Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 27 Nov 2016

1   Malign revolutionary supplied with answer by me (6) DEFAME {DEF<=}{A}{ME}
4   Book, turning brown, about doctor making instrument (8) BAGPIPES {B}{A{GP}IPES<=}
9   Villainous organisation of don, cruel in cunning (11) SCOUNDRELLY {DON+CRUEL} in {SLY}
11 Pointed tool beginning to work, cutting aluminium (3) AWL {A{Work}L}
12 Flower displayed by comrade going around fringes of rally with small song (13) CHRYSANTHEMUM {CH{RallY}{S}{ANTHEM}UM}
14 Gossip about fight involving mad character? (10) CHATTERBOX {C}{HATTER}{BOX}
15 Resort with northern stretch (4) SPAN {SPA}{N}
17 Hair most important according to report (4) MANE (~main)
18 Stewed pear would be yielding a pale colour (6,4) POWDER BLUE {PEaR+WOULD+BE}*
21 Amazing old partner spinning a torrid yarn (13) EXTRAORDINARY {EX}{A+TORRID+YARN}*
24 Pub sign, one with no odd features (3) INN {sIgN+oNe}
25 General endlessly astute about person beyond control (5,6) LOOSE CANNON {LOOSE} {CANNy}{ON}
26 Delight in object reflected in mirror (8) GLADNESS {GLA{END<=}SS}
27 Update from vicar and a politician (6) REVAMP {REV}{A}{MP}

1   Hurry with bit of Morse code (4) DASH [DD]
2   Hierarchy secure? Scoff over that (4,5) FOOD CHAIN {CHAIN}<=>{FOOD}
3   Time to climb in perfect tower (7) MINARET {MIN{ERA<=}T}
5   Bad lot aimed to restrict language soon enough (3,2,4,4) ALL IN GOOD TIME {LINGO} in {LOT+AIMED}*
6   Variable in speech, strangely lacking energy and soul (6) PSYCHE {Y} in {SPeECH}*
7   Son overwhelmed by prize for song (5) PSALM {P{S}ALM}
8   Amphibian in cold dish probed by fellow with hesitation (10) SALAMANDER {SALA{MAN}D}{ER}
10 Film that's eccentric gives errors, admitting swindle (9,4) RESERVOIR DOGS {DO} in {GIVES+ERRORS}*
13 Running van into pipe? (10) SCAMPERING {S{CAMPER}ING}
16 Excessive optimist with a plan only getting confused (9) POLLYANNA*
19 Agree, all awry, to give up good traditional drink (4,3) REAL ALE {AgREE+ALL}*
20 Spoil lake, home for fish (6) MARLIN {MAR}{L}{IN}
22 Country's leader for now in flowing garment (5) TONGA {TO{Now}GA}
23 Fixes up bargain (4) SNIP <=



  1. Special at 10:30 by new setters Amrita and Arun

  2. Welcome to the new setters A & A.
    Are they by any chance Amrita Majumdar & Arun Kumar (from 1Across blog-group)?

  3. 2d I had Flowchain. Flow being reversed wolf

  4. Say i kind of gave up doing the sunday xwords coz i thot they were repeats of ole Guardians.. but i cant remember these.. are they repeats? if so of what period?? maybe i should resume...some of these clues r smashing !

    1. Actually, this is Everyman's Guarding Crossword No. 3651