Friday, 18 November 2016

No 11855, Friday 18 Nov 2016, Afterdark

9   A black girl gathering scrap, to gain central area's contract (7) ABRIDGE {A}{B}{{RID}{G}{arEas}
10 Fitting an arrow is no ordinary chore primarily, Lord! (7) NOCKING {NO}{Chore}{KING} What's the role of ordinary? Or is it N from No and O for Ordinary? (Addendum - {No}{Or...y}{Ch..e}{KING} - See comments)
11 Fools crossing over pits (7) ABYSSES {A{BY}SSES}
12 LG takes a rupee, remodels set that's biggest (7) LARGEST {L{A}{R}G}{SET*}
13 Facial feature bruised badly, nose bleeds intermittently (9) SIDEBURNS {BRUISED*}{NoSe}
15 Plant, small measure including eggs' primarily invigorating (5) MOOLI {M{OO}L}{In...g} Should this have had an Indian identifier See comments
16 Cheated leader to go, last character to supervise fall (7) DWINDLE (-s+d)DWINDLE Last character and D? (Addendum - (s)(+d)DWINDLE(-d) - See comments)
19 Us, characters without brain, nasty essentially to be the head (7) SETTERS {naSty}{lETTERS}
20 Contract upgraded concealing malfunction (3,2) ACT UP [T]
21 Finding daughter is absent, son takes over to appeal (9) SEDUCTION (-d+s)SEDUCTION
25 Mostly allergy is terrible (7) LARGELY*
26 Extensive PR issued; is deceitful (7) EVASIVE prEVASIVE (Correction - pErVASIVE - See comments)
28 Article returned; has wrong ideas on spirits (7) NAIADES {AN<=}{IDEAS*}
29 Gamble with money in part of church (7) CHANCEL {CHANCE}{L}

1   Parties demand to include graduate in place of beginner on Sunday (6) CABALS {CA(-l+ba)BAL}{S}
2   Filmed perhaps, adult film without cut at last around end of January (1-5) X-RAYED {X-RAtED} around {j...rY}
3   Customs without origin lead to poems (4) ODES mODES
4   Landlord to an extent collects nothing but rent primarily (6) LESSOR {LESS}{O}{Rent}
5   In the existing circumstances, to tour New York including Los Angeles in return is a test (8) ANALYSIS {N{LA<=}Y} in {AS IS}
6   Without colour, it's pain almost, sentimental without a point (10) ACHROMATIC {ACHe}{ROMAnTIC}
7   Trying to design more sites to eliminate spam primarily (8) TIRESOME {MORE+SITEs}*
8   Priest somehow gets leave for self-serving thoughts (3,5) EGO TRIPS {GO} in {PRIEST}*
14 Live at empty docks, lying over used drapes and sheets (10) BEDSPREADS {BE}{DockS}{DRAPES*}
16 Speaking slowly on arthouses' essential value (8) DRAWLING {vaLue} in {DRAWING}
17 Blend in, otherwise exit without drama avoiding odd characters (8) INTERMIX {IN}{TE{dRaMa}IX*}
18 Writer to test first (8) ESSAYIST {ESSAY}{1ST}
22 Say, actress Judi while crossing road gets wet (6) DRENCH {D{R}ENCH}
23 It is stupidity for princess to wear nothing as it is cold outside (6) IDIOCY {I{DI}{O}CY}
24 Gratineed legumes retaining thorn (6) NEEDLE [T]
27 First man should chop off woman's head (4) ADAM mADAM



  2. Replies
    1. me too thought so.. anyway PR is not it okay to remove it like that?

    2. I do not like it when P& R are not together. It may be Ok but not something I liked

  3. Simple and elegant.. AD does it again.. have to say i kinda dont like 17d.. a bit involved but 6d rather sweet... Mooli was last to fall .. maybe AD is having hot hot mooli paranthas today...sadly dont get that mooli easily here in singapore :( its the perfect season for it now ..

  4. 15 Plant, small measure including eggs' primarily invigorating (5) MOOLI {M{OO}L}{In...g} Should this have had an Indian identifier.

    From chambers: Mooli: a long white carrot-shaped root that tastes similar to a radish.

    1. It is of Japanese origin, it seems.

    2. I meant Chambers does not give any source for the word so the def should be OK

  5. Quite an easy one from AD..couldnt anno dwindle at all..the anno by a2z seems ok..took extensive = pervasive as pointed out by KKR..

  6. 19a- 'Without brains' to indicate removal of first letter- okay? Or brain stands for head?

    1. A couple of years back there was a discussion where in CV said that it (brains) does not mean the top.

  7. Nock for the notch in arraow was new to me. I learned that it applies to the notch in the bow as well.

  8. 12A Is R a valid abbr for Rupee?

    1. hmm..should not be ideally.. Rs or INR.. but theres a puzzle today that had Queen as R instead of the usual :( maybe coz they didnt want her to hesitate hee hee

    2. In Indian banking circles, Rupee is shortened as Re and Rupees as Rs.

  9. A crossword becomes too crosswordy when you use same tools again and again.

    5+ without s 4 primarily 2 essentially to start with :)

  10. Good point. Good surfaces make CW's interesting and enjoyable.

  11. NAIADES ? I always thought that it is spelt without an E ! But here we are dealing with a deletion and addition expert !

    MOOLI: Redolent of the sambhar cooking in the neighbour's house! Some vegetables like mooli are best smelt but not tasted except when cooked !