Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 20 Nov 2016

1   Measure of power in new attraction (4) WATT [T]
3   Oppressor in nation seizing moment with revolutionary nonsense (10) PERSECUTOR {PER{SEC}U}{ROT<=}
9   Called newspaper entertaining name (4) RANG {RA{N}G}
10 Doctor honours aim to be sympathetic (10) HARMONIOUS*
12 Alien in list lacking right symbol of allegiance (7) ROSETTE {ROS{ET}TEr}
13 Model from quiet region of Spain (7) PARAGON {P}{ARAGON}
14 Suggestion about thousand joining disorderly advance (12) BREAKTHROUGH {BREA{K}TH}{ROUGH}
18 Singer anxious to return once (12) COUNTERTENOR*
21 Judge starts to assess rude piece with hesitation (7) ARBITER {As..s}{Rude}{BIT}{ER}
22 Heron, distracted, following second waterbird (7) MOORHEN {MO}{HERON*}
23 Fine merit seen by fool in railway company (10) FRATERNITY {F}{RATE}{R{NIT}Y}
24 Rule out nothing after check (4) VETO {VET}{O}
25 Extended version of legend around at that time (10) LENGTHENED {LEGEND}* around {THEN}
26 Correct reflection of trend (4) EDIT <=

1   Struggle shifting bed or cupboard (8) WARDROBE {WAR}{OR+BED}*
2   Catch good fan getting upset about small element (8) TUNGSTEN {NET}{G}{NUT}<= around {S}
4   Escape notice during day before festival (5) EVADE {EV{AD}E}
5   Signal from coast about English plan (9) SEMAPHORE {SHORE} about {E}{MAP}
6   Dance around king, for example, moving into assembly (12) CONGREGATION {CONG{R}{EG}A}{INTO*}
7   Run into difficult channel (6) TROUGH {T{R}OUGH}
8   Wickedness in outfit in revolt (6) RISING {RI{SIN}G}
11 Keen sort not bothered over temperature in city (5-2-5) STOKE-ON-TRENT {KEEN+SORT+NOT}* over {T}
15 Deer hurry round new barrier (9) HINDRANCE {HIND}{RA{N}CE}
16 Plan to arrest man finally (2,3,3) IN THE END {HE} in {INTEND}
17 New intro in place for hard copy (8) PRINTOUT {P{INTRO*}UT}
19 Just left rubbish (6) LAWFUL {L}{AWFUL}
20 Get queasy in boat (6) OBTAIN*
22 Satisfied about poetic rhythm (5) METRE {MET}{RE}



  1. 14A- Breath for suggestion?
    Why is Round 9 of IXL cancelled? Tenth round ON today or not?

    1. Paddy sir, cancellation of round 9 was announced on IXL 16 Players Facebook group . You can join this group & check .

    2. Paddy, Breath is an indirect suggestion as in breath of scandal