Sunday, 6 November 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 06 Nov 2016

1   Small piece from code left (6) MORSEL {MORSE}{L}
5   Beginning a new language (6) GERMAN {GERM}{A}{N}
11 Fools around, covering area with glossy fabric (5) SATIN {NITS<=} around {A}
12 Deserters see danger all over the place (9) RENEGADES*
13 Trusting expert after take-off (14) IMPRESSIONABLE {IMPRESSION}{ABLE}
14 Some routine material about end of prayer (4) AMEN [T<=]
16 Curious batting by team's opening pair, relaxed (10) INTERESTED {IN}{TEam}{RESTED}
19 Judge restraining one with bottle before appeal in detail (10) TRIVIALITY {TRY} over {1}{VIAL}{IT}
20 Concert for thousand (4) PROM {PRO}{M}
22 Poet needing income is kindly treated (5,9) EMILY DICKINSON*
25 Opening screen, about right for shy person (9) INTROVERT  {INTRO}{VE{R}T}
26 Editor turned against old name for county (5) DEVON {ED<=}{V}{O}{N}
27 Holiday in bay (6) RECESS [DD]
28 Object, last in sale, reserved (6) DEMURE {DEMUR}{salE}

2   Available work full of information's ending with thanks (2,3) ON TAP {i,,,oN}{TA} in {OP}
3   Child with final poem (6) SONNET {SON}{NET}
4   Peer over beach on ravaged isle occupied by commercial plant (5,3,6) LORDS AND LADIES {LORD}{S AND} {L{AD}IES*}
6   Tomb in conclusion carved (8) ENGRAVED {EN{GRAVE}D}
7   Signal changer with unsteady old arm out (9) MODULATOR*
8   In hearing, is aware of hooter (4) NOSE (~knows)
9   Hopeful when quiet country tune's beginning (8) ASPIRANT {AS}{P}{IRAN}{Tune}
10 Ruin test a medic arranged, being wild (14) UNDOMESTICATED {UNDO}{TEST+A+MEDIC}*
15 Mysterious development of giant mice (9) ENIGMATIC*
17 Ruling party, perfect? Not applicable to enter that (8) DOMINANT {DO}{MI{NA}NT}
18 Factory is carrying on producing large amounts (8) MILLIONS {MILL}{I{ON}S}
21 Support raised with protest, having no love for crown (6) DIADEM {AID<=}{DEMo}
23 Cut in use verified (5) SEVER [T]
24 Level in match with king (4) TIER {TIE}{R}



  1. Took time to finish 4D, otherwise smooth.
    Col, 4D picture is beautiful.

  2. 4D very neatly done. Took my time in getting and then parsing.
    13A- Expert=Able? Able may be capable, but an expert?

    1. The woman gave able/expert assistance to her husband in dealing with the disaster.

  3. Ramki is the overall leader in IXL. Keep up the good work.

  4. The leadership fortunes seem to be varying week after week.
    Let us wish Ramki to continue his lead. Goodluck Ramki!

  5. Congrats Ramki Ramakrishnan for leading the pack ! Keep the flag flying !

    Today's ICL2016 is a bit thin on the wordplay and it took quite a bit to decipher some of the clues. Some of them were very interesting though !

    All the same , I completed it and submitted to retain my place in the leaderboard (?)