Tuesday, 15 November 2016

No 11852, Tuesday 15 Nov 2016, Skulldugger

5   Girl carries fire all over the world (6) GLOBAL {G{LOB}AL}
6   Deadly malaise contracted from sausage (6) SALAMI MALAISe*
9   Incantation by chap encountering experimental art (6) MANTRA {MAN}{ART*}
10 Way to prettify mouth: moisten using spit, possibly (8) LIPSTICK {L{SPIT*}ICK}
11 Its presence might indicate naughtiness or knottiness! (4) KINK [CD]
12 ROTFL where thread and needle is called for (2,8) IN STITCHES [DD]
13 Lunatic muttering name without letup (11) UNREMITTING {MUTTERING+N+I}* There's an I missing in the fodder
18 "Hurry, semi-regulated boxing is not quite lawful" (10) LEGITIMISE {LEG IT}{IM{Is}SE*}
21 Profligate, revolutionary Brussels alternative (4) ROUE {EU}{OR}<=
22 Doctor doses pup, it is imagined (8) SUPPOSED*
23 Easily cook fish inside (6) FREELY {FR{EEL}Y}
24 Atmosphere surrounding hospital wing at dawn (6) AURORA {OR} in {AURA} OR for Operation Room? Can it be called a Wing?
25 Turkish chief meeting heads of Sudan, Tanzania is filled with consternation (6) AGHAST {AGHA}{Su..n}{Ta...a}

1   Kid's leather! (8) GOATSKIN [CD]
2   Was a big part of sushi meal (6) WASABI [T]
3   Pay to win outing at landmark (8) WAYPOINT*
4   Prophecy relating to language lacked simple explanation initially (6) MANTIC seMANTIC
5   Sitar, guitar components sent back at no cost (6) GRATIS [T<=]
7   Popular revolutionary starting to succeed by degrees (6) INCHES {IN}{CHE}{Su...d}
8   Newspaper section that's officially secret? (11) CLASSIFIEDS [DD]
14 Ambassador's monthly payments alarming? Get rid of car first (8) EMISSARY {EMIS}{ScARY}
15 Avengers deploying chemical weapon (5,3) NERVE GAS*
16 Second European to carry a whale (6) BELUGA {aBc}{E}{LUG}{A}
17 Way to go! (6) OUTLET [CD]
19 Communicate setter's admission of not being whole (6) IMPART {I'M}{PART}
20 Rory Giffen recalled embracing a dummy (6) EFFIGY [T<=]



  1. No setter's name again in online version

    1. The Newsite has the name of the Setter. Both the links are there on the panel on the left of this page, check it out

    2. The new link shows the setter's name

    3. OK, I find it in the new version. Thanks.
      I have been used to the old version as I was not sure whether the old version has been replaced.

    4. Thank you Col. I had not noticed it.

  2. 18AC : LEGITIMISE does not seem to be valid. Either legitimate or legitimised appear OK to me.

    1. The answer is a verb but the def is an adj.

  3. I had put a question mark besides the clue on paper since I was not quite convinced, but could not put my finger on it. I understand the problem now.
    Knew beluga but missed and also the atmosphere at dawn.

  4. Nice puzzle.Had to struggle for Beluga & Roue.

  5. I do not like open ended (T) clues like 2D and 5D. Nothing technically wrong, I guess. Just that is not conventional, not that it needs to be.

    1. One of the rules the manuals lay down is that in a telescopic clue the needed string must begin from the middle or the last letter of a word and after running a course end in the middle of a word (not the last letter of a word).
      This indeed allows it to be part of a single word (as Oslo is in the name of a country), but such whole string being within a clue is not liked by many solvers.

  6. Good point Suresh and thanks for making it clear CV. There is so much to know.

  7. Say,,, whats the bit about fire being lob?? Mantic was a totally new word.. thanks for the education.. also waypoint is a kinda new term for me.. and i was rather gobsmacked with outlet clue.. dont know if it is purely new but i havent seen it and it seems rather rather clever to me

  8. Skulldugger sounds a scary name of a craniologist with his trepan
    and headlight and all but his crossword setting is so gentle and easy-flowing, letting him pick your brain little by little ! He is no cranium cracker !!

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