Saturday, 5 November 2016

No 11844, Saturday 05 Nov 2016, Arden


1 What successful climbers are? (8,6) UPWARDLY MOBILE (CD)
10 Base rule made by mathematician (5) EULER {E}{RULE*}

11 Prince consort rejected Nero becoming recruit (9) CONSCRIPT {PRINCE+CONSORT-NERO}*
12 Natural choice is fear, as pressure becomes constant (7) ORGANIC {OR}{(-p+G)ANIC}
13 Woman will change — one goes home (7) SHELTER {SHE}{aLTER}
14 Climber refuses a spike (5) LIANA {A NAIL<=}

16 Similar state after I depress one (9) IDENTICAL {I}{DENT}{I}{CAL}
19 It's a revelation to watch the batsman (3,6) EYE OPENER {EYE}{OPENER}
20 Like to choose short dish (5) ASPIC {AS}{PICk}
22 Body's cold — car crashed over animal (7) CARCASS {C}{CAR*}{ASS}
25 Game will weaken over a period (7) PASTIME {SAP<=}{TIME}
27 Hope chest makes USA so, true or false? (9)  TROUSSEAU {USA SO TRUE}*
28 Here codes essentially deteriorate (5) ERODE {hERe cODEs}
29 Doctor listens, ailment is in the digestive system (5,9) SMALL INTESTINE {LISTENS AILMENT}*


2 Friends are serious and noble (9) PALSGRAVE {PALS}{GRAVE}
3 Protective clothing — for one is worn (5) APRON {A{PRO}N}
4 Solution code broken — work hasn't started (9) DECOCTION {CODE*}{aCTION}
5 Animals assume name of Americans (5) YANKS {YA{N}KS}
6 Players’ choice — short game or art appreciation (9) ORCHESTRA {OR}{CHESs}{ART*}
7 Girl wearing hardly anything — not a fool (5) IDIOT {I{DI}OTa}
8 Draw the line out, not wide please (7)  ENTHRAL {DRAW+THE+LINE-WIDE}*
9 Regular urgency? there's bribe and kickback (6) RECOIL {uRgEnCy}{OIL}
15 Rating a midshipman as April is stormy (9) APPRAISAL {A}(shiPman}{AS+APRIL}*
17 Transport maybe near, it's fine to get tense (9) ENRAPTURE {NEAR*}{PU{T}RE}
18 Island oats, say for the goat (9) CAPRICORN {CAPRI}{CORN}
19 Turns on, in addition almost gets it (7) EXCITES {EXC{IT}ESs}
21 Said to be raw yarn (6) CREWEL {~CRUEL}
23 Wine and port, sailor’s cut 50 per cent (5) RIOJA {RIO}{JAck}

24 10 per cent support small mug (5) STEIN {S}{TE{I}N} 10% is 1 in 10

26 Uphill without a clue (5) SCENT {aSCENT}

Base=E, Choice=Or, Pressure=P, Constant=G, Woman=She, One=A, State=Cal, One=I, Cold=C
For=Pro, One=An, Name=N, Girl=Di, Tense=T, Small=S

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DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous



  1. Would not essence/ extract be a better synonym for decoction than just solution?
    Also, why 'the' batsman?

    1. 'Solution' (nounal adj) goes well with 'code' (as in cryptography, where codes are broken). 'Essence code' will mean nothing.

    2. Agree with you Paddy on batsman. Probably, followed by ",say" would have been justifying.

    3. Point taken about 'solution'. I overlooked that point.

  2. I wonder who 7606_Kesavan is? All the CWs uploaded since The Hindu has had a makeover has this byline with it. Looks like he is one day behind schedule also, as the CWs come up online a couple of days after the print edition, No 11842 was uploaded yesterday though the date shown for upload and updation is 03 Nov. I wonder if he is working on US timings!!!

    1. I too saw it yesterday and had a hearty laugh! Probably he was the IT guy who was in charge for the data migration.

    2. Before the changes were seen on desktops, they were seen in iPad. I think they are still working on the new look (I don't think any announcement has been made as yet) even as some unhinging is happening.

    3. Yes, we can open the webpages in both versions. Somehow, I felt the existing appearance is better

  3. Mathematically identical is similar but similar is not identical

    1. Incidentally,freedict shows incidental as synonym for similar

    2. I think these electronic dictionaries merely sweep what is on the Net. I don't think any human involvement is there in this aggregation. I think we cannot blindly accept material in these dictionaries.

    3. Apologies Vasi Sir, there was a typo in my comment at 9.40 it was IDENTICAL and not incidental. Sorry about that.

    4. Incidentally, incidental also works as anagram for identical with deletion of N

  4. Hi friends,
    Here is our new blog 1Across.
    We have published a special CW by The Oracle. Please do try the CW & post your feedback in the blog . Thanks !

  5. thanks..this one by Arden is simpler :) yesterday was rather tough going.. nice setta clues..

  6. Guys: Hi --

    My parents in India are much distressed by the design decision to have solutions for the crossword & Sudoku
    on the very same page as the puzzle in The Hindu newspaper.

    Deprives them of the joy of solving either because it is distracting to have the answers right there!

    I don't know if you guys have any influence with the powers-that-be at The Hindu to get things back to how they were in the past.

    If you do -- please do ask them to change it back.


  7. Deepak at 911: True. Now I get to do the crossies a day or two later , even in the States. The present format is worse than the earlier one and whoever this June 76 born K7 is , I do hope that he visits this blog and takes note to amend. Earlier I used to go to the online setup directly from this blog's border. Now, I have to reach and then seek the needed crossword.

    Have they made this online site commercial? or else why the ads get superimposed, squat and refuse to vacate and leave us in peace to do the crossies ? Mutation is amounting to mutilation and commercial vandalism !

  8. Thanks Lakshmiji. The crossword was interesting and I enjoyed it !

    1. Thanks Raju sir ! Did you submit your completed cw ? If not please do so to the Mail ID given in our blog . Thanks :)