Thursday, 17 November 2016

No 11854, Thursday 17 Nov 2016, xChequer

7   Chest pain showing new blocks treated again (6) ANGINA {N} in {AGAIN}*
8   Romeo in hiding, dressing down (8) BERATING {BE{R}ATING}
9   Porky animal shot, quietly stay out of sight (3,5) LIE DOGGO {LIE}{D OG}{GO}
10 What about education being relaxed? (6) THAWED {WHAT}*{ED}
11 Finding that mufti gives no protection if at war (5) FATWA [T] (Addendum - iF AT WAr - See comments)
12 Ruined rotund virgin (6) UNTROD*
14 Keep close to ship leaving tourist haven, suspect there's hostility in the air (3,6,3,3) THE KNIVES ARE OUT {KEEp+TOURIST+HAVEN}*
17 System for PA: Wind up on time (6) T?N?O? (Addendum - TANNOY {T}{ANNOY} - See comments)
18 Discretionary bail allowing one to get out (5) ALIBI {1} in {BAIL}* &lit
22 Sound fellow in short (6) FATHOM {F}{AT HOMe}
23 Amounted to feature of a Swiss account perhaps (8) NUMBERED [DD]
24 Hangovers of drunken man given to tears (8) REMNANTS {MAN}* in {TEARS}*
25 Preamble giving brief sanction, first expressed in Constitution of India (4-2) LEAD-IN LEAD -{IN} Anno pending (Addendum - {LEt}{iNDIA}* - See comments)

1   Other than pity, a feeling of aversion (9) ANTIPATHY*
2   Bereaved spouse taking note of opportune moment (6) WINDOW {WI{N}DOW}
3   Freight vehicle's turn (5) CARGO {CAR}{GO}
4   Misleading, erratic international standards (8) CRITERIA {ERRATIC+I}*
5   Mounting bolts with lead nuts shearing off a span (8) STRADDLE {DARTS<=}{LEaD}*
6   Beginning assault (5) ONSET [DD]
8   Round robin ties won without pressure, getting notional credits (7,6) BROWNIE POINTS {ROBIN+TIES+WON}* around {P}
13 Like crow? Very sorry if you eat it (6,3) HUMBLE PIE [CD]
15 Where the ranges invariably are cold, must wear gear with layers (8) KITCHENS {KIT}{C}{HENS}
16 Ordinary rum in my gin bottles? Terrible shame (8) IGNOMINY {O} in {IN+MY+GIN}*
19 Latitude by minute reflected in position (6) LEEWAY {L{WEE<=}AY}
20 Skip and, in essence, prance about (5) CAPER PRAnCE* &lit
21 Cram plenty? So they do (5) AMPLE [T] &lit ?



  1. 17 System for PA: Wind up on time (6) {T}{ANNOY}

  2. 25 Preamble giving brief sanction, first expressed in Constitution of India (4-2) LEAD-IN LEAD -{IN}

    LEt (ADIN)* -I

    1. LE (AD,IN*)+I. (AD+IN +In) = INDIA

    2. +1
      Expressed = extracted deletion indicator for First

    3. The clue's very good. I only reverse engineered it.

  3. Replies
    1. It's not open ended. I too am not in favour of such clues. I mean it's not a clue at all in my book.

    2. KRK - Re-read my Reply the other day. The clue fulfils the requirement for the T device. Unless you mean S wouldn't like it for some other reason.

    3. It's not a [T] clue in any case, I've amended the Anno. See Sandhya's comments below

    4. Thanks. I was misled by the clue. Sorry about that. Suresh, to you too!

    5. I have no problem with the clue at all. It is not open ended.

  4. For a change, I didn't find today's crossword in the new website!

  5. While able to solve all and rather fast for an Xchequer.. just could not parse Lie Doggo.. and Lead-in.. thanks for this.. hope the chancellor of xchequer will now untie some purse strings :) one could do with some moolah at the moment :)

  6. Finding that mufti gives no protection if at war (5) FATWA

    I took NO PROTECTION to be a deletion indicator (-i)F AT WA(-r)

  7. Most of the answers went in fast but was stuck forever on Lie Doggo(another never heard of phrase!) & Tannoy.Ultimately cheated on them(on line feature is helpful for cheating!).No brownie points for that.