Thursday, 10 November 2016

No 11848, Thursday 10 Nov 2016, Vulcan

1   Hold back in rough terrains (8) RESTRAIN*
5   Beautiful fragrance, timeless classic, last two remaining (6) SCENIC {SCENt}{c...sIC}
10 Difficult posers for faculty member (9) PROFESSOR*
11 Small, fine and wonderful (5) SWELL {S}{WELL}
12 Imprison a student (6) INTERN [DD]
13 German guy, I heard, gave a suggestive look (4,3) GLAD EYE {G}{LAD} {EYE}(~ I)
14 Relocate in Dubai say, good to settle in (8) EMIGRATE {EMI{G}RATE}
15 Amazing and highly gripping film (6) GANDHI [T] Beautifully hidden
18 Different? Take back the approval (6) UNLIKE [DD]
20 Moment and time to get rid of old footwear (8) MOCCASIN {MO}{oCCASIoN}
22 Vehicle in use during storm (7) CYCLONE {CYCL{ON}E}
25 Powder that's bright, essential for the most part (6) LITMUS {LIT}{MUSt}
27 A Liberal with one excuse (5) ALIBI {A}{LIB}{1}
28 Outstanding naval officer born in European capital (9) ADMIRABLE {ADMIRA{B}L}{Eu...n}
29 Provoke and irritate/anger someone eventually (6) ENRAGE {ANGER}*{s...nE}
30 Cause of death inside green building (8) ENGENDER {ENG{END}ER*}

1   Delighted by standard going up with time (4) RAPT {PAR<=}{T}
2   Flier with pet list (9) SPOONBILL {SPOON}{BILL}
3   Word for an animal found in right dictionary always (3,4) ROE DEER {R}{OE D}{EER}
4   It's in any form of mental illness (8) INSANITY*
6   Caught fool having a very unhealthy, essentially, starchy food (7) CASSAVA {C}{ASS}{A}{V}{unheAlthy}
7   Relative is in this French town we hear (5) NIECE (~ nice)
8   Student pass given to many, say (9) COLLEGIAN {COL}{LEGIAN}(~legion)
9   Pull with pain in the neck (4) DRAG [DD]
14 Say, aunt and niece maybe (9) ENUNCIATE {AUNT+NIECE}*
16 Unstable brutes did become emotionally troubled (9) DISTURBED*
17 No blame shifted to the new one with title (8) NOBLEMAN {NO+BLAME}*{N}
19 Leader presently held hostage, that's significant (7) KNOWING {K{NOW}ING}
21 Circle North American lake bed initially (7) COTERIE {COT}{ERIE}
23 Emotional one, more eccentric, leaving Arizona (5) CRIER CRazIER
24  Distinctive style of Venezuelans (4) ELAN [T]
26 One not working, in deep anxiety (4) FEAR {F{onE}AR}


  1. Gandhi is indeed beautifully hidden :) and &lit too.. btw never heard of litmus powder.. rather an elegant puzzle for a Vulcan.. or maybe thats just me thinking a Vulcan is rather systematic etc etc..

  2. Gandhi is a well concealed clue.

  3. 15ac is Amazing! So is 26dn. A beautiful puzzle. Thanks Vulcan.

  4. Gandhi is one of the best T's I have seen. In fact I never realized it until I saw it here.
    Did not know spoon as a pet.
    Nice enjoyable CW. Thank you Vulcan.

  5. 20A- Typo. Both Occasion & Moccasin are to be spelt with 2 C's and one S.
    Removal of both O's?

    1. I too had the same thought. Perhaps since footwear is on both foot, Vulcan wanted us to removed both Old.

    2. Thanks Paddy. Corrected both spellings

    3. I took Moment, M in physics.

    4. Is not M symbol of Mass in Physics?

  6. Lovely puzzle..Couldn't agree more about 15A..but all other clues were 28A as well.
    Thanks Vulcan.

  7. KKR,

    If my memory serves me right 'm' (not M) is for mass & M for momentum.