Wednesday, 23 November 2016

No 11859, Wednesday 23 Nov 2016, Spinner

Spinners tribute to the exchange turmoil!!

1   Perhaps, evilness ails bad women (12) VILLAINESSES*
10 Inexpensive hat worn by that man (5) CHEAP {C{HE}AP}
11 Engineering faulty? Hit 'Cancel'! (9) TECHNICAL*
12 Scratching head, think of an idea for site (6) ESTATE gESTATE
13 Insisted on returning sweets (8) STRESSED <=
15 Design ceramic set mostly for frozen food items (3,6) ICE CREAMS {CERAMIC+SEt}*
16 Spotted among Chinese envoys (4) SEEN [T]
20 Clever board expels leader (4) ABLE tABLE
21 Joined company with new requirement that's recruiting some clever technicians (9) CONNECTED {CO}{N}{NE{Cl...r}{Te...s}ED}
24 Somehow Trump's captured Electoral College – Basically, it's a sweep! (8) SPECTRUM {TRUMPS+El...l+Co...e}*
26 'Changeless', standing in line, legs gone – To exchange for money that can be spent! (6) ENCASH {CHANgelESs}* &lit
28 Team holding their ground in meeting (9) GATHERING {GA{THEIR*}NG}
29 Expression given by one confused about love (5) IDIOM {1}{{DI{O}M}
30 "Surprise, man! This note's gone bad!" (12) ASTONISHMENT* The 500 or the 1000 ??

2   Perfect cover for endless antics of twin (9) IDENTICAL {IDE{aNTICs}AL}
3   Cosmetic, impertinent talk gets criticism (8) LIPSTICK {LIP}{STICK}
4   Spinner's not running inside (4) INTO {I}{NOT}*
5   Compose nice text describing Spinner, causing spark (10) EXCITEMENT {NICE+TEXT}* around {ME}
6   Identifies method to get a head count in audition (6) SENSES (~ census)
7   Hits hard with soft clothing (5) SOCKS [DD]
8   Bolt's team trailing behind second (5) SCREW {S}{CREW}
9   Catapult cuts across wind evenly, moving smoothly (7) SLIDING {SL{wInD}ING}
14 Declaration to uplift man defeated by upper class's negative Income Tax returns (10) RESOLUTION {LOSER<=}{U}{IT<=}{NO<=}
17 Happiness is bypassing existing veteran leaders to get promotion (9) ELEVATION {EL{Ex...g}{Ve...n}ATION}
18 Simpleton goes through sheet with selection of text (7) PASSAGE {P{ASS}AGE}
19 Soft metal music and dancing (8) SCANDIUM*
22 Good man protects sapling on road (6) STREET {S{TREE}T}
23 Concept of cooking meth/drug (5) THEME {METH}*{E}
25 Another gift returned by old lover (5) EXTRA {EX}{ART<=}
27 Girl trapped in turbulent sea for a long time (4) AGES {A{G}ES*}



  1. Easy-peasy!
    Exchanging notes is a much tougher job than this!

  2. Simple,enjoyable and trendy. Neat surfaces. Several good clues. Took a while to get villainesses.
    thank you Spinner.

  3. If 29a had been one confused about setter...,,...

  4. Easy one by Spinner & a super blog
    Spinner refrains from cricketing clues but bowls gentle turners to capture the present situation

  5. Thanks for the comments. 26A wasn't intended to a be an &lit. The definition is just - 'To exchange for money that can be spent'

    1. What's 'standing in line' for?

    2. That is the anagram indicator.

    3. Good one. Gels so nicely with the surface.

    4. Thank you :) I think it was necessitated by the surface.

  6. I suppose standing in Queue to exchange money- to justify legs gone.