Saturday 12 January 2013

No 10669, Saturday 12 Jan 12, Gridman

Smooth and easy as usual from Gridman.

1   Detained readers turn violent (5,6) UNDER ARREST*
9   In a way mindless, leaving learner out in gloom (7) DIMNESS MINDlESS*
10 Grandee’s out to make mad (7) DERANGE*
11 Salesman begins running our initial copy (5) REPRO {REP}{R}{O}
12 Latino I’ve shaken up violently is uninjured (9) INVIOLATE*
13 Heads of certain low and notorious gangs jangle (5) CLANG {C}{L}{A}{N}{G}
15 Maintained that the corrupt are swamping a superpower (9) SUSTAINED {S{US}TAINED}
18 Rogue spoils roundel after square and centre (9) SCOUNDREL {S}{C}{ROUNDEL*}
21 Hell! Take laid-back me out of embassy that’s raided (5) ABYSS emBASSY*
22 Still an inmate, I cracked up (9) INANIMATE*
24 Time after work for entertainment! (5) OPERA {OP}{ERA}
26 Japanese art from a folder? (7) ORIGAMI [CD]
27 Held the will I cited as illegal (7) ILLICIT [T]
28 What a person tired and sick needs — what may happen on the stage between acts (5,6) SCENE CHANGE [DD]

1   Performs with subtlety as per the legislation? (9) UNDERACTS {UNDER}{ACTS}
2   Work like a beaver? Result is mad! (3,2) DAM UP {MAD <=}
3   Regrade no abandoned keyboard instrument (4,5) REED ORGAN*
4   Sends again engineers to broken ship (7) RESHIPS {RES}{SHIP*}
5   Finish four quarters of salad greens? (7) ENDIVES {END}{IV}{ES}
6   Sort out nothing in trunk (5) TORSO {SORT*}{O}
7 Awkward in an ugly posture (8) UNGAINLY*
8 Ordinary family member in Paris (4) MERE [DD]
14 Perfumed article by Keats perhaps not new (8) AROMATIC {A}{ROMAnTIC}
16 Indian maid taking a call for Muslim religious leader (9) AYATOLLAH {AY{A}{TOLL}AH}
17 Take off coat after boy’s back (9) DISMANTLE {DIS<=}{MANTLE}
19 Become aware Oriental serial’s flopped (7) REALISE {E+SERIAL}*
20 General reportedly drawn to water current (3,4) LEE TIDE {LEE} {TIDE}(~tied)
22 Image of one unfinished puppet (4) IDOL {1}{DOLl}
23 I am taking a manuscript to mosque officials (5) IMAMS {I'M}{A}{MS}
25 One whose sentence is completed (2-3) EX-CON [CD]


  1. 10 Grandee’s out to make mad (7) DERANGE*

    This seems to have ANGERED* or ENRAGED* some, but the crossings make it quite clear

    1. At the first look, I too was in three minds with ANGERED, ENRAGED and DERANGE.

    2. The 3 are anagrams and near synonyms. But Angered and Enraged would have required 'made' and not 'make'in the clue. Make mad would lead only to Anger or Enrage not angered or enraged.

    3. 'Make mad' can also be equal to 'derange', can't it? Any further argument may make me mad.:))

  2. Enjoyed solving the puzzle. No nitpicking this, but 18A and 4D, IMHO, were not up to the Gridman class. And also was iffy about MAINTAINED-SUSTAINED synonymity in toto.

  3. I guess ORIGAMI has appeared many times in Gridman puzzles. But each time there is an innovation. That is what I meant by the GM class.

    REPRO brought back the retro memories, what with stencils, cyclostyling and the like.

    1. Reminds me of the messy, smeared up question papers we used to receive in school.

    2. May be CV can give a list of Origami clues here.

    3. By now, CV could be busy unfolding the Origami dBase.:))

    4. Let us not debase origami !

  4. During Margazhi every morning I am away at the local Venugopalaswamy temple for some voluntary work as a member of the committee. Hence the delay.

    In response to friends' requests:

    How I have clued ORIGAMI

    Paper work? (7)
    Japanese art employed by the circuit to dress the French friend (7)
    Mira, I go about the art of folding paper (7)
    In mid-October, rig out for French friend some paperwork (7)
    By which you fold a paper (7)
    Indian wise men go north after alternative art (7)
    Paper work by one scholar at Gir with nothing in return (7)
    Art demanding manyfold paper work? (7)
    Nothing to frolic? I and mother return with paper folding (7)

    The next time I come across ORIGAMI in my grid, I don't know what I would do. If I repeat a clue, I may be excused.


    Please see my 6:17 post under yesterday's blog.

    1. You mean you 'fold' ?

      Re: 617, I remember camomile not from literature but from tea

    2. Maybe you can try cluing it with Sivagami !

    3. Today's clue completes the "Dasavataram'!

    4. Cv,

      I fully agree with the opinions expressed @ 06.17. I am experiencing it every day. What little I know of English literature I know is what I have learned outside my college studies from my father and the interest created by him. But still I am stumped when it comes to quotes from Shakespeare/ Keats/ Milton and others. What you study in college is much wider & deeper and learned at a younger age when it stays better in one's mind. I find myself at a disadvantage, fighting against odds,you may say.

    5. To solve crosswords not only does one need to have some knowledge of English Lit, one also needs a good grounding in the sciences, a fair knowledge of all the animals, plants, flowers & fishes that mankind has ever come across, a good knowledge of geography, and a thousand other things. No wonder crosswords are so fascinating and you get to learn something new every day ( and you desperately hope that you wont forget what you have learnt that day )

    6. The catch lies in the last sentence!

    7. Sometimes I forget to remember and sometimes I remember to forget.

    8. If you remember how much easier it is to remember what you would rather remember than forget than to remember what you would rather forget than remember, then it will be easier to forget what you would rather forget than remember than to forget what you would rather remember than forget.

    9. Now I have reading & comprehension difficulties not just memory issues.

  5. That is exactly how I broke it up but did not venture to attempt writing a clue. Now, with your nod, I shall try...

    Kalki's heroine ignores god and takes men for one artful folding (7)

    1. Hum Hum Hindustani

    2. 'OR' for men?

      We have double 'besh' here for a Narasu's coffee Ad !

  6. Deepak, the opening parenthesis in the CW number needs to be changed to 9