Thursday, 3 November 2016

No 11842, Thursday 03 Nov 2016, Arden

1   Shepherd's calling to play — is not even quick (6) PAPACY {PlAy}{PACY}
4   Perform magic trick, over time it becomes rigid (8) DOGMATIC {DO}{GMA{T}IC*}
9   Ben and Tom went to Bury (6) ENTOMB*
10 Back two boys — maybe giving away (8) BETRAYAL {BET}{RAY}{AL}
12 Donators construct, they also destruct (8) TORNADOS*
13 Note rejected by cheese maker (6) TENNER <=
15 Husband missing wife? Inform wife the marital vow we take (5,7) GRASS WIDOWER{GRASS} {W}{I DO}{WE}{R} Last R from ? See comments
18 Having total control on day work — colitis treated (12) MONOPOLISTIC {MON}{OP}{COLITIS*}
21 A quiet overcall could be the missing link (3-3) APE-MAN {A}{P}{E MAN<=}
22 Make it short agreement (8) CONTRACT [DD]
24 Well inside the earth it could be found (5,3) S?A?E ?E? {SHALE OIL {S{HALE} OIL} - See comments) Semi &lit
25 Capital of Italy, extremely hard to move around (6) RIYADH {ItalY} in {HARD}*
26 Guerillas charge over a 24 hour period, seen regularly (8) FEDAYEEN {FE{DAY}E}{sEeN}
27 Line of emails back and forth (6) THREAD [DD]

1   Short iron I get to play adds to my good rating (8) PRESTIGE {PRESs}{I+GET}*
2   Favourite business software — one for a young character (5,3) PETER PAN {PET}{ER P}{AN}
3   Kindly reach, I only ate bananas (15) COMPASSIONATELY {COMPASS}{I+ONLY+ATE}*
5   It gets too hot in May to venture out (4) OVEN [T]
6   Maybe Catherine's milder as an actress (7,8) MARLENE DIETRICH*
7   Testing one's patience as the court is dealing with it (6) TRYING [DD]
8   Keen to acquire English and the French vegetable (6) CELERY {C{E}{LE}RY}
11 Watch it in single run (7) MONITOR {MON{IT}O}{R}
14 Sun and moon affected him as a ruler (7) SOLOMON {SOL}{MOON*}
16 Salt consumed by animal, reportedly (8) STEARATE {STEAR}{ATE}(~steer ate)
17 Drink ready, regularly stopped (8) SCOTCHED {SCOTCH}{rEaDy}
19 Service provided on highland (6) MASSIF {MASS}{IF}
20 He calls out to the cattle around a lake (6) HERALD {HER{A}{L}D}
23 The German has money — it isn't much (4) MERE ? Anno pending (Addendum - DIME {DI{M}E}- See comments)


  1. take - recipe - R - the symbol doctors used in their prescriptions.

  2. 24 SHALE OIL
    Earth =soil

  3. 23 DIME
    The German = die
    Money = m?

  4. 24 Well inside the earth it could be found (5,3) S{HALE} OIL

  5. Extremely hard. Glad to the extent I was able to do. Maybe just crossed 60%.
    Was Arden in Chennai this May?! Anyway, it was nicely hidden.

  6. Replies
    1. They haven't yet uploaded the CW for yesterday and today

    2. ...and the red letter continues there also.

    3. I did yesterday's puzzle online(leads to Ad now) but not with the new link you gave below.

    4. I searched for and used web cache version. surprisingly there is no web cache version of today's

      It appears todays has not been published at all.

  7. Following is the link to the CW page in the new site of The Hindu

  8. Each of the pages of the new site has got a link "VOTE NOW: REDESIGN OF THE HINDU'S WEBSITE" Any body can vote

  9. 6D The way the clue is worded should not the 'S' in Catherine's be a part of the anagram fodder? In my mind it should be and the clue is defective to that extent. Other views welcome.

  10. This 'S always creates a problem. It is either 'is' or 'has' or totally omitted (as here) as the situtation demands. So, one has to be on the lookout.

    1. It does not have to. Here it is a problem because it is in the middle of the fodder

  11. Re. r for recipe-
    It is actually Rx (see below)
    Rx: A medical prescription. The symbol "Rx" is usually said to stand for the Latin word "recipe" meaning "to take." It is customarily part of the superscription (heading) of a prescription.

  12. 13A clue seemed unsolvable had to look up here. Tenner ? How?

    1. A ten rupee note or Ten pound note is known as a Tenner

    2. Cheese worth more than tenner, Is that the relevance?

  13. Tenner reversed is rennet, which is cheese, rejected being the reversal indicator.

  14. Can someone post a link to this grid? am able to see only upto 11840.. :(