Friday, 11 November 2016

No 11849, Friday 11 Nov 2016, Lightning

1   Training program cut with hesitation (8) EXERCISE {EX{ER}CISE}
5   Short snap by governor is commonplace (6) CLICHE {CLICk}{HE}
9   Doctor to detain cure (8) ANTIDOTE*
10 Help in existing circumstances to admit second student finally (6) ASSIST {AS{S}IS}{s...nT}
12 Extremely poor segment of grass or rye (5) SORRY [T]
13 View wild lap dances (9) LANDSCAPE*
14 Everyone interrupting unpleasant song (6) BALLAD {B{ALL}AD}
16 It’s a mistake to cage one royal animal (7) GIRAFFE {G{1}{R}AFFE}
19 Cruel person on to supplant a supervisor (7) MONSTER M(-a+on)ONSTER
21 Writer firm with minor under custody (6) COWARD {CO}{WARD}
23 Block and block to save one wicket (9) STONEWALL {ST{ONE}{W}ALL}
25 Method to detect sources of radiation and deploy automatic recovery (5) RADAR Acrostic
26 Happening within four walls of MP’s city, say (6) INDOOR (~Indore)
27 Naval submarines essentially on a specified speed (8) MARITIME {subMARInes}{TIME}
28 Could a brave man have these made of steel? (6) NERVES [CD]
29 Recalled vibrator ringing on the inside (8) REPEALED {PEAL} in {REED}

1   Pass by eastern shore’s boundaries covering circuit (6) ELAPSE  {Ea...n}{LAPS}{s..rE} (Addendum - {E}{LAP}{ShorE} - See comments)
2   Retain ten at sea for support (9) ENTERTAIN*
3   Caught father starting to leave with assistant (5) CADDY {C}{dADDY}
4   Established fixed temperature with light source (7) SETTLED {SET}{T}{LED}
6   Final battle’s about capturing Troy – it could lead to a disaster (4,5) LAST STRAW {LAST} {WAR{T}S<=}
7   Earthenware from our neighbour (5) CHINA [DD]
8   Former lover meets new lover at last inside – it is of interest (8) EXTREMES {EX}{T{l..eR}EMES*}
11 Decline covering new glitch (4) SNAG {S{N}AG}
15 Moving with ease in short time, man thus cut fruit (9) LITHESOME {LI{T}{HE}{SO}ME}
17 Let go resistance to join hostile practice session (4,5) FIRE DRILL {FIRE D} {R}{ILL}
18 Outflow of broadcast noise is minute (8) EMISSION {NOISE+IS+M}*
20 Almost set to study (4) READ READy
21 Army officer had to get rookie to study evidence (7) COLLATE {COL}{L}{ATE}
22 Devil protecting right mate (6) FRIEND {F{R}IEND}
24 Command opening batsman to leave boundary (5) ORDER bORDER
25 First off commend increase in salary (5) RAISE pRAISE


  1. Solvable with lightning speed, I think.

  2. Nice crossword from Lightning.
    I think anno for 1D is E-LAP-SE (ShorE's boundaries => SE and circuit = LAP not LAPS)

  3. Nice crossie. It was a good 1ac for me and quite enjoyable too! Thanks Lightning.

  4. Nice one from Lightning.. was surprised noone raised questions on 12a.. am i the only one saying the clue aint right ?? anyway by and large rather quick solving.. esp when on grid.. i wonder if just the clues were there and no grid - just the clue and the numbering how quick it would have been.. i think my eye has become accustomed to seeing the letters in their cute lil boxes?? does that mean one is able to think and solve outta the box? lol :) but then would one "fall off the grid" .. hee hee

    1. Can you please point out how 12A isn't right? Extremely poor is OK to me. I took it as in "sorry state of affairs"

    2. The extremely poor state of mind of the person bothered me.
      The sorry state of mind of the person bothred me.
      'segment' is telescopic ind.

  5. Agree with MB. Very interseting. Enjoyed solving.
    Loved the stonewall and recalled stonewalling openers of the past. Yes,the past. Thankfully you don't have them nowadays.

  6. Liked the definition of 8D. Elegantly done. Took me a long time to figure it out

    1. After I saw your Comment I scrolled up and read the clue and the solution. It took me some moments to see the anno. Well done.

  7. Same here,did with the help of crossings. Could not figure it out until I saw the blog.

  8. Thought Stonewall was an & Lit as the who;e clue can be read as definition. Extremely enjoyable & as MB put it a good exercise.

    1. Not really. It is only block and block which gives that meaning. The rest of the clue does not.

  9. Kishore has won the ahapuzzle contest of Sept/Oct. Congrats