Tuesday, 22 November 2016

No 11858, Tuesday 22 Nov 2016, The Phantom

8   Is our arrangement to have retired brilliant or stupid? (10) RIDICULOUS {LUCID<=} in {IS+OUR}*
9   Change of seat not permitted by University (4) VARY VARsitY
10 Opposition about to reject one's point of view (10) RESISTANCE {RE}{1'S<=}{STANCE}
11 Caught swapping ends in race for speed (4) RATE RA(-c+t)TE
12 Device to shoot from very short distance taking a lot of time (6) CAMERA {C{A}M}{ERA}
14 One from the embassy of Portugal, I am told negotiated (8) DIPLOMAT {P+I+AM+TOLD}*
15 As usual wearing pale blue dress (7) APPAREL {PAR} in {PALE}*
17 Royalty grant permission to screen play (7) MAJESTY {MA{JEST}Y}
20 Rain's again soaked new suit (8) MOISTURE {SUIT*} in {MORE}
22 Poor English seen in postgraduate’s aptitude test (6) MEAGRE {M{E}A}{GRE}
24 Suffering from service provided in hotel? On the contrary! (4) ACHE {AC{H}E}
25 Information by engineer helping production (10) GENERATION {GEN}{E}{RATION}
27 Hear judge now! (4) HERE (~ hear)
28 Striking somebody about to kill (10) NOTICEABLE Anno pending (Addendum - {NOT{ICE}ABLE} - See comments)

1   Weaken from exercises during breaks (4) PINE {P{IN}E}
2   Muscular hands pinning one in fight (6) VIRILE {VI{R}{1}{L}E}
3   Habit nowadays to carry a small item of luggage (8) SUITCASE {SUIT}{C{A}{S}E}
4   Ran helter-skelter during commotion in storm (7) TORNADO {RAN}* in {TO DO}
5   Take shelter in a small park for resting (6) ASLEEP {A}{S}{LEE}{P}
6   Never too stupid to get hint (8) OVERTONE*
7   Muscle needed for bear to climb hill (10) PROTRACTOR {PRO}{CART<=}{TOR}
13 Original Americans possessed expert techniques (10) APPROACHES {AP{PRO}ACHES}
16 Explained some Indians were Dravidians (8) ANSWERED [T]
18 Dangerous inter country rivalry with loss of leader destroys nation (4,4) ARMS RACE {hARMS} {RACE}
19 Not many bananas? Ape’s wild (7) PEANUTS {APE*}{NUTS}
21 Desperate bid under compulsion (6) URGENT {URGE}{NT}
23 Fake (duplicate) diamonds disposed of as real (6) ACTUAL Anno pending (Addendum - {ACT}{dUAL} - See comments)
26 Look frequently out for each missing eagle (4) OGLE {O}{eaGLE}



  1. 28 Striking somebody about to kill (10) NOT{ICE}ABLE

  2. Replies
    1. I too thought so. But where is the second A?

    2. What about the P and where did you get the second A from?

    3. Or is it Factual with simple deletion of F?

    4. fake = act
      duplicate = dual - d(iamonds)

    5. Yay Bhavan! I got the act part, but was struggling with the rest:(

  3. So is Actual.. way too clever.. or a typo/mistake? not convinced of Varsity - sit = vary clue either..has the Ghost gone on a walk about and let a duplicate pen this??

    1. out of curiosity, what is it that you are not convinced about? wordplay? surface?

    2. hmm.. wont say more than just that def.since change is the def..what we are removing from varsity is seat..not sit ..

    3. When you 'seat a guest' you 'sit him down'

    4. Seat: 1 sit, place, put, position, deposit, set, locate, install, fit, fix, settle
      From Chambers

  4. @Col: Please check the last post in the Sunday special. Needs to be deleted.

  5. 12 Device to shoot from very short distance taking a lot of time (6) CAMERA {CA}{M}{ERA}

    Typo in anno: {C{A}M}{ERA}

  6. Phantom slightly more difficult and different from usual. I did not do as well as I would do normally.

  7. Loved this puzzle..had to think a lot for the annos..the obvious mistake I made in anno of actual..remembered CV Sir saying always write the anagram fodder & cross the letters..loved most of the clues..nice mix of all clue types..