasure to solve. Thank you Buzzer.

  5. How do you get Mon in 20D? Could some one please explain?