Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 13 Nov 2016

Tough going today. Doesn't appear to be the regular everyman setter.

1   Is note written in moment having enormous impact? (7) SEISMIC {IS}{MI} in {SEC}
5   Plug given by agent with cookware going around (7) STOPPER {STOP}{PER}<=
9   Love, with noble union, came sadly very rarely (4,2,1,4,4) ONCE IN A BLUE MOON {O}{NOBLE+UNION+CAME}*
10 Gains attention, north and south (5) EARNS {EAR}{N}{S}
11 Playing solo, need to be relaxed (8) LOOSENED*
12 Cut down work, occupied by pathetic wish for company (10) FELLOWSHIP {FELL}{O{WISH*}P}
14 Scheme formed by pressure group (4) PLOT {P}{LOT}
17 Resistance absent in defeat (4) ROUT {R}{OUT}
18 Minor danger keeping quiet hare agitated (10) PERIPHERAL {PERI{P}{HARE*}L}
19 Area around island empty in consequence of pollution (4,4) ACID RAIN {A}{C}{I}{DRAIN}
21 Uninhibited type showing some extra verve (5) RAVER [T]
24 Garden designer covering a part around one lake with variable colour (10,5) CAPABILITY BROWN {CAP}{A}{B{1}{L}IT}{Y} {BROWN}
25 Purpose less good without wide support (7) ENDORSE {END}{wORSE}
26 State leader shivering, catching cold (7) DECLARE {DE{C}LARE*}

1   Broadcast on perks of being romantically attached (6,3) SPOKEN FOR*
2   Arouse extremes of irritation with aggressive dog (5) INCUR {Ir...oN}{CUR}
3   Slight upset about article on recent leaflet (8) MAILSHOT {M{A}ILS<=}{HOT}
4   Criminal case, legal hurdle for French leader (7,2,6) CHARLES DE GAULLE*
5   Arrogant creature in folklore going over judgement in full (4-11) SELF-OPINIONATED {ELF}-{OPINION} in {SATED}
6   Overweight old drone, say, eating seconds (5) OBESE {O}{BE{S}E}
7   Fitting broken by learner with large end of machine screw (9) PROPELLER {PROPE{L}{L}{m...nE}R}
8   Disagreeable class (4) RANK [DD]
13 Point of departure from boat with stuff (6,3) LAUNCH PAD {LAUNCH} {PAD}
15 Understanding flaw, not hard in hypnotic state (9) TOLERANCE {hOLE} in {TRANCE}
16 Like an angel, stylish, full of energy and polish (8) CHERUBIC {E}{RUB} in {CHIC}
20 Book suppressed by costly ban (5) DEBAR {DE{B}AR}
22 Interested initially in unusual oval instrument (5) VIOLA {In...d} in {OVAL}*
23 Area covered by tarmac recently (4) ACRE [T]


  1. Didn't find it very tough. Felt like the regular everyman

  2. Had a wonderful time meeting Sandhya & Sowmya yesterday. Sowmya/Sandhya should be able to send the photos for the thcc families page

  3. Agree with the tagline. Capability Brown took time.

  4. Took the same time. Did not know spoken for meant romantically attached

  5. An interesting snippet from Tulsi Badrinath, in her book that captures the sights and sounds of Chennai:

    Mylapore witnessed a massive protest against the introduction of coffee as a drink sometime in mid 19th century. The local Brahimns treated 'coffee' with the same disdain as 'liquor' because of concoction. Finally when coffee was accepted & adopted by the locals, Mylapore became the place to taste the best filter coffee in Madras!

    1. Ah, Mylapore, the place of addiction to decoction!

  6. Missed out on Capability Brown and Mailshot. Otherwise straightforward.

  7. IN ICL 2016 round 8: Test bird before the actual match (5,4). My take was TRIAL GAME and the correct answer is appearing as TRIAL CASE. This is a typical RMDC Hobson;s choice clue. I pondered between case and bird and thought BIRD is more appropriate because it can relate to hunting of birds. Or else, where does the bird fly in from in the clue?

    1. may be english property law case...

    2. I had it as Trial Game. And is marked as correct.

  8. Toooo much of a stretch, isn't it? Any other plausible parsing?

    Today's ICL 2016 round 9 was finished by me with a few minor alterations to be done because of abot of ambiguity- RMDC style ! Heaved a sigh of reliefonce the ''ah, so it is that ?'' moment of glee ! Nice one but for those red herrings.

    There was one clue that I should have got right away as it had appeared several times in the Business Standard crossword. How o Missed getting it right away is beyond me ! Finally the penny dropped !