Tuesday, 1 November 2016

No 11840, Tuesday 01 Nov 2016, Buzzer

1   Sand surrounding lake to turn white (6) BLEACH {B{L}EACH}
5   Nobel laureate name-dropping frequently of course (6) TAGORE {TAG}{cOuRsE}
10 Rail late as entrance blocked on edge (3,2,4) ILL AT EASE [T]
11 Holy place in Middle East hundreds swarm essentially (5) MECCA {ME}{CC}{swArm}&lit
12 Dictionary lacking initially single word for former jailbird (2-3) EX-CON lEXiCON
13 Crane perhaps, awfully bad writer (9) WATERBIRD*
14 Leader bowing out brilliantly in a fitting way (7) RIGHTLY bRIGHTLY
16 New elite group to curb government indifference (7) NEGLECT {N}{E{g}LECT}
18 Young actress beginning to captivate the French (7) STARLET {STAR{LE}T}
20 Mountain pass is so teeming with monsters (7) COLOSSI {COL}{IS+SO}*
21 Explaining the logic of charming siren initially falling for director (9) DEDUCTIVE (-s+d)DEDUCTIVE
23 Energy and time spent for coffee pick up (5) ELATE {E}{LAtTE}
25 Knows reportedly crossing over a loop (5) NOOSE (~knows){NOSE} crossing {O}
26 Running in front, he's potentially in danger (2,3,4) ON THE SPOT [T]
27 Bristling at her singular red suit (6) HEARTS {AT+HER}*{S}
28 Sewer is must at both ends of lane (6) NEEDLE {NEED}{LanE}

2   I entered ring put up to provide shade (5) LILAC {I} in {CALL<=}
3   Sort of lanate underside to insect before birth (9) ANTENATAL {ANT}{LANATE*}
4   Progress through main road (7) HEADWAY {HEAD}{WAY}
5   A large amount secured lease for a place in New Jersey (7) TRENTON {T{RENT}ON}
6   One contesting a setter breaking good rule (5) GAMER {G}{A}{ME}{R}
7   Easy chairs for recreation on large ships (9) RECLINERS {REC}{LINERS}
8   Second-in-command isn't perceived to be in charge (4-9) VICE-PRESIDENT*
9   Beau I'd let go, lil het at me, begins to thaw in essence (3-2-8) EAU-DE-TOILETTE {bEAU+iD+lET+gO+lIL+hET+aT+mE}
15 Impressive cryptic grid's A-one (9) GRANDIOSE*
17 Duck out of a Bond film (9) GOLDENEYE [DD]
19 They are mostly cut to be sartorial (7) TAILORS {SarTORIAL}* &lit
20 Learn to control passion to fool around (5,2) CHEAT ON {HEAT} in {CON}
22 Permit or patent (5) CLEAR [DD]
24 Outrage about shedding clothes (5) APPAL APPAreL


  1. Thanks Buzzer. It was very entertaining beginning of the day!

  2. Nice crossword, thanks Buzzer.
    One doubt - what is the deletion indicator for L-I in 12A? If it is "lacking" then is it doing double duty?

    1. I read it as Lacking initially to remove L and then lacking single to remove I

    2. Placement of 'lacking' meant it applied to two words.

  3. 26 A and 9 D were typical Buzzer. Nicely done.

  4. Agree totally. I loved 27A too.
    Everything absolutely in place. Thoroughly enjoyed and was able to do it without any external assistance. Thank you Buzzer. It was really buzzing.

  5. But pray why hindu is publishing the answers along with the crossword. !

    1. They wants us to do 'sheershasan'

    2. As in read the answer first and then set the crossword!