Saturday, 12 November 2016

No 11850, Saturday 12 Nov 2016, Anon


1 Branch in all directions or stay put (5,6) STICK AROUND  {STICK}{AROUND}
9 Trigger the French alarm (7) STARTLE  {START}{LE}
10 Contemporary odd moron frames lyric (6) MODERN {M{ODE}oRoN}
11 Swirl around pole will nauseate (5) REPEL {RE{P}EL}
12 A langur becomes thin (7) ANGULAR*
15 Almost wreck unorthodox company (4) CREW {WRECk}*
16 Restorers of Paris oddly shelter book (10) PRESERVERS {Pa{RESERVE}RiS}
18 Kidnapped editor beyond Chinese city (10) SHANGHAIED {SHANGHAI}{ED}
20 Steal European cloak (4) ROBE {ROB}{E}
23 Authoritative head of committee put setter in charge (7) CANONIC {Committee}{ANON}{IC}
24 One domain expert (5) ADEPT {A}{DEPT}
26 Asian writer returns with a hollow lathi (6) NEPALI {PEN<=}{A}{LathI}
27 Unacceptable couple of litchis in salad (7) TABOOLI {TABOO}{LItchis}
28 Hero cooks potato rings (11) PROTAGANIST* PROTOGANIST*  PROTAGONIST* (Edited) See comments


2 Shred leader tactfully in headline (6) TITTLE {TIT{Tactfully}LE}
3 Prompted to finish off dickens on return (4) CUED {DEUCe<=}
4 Bill to delegate control (10) ADMINISTER {AD}{MINISTER}
5 Original group members, past their prime, keep watch (3,5) OLD GUARD {OLD}{GUARD}
6 Hurried back at speed to explain (7) NARRATE {RAN<=}{RATE}
7 Banishment of music of movie on discrimination (9)  OSTRACISM {OST}{RACISM}
8 Small but sufficient specimen (6) SAMPLE {S}{AMPLE}
13 Co-ordinating instrument when I croon (10) ORGANISNG {ORGAN}{I}{SING}
14 Confirm that I can rest at first at sea (9) ASCERTAIN {I CAN REST At}*
17 Illiterate policeman, on return, to yell (9) IGNORANT {IG}{ON<=}{RANT}
19 Enthusiast with friend in Jaguar? Not odd (7) AMATEUR {jA{MATE}gUaR}
21 Mineral almost disappeared from US city (6) OREGON {ORE}{GONe}
22 Garbage collectors’ clothes include source of oxygen (6) GARBOS {GARB{Oxygen}S}
25 Stupefy good man and peacekeepers (4) STUN {ST}{UN}


  1. Easy one. OST needed dict. help. Thanks Anon.
    Ramesh, please check the typo in 28AC

  2. Nice easy one from Anon
    Wish weekend puzzles are a bit tougher.This would have been better on Mondays.

  3. rather neat one from Anon.. i do enjoy the self-referential clues esp when it is not "i" or "me" but rather the name .. it sort of personalizes the grid doesnt it? :) garbos.. rather new term .. got it from wordplay only post xings.. the only Garbo i know what sort of great hee hee.. OST i thought was rather a nice touch wasnt it? Tabooli.. well if it is the same mid east salad then i am used to spelling it as tabouleh..

  4. Nice one from Anon. 12A raised a smile :) 22D had me wondering for a while since "garb..s" was in the clue itself!