Saturday, 26 November 2016

No 11862, Saturday 26 Nov 2016, Gridman

1   Amasses quickly – libertines have arrived! (5,2) RAKES IN {RAKES} {IN}
5   Impolite sailor put out around the heart of Paris (6) ABRUPT {AB}{paRis}{PUT*}
9   Rose and fell in the main (5) TIDED [CD]
10 What one may do with cosmetic for enhancement and feel of beauty (3,1,5) ADD A TOUCH [CD]
11 "I would like to be alone" – go to extremes of the extreme (5,2) LEAVE ME {LEAVE} {e..reME}
12 For this prospect, you don't need any insight (7) OUTLOOK [CD]
13 "What are the things to do?" ... After tea, comes questions (5) TASKS {T}{ASKS}
14 Setter, having declared he's in hospital, is restless (9) IMPATIENT {I'M}{PATIENT}
16 Once educated about core of horse having descended (9) EXTRAUGHT {EX}{T{hoRse}AUGHT}
19 Religious passagea blend of lies (5) AISLE {A}{LIES*}
21 Well for the French with a mountain on all sides (7) AMBIENT {A}{M{BIEN}T}
23 All but select army officer's old flute (7) PICCOLO {PICk}{COL}{O}
24 Devotionally soldier, large, gets into returning tanker (9) RELIGIOSO {GI}{OS} in {OILER<=}
25 Daughter's left broken pottery (5) DELFT {D}{LEFT*}
26 Bride's discarded rubbish (6) DEBRIS*
27 Bandage of woman in riding seat (7) SWADDLE {S{W}ADDLE}

1   Display military power let star breathe uneasily (6,3,5) RATTLE THE SABRE*
2   Snatches – snatches of rest following joke (7) KIDNAPS {KID}{NAPS}
3   Danes are out with small section’s sorrow (7) SADNESS {DANES*}{S}{S}
4   Nine get an active way of clearing up (9) NEATENING*
5   Sound car (old) (5) AUDIO {AUDI}{O}
6   Knocking sound three times at residence's entrance in front (3-1-3) RAT-A-TAT {Re...e}{AT}-{A-T}{AT}
7   All but fat, large, extremely fine and feathery (7) PLUMOSE {PLUMp}{OS}{finE}
8   As advised to patients asked to take 'mixture' (5,3,6) SHAKE THE BOTTLE [CD]
15 Fraudulent schemes – results of real estate companies' efforts (3-2,4) PUT-UP JOBS [DD]
17 Slates cartoonist in made-up tale (7) TABULAE {ABU} in {TALE*} Got this as the cartoonist appeared yesterday as well.
18 One who gets his back is extremely vile in rage (7) AVENGER {A{VilE}NGER}
19 Song about knave in rustic setting (7) ARCADIA {AR{CAD}IA}
20 Ran, carrying fuel – it's messed up (7) SPOILED {SP{OIL}ED}
22 Blasts in drinking binges (5) TOOTS [DD]



  1. +1 for 17DN. Bien is also new. Don't remember to have seen before. Well enough to forget

  2. Lovely puzzle this 14 letter grid from Gridman..Plumose & Swaddle were new for me..the long ones were nicely done..Religioso was the last one in
    Thanks Gridman

  3. 'Swaddle' by itself may be seen rarely. But not the expression 'swaddling clothes". Just-born babies in the ancient Mediterranean world were tightly wrapped in long bands of cloth. So these bands were not “clothes,” like a shirt or pants or pajamas, and they were not just a diaper, but long strips of cloth wrapped all around the baby.

    1. Tell me about swaddle clothes !! I'm smothered by them right now !!

  4. nice one from Gridmanji.. well constructed clues.. not 15dish.. :)

  5. "Ah! Bien", says Hercule Poirot. Struggled with it while reading Agatha Christie.

  6. IXL2016: Shocked to see a new leader board on IXL2016 website. I didn't realize there was a round which started last Sunday. Are the rounds over now or is there one starting tomorrow?

    1. Last sunday was the last no more rounds for this year

  7. I submitted solutions for Round 10 but don't find my name on the leaderboard for that round?

    1. Do we have worry seriously, Raghu? Ha ha!!

    2. I thought I would have scored 100 ;-)

  8. From what I can make out, a leaderboard for R10 was put up briefly but it seemed to be a throwback to some past LB as even names of people who did not participate this year were found there (if my fleeting glance and poor memory can be trusted). It was later removed and there has been no replacement. Only overall LB is put up.