Friday, 25 November 2016

No 11861, Friday 25 Nov 2016, Gridman

1   A great many miss amorous play in marriage (8) ALLIANCE dALLIANCE
5   Attractive contact with youth leader (6) CATCHY {CATCH}{Yo..h}
9   Coveted to obtain cartoonist's support (7) PABULUM {P{ABU}LUM} New word for me
10 Very large gain from removal of corruption (5-2) CLEAN-UP [DD]
11 Little adjustment to take in queen's officer in important part (5,4) TITLE ROLE {ER}{O} in {LITTLE}*
12 Way to take hold is reported (5) ROUTE (~ root)
13 Bird to change direction, say (4) TERN (~ turn)
14 Insulted a female journalist harbouring political group (9) AFFRONTED {A}{F}{FRONT}{ED}
17 Businessman clear: begins trading grievance (9) COMPLAINT {CO}{M}{PLAIN}{Tr...g}
19 Skin No. 1 lech, to begin with (4) PEEL {PEE}{Lech}
23 Support each photograph without contempt (5) EASEL {EA}{SELfie}
24 Out-of-this-world hut nearly built up (9) UNEARTHLY*
25 Son, a non-wizard, to run (7) SMUGGLE {S}{MUGGLE}
26 A large exposition about big branch of study (7) ALGEBRA {A}{LGE{B}RA*}
27 Newsbreak about journalist in European country (6) SWEDEN {NEWS}*  around {ED}
28 Engineer goes to US city without a bit of access to find a new home (8) RESETTLE {RE}{SEaTTLE}

1   A prince's tiny desire (8) APPETITE {A}{P}{PETITE}
2   Throw rest away to produce seafood (7) LOBSTER {LOB}{REST*}
3   Dismissed pleas to keep key in bed (6) ASLEEP {E} in {PLEAS}*
4   What idli is in south Indian breakfast... (6,7) COMMON FEATURE [GK/CD]
6   A black queen's tirade is odd (8) ABERRANT {A}{B}{ER}{RANT}
7   Bond with prisoner ahead in puzzle (7) CONFUSE {CON}{FUSE}
8   Cry of joy for you harbouring giver of gratuity without any limit (6) YIPPEE {Y{tIPPEr}E}
10 Some space for son to accept beer in retail event (9,4) CLEARANCE SALE {CLEARANCE} {S}{ALE}
15 Record one rascal changing sides in close of play (8) EPILOGUE {EP}{1}{(-r+l}LOGUE}
16 Fun-loving companion put down floor covering in both ends of place (8) PLAYMATE {LAY}{MAT} in {PlacE}
18 Old boy's remedy is hard to make out (7) OBSCURE {OB'S}{CURE}
20 Show, once a great success, around the same place (7) EXHIBIT {EX}{H{IB}IT}
21 It checks the growth of population (6) CENSUS [CD]
22 Brother's scoundrel, in a manner of speaking (6) BROGUE {B}{ROGUE}



  1. Thanks GM. It was a smooth sail. 9AC is a teaser.

  2. Some nice clues...clean up was topical..No1=pee..ha ha!
    Pabulum was new but idli was enjoyable.
    Thanks Gridman

  3. No.1...It's a nice puzzle.
    No.2...To my surprise, I finished it early today!

    1. Which did you finish earlier :-)

    2. Well, when nature calls, can I be far behind?!

  4. I thought I was the only ONE who enjoyed the natural No.1 but I find quite a few playmates!
    The most feared Algebra in its easiest form.
    Many enjoyable clues including the early morning breakfast.Thank you GM.

  5. Interestingly, there is an article in today's DC about peeing in space!

  6. Thank u Gridmanji for the new word.. Pabulum.. took me a while but got the plum bit.. but abu not.. some help from google.. thought the word would be pebulum.. google corrected me .. several rather nice clues today.. simple and sweet i must say.. great variety in clues..

  7. In that last Ac clue, 'a' is not 'a' itself but 'a bit of access'.

  8. Now that the IXL online rounds are over please start sending in CWs for the Sunday specials

    1. How to send..I mean in what format? Should solutions with anno are also to be sent?

    2. Graet, Vasant!
      Looking forward to your CW.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Vasant, just end me a blank grid and the clues