Saturday, 26 January 2013

No.10680, Saturday 26 Jan 13, Arden

Republic day greetings to you all. Arden continues to dish out easy on the eye and mind puzzles.

1 Faint on the wagon bearing a board (7) PALETTE (PALE + TT + E)
5 Shorten a game (7) ABRIDGE (A + BRIDGE)
9 Part of the church in Goa is left open (5) AISLE (T)
10 Nine travel abroad without Romeo, sweetheart (9) VALENTINE (NINE TrAVEL)*
11 He was brave to treat a girl like a woman (9) CHICKASAW (CHICK + AS + A + W)
12 Atop a mountain note overlying area mostly (5) ARETE (AREa + TE)
13 A material // to consider (4) MULL (DD)
15 Fire soldier over a foxhole (8) RETRENCH (RE + TRENCH)
18 With mineral on the ground have no interest to fight (8) FELDSPAR (FiELD + SPAR)
19 Spike will keep papa away (4) LACE (paLACE)
22 Covers up with pictures (5) SNAPS (SPANS<=)
24 Fictional character gets a dish ripped out (4,5) PIED, PIPER (PIE + RIPPED*)
26 The muse follows her sixth sense introducing new language (9) ESPERANTO (ESP + ERATO outside N)
27 People // move in large numbers (5) TROOP (DD)
28 Syrian city will round up ragged army (7) PALMYRA (LAP<= + ARMY*)
29 Rest-day went haywire (7) STRAYED (REST-DAY)*

1 Told to spot the fish (6) PLAICE (~PLACE)
2 Girl with oomph — topless nude shows no inclination (9) LASSITUDE (LASS + IT + nUDE)
3 Finetune model lacking strength (5) TWEAK (T + WEAK)
4 From the edge of the roof remove bug (9) EAVESDROP (EAVES + DROP)
5 Let the trainee off for a girl who looks bright (5) AGLOW (ALLOW with G for L)
6 Seem familiar enough to call on one (4,1,4) RING, A, BELL (C&DD)
7 With motivation will travel (5) DRIVE (DD)
8 The Spanish have a balanced team (6) ELEVEN (EL + EVEN)
14 Was in front like lazy Susan, got corrupted (3,6) LED, ASTRAY (LED + AS + TRAY)
16 Over the hill exercise does have lots of destructive power (9) TORPEDOES (TOR + PE + DOES)
17 Endlessly you can chop and change amid all that noise (9) CACOPHONY (YOu CAN CHOP)*
20 Like the recalled ex-British prime minister one has retired (6) ASLEEP (AS + PEEL<=)
21 Stand and fall … do return later (6) TRIPOD (TRIP + DO<=)
23 Initially all people’s protests arouse little outrage (5) APPAL (Acrostic)
24 Bear with a priest in Benares (5) PANDA (DD)
25 Become less of a man? (5) PETER (DD)


  1. Nice one from Arden again. Paper did not get delivered. Had to go to Orkut app.

  2. Just a small complaint reg reversal indicators in the Across clues in 22 and 28.

    1. Yeah, would have worked better in Down clues.

    2. You can find one such in every one of Arden's CW's. He does not make that distintion.

  3. Found it easier than yesterday & good as usual.

  4. So yesterday was Semi and not Levi

    1. wrt to semi-levi debate in THC 10679 23D Part of a religious school (4)

  5. I found today's tougher than yesterday's (not that I finished either)!

    Some questions:
    1) 19A - what is the indicator for word "palace" from which to remove "pa"?
    2) 24A - Priest in Benares gives "pandit". Where does that become a "panda"?
    3) 1A - where does the last "E" come from?

    Puzzled. Thanks in advance..

    1. 24 A - There are PANDAs in Banares who loiter about. They are like Sadhus.

  6. 19A - what is the indicator for word "palace" from which to remove "pa"?

    Keep: FORT:Palace

    24D - Priest in Benares gives "pandit". Where does that become a "panda"?
    This is a DD
    Pandit is also called Panda which is also a small bear

    1A - where does the last "E" come from?

    No explanation for this as I too had the same doubt.

    1. I had a different take on this.
      Keep = Place, remove p (P for Papa in phonetic alphabet), = LACE = spike

      Several routes available!

    2. That's right. It is what I had

  7. In such cases some dictionary work might help.

    24a: 'As indicated above, it's a DD. If you had looked up 'panda' you will know it's a kind of bear.

  8. 1a; E is from bearing/direction. N, S, W, etc, may be indicated thisw ay. may

    1. Thanks. Had lost my bearings while solving, probably.

  9. On the same boat. Maybe I could not concentrate today.

    1A- 'E' is from bearing (direction)

    I have doubts about the other two. Is it 'Panda' in local lingo?

    1. Both your doubts are answered above. Pandit is also called Panda in the North, I think it is pronounced as Pun da

  10. Just been watching the RD parade on TV. The most imposing person is still Marshal of the Airforce Arjan Singh. What majestic bearing !

    1. Agree with you whole heartedly!
      RepublicDay greetings to all.
      Have been out for a while - missed theHindu CW!

  11. Enroute to Virudhunagar by road for a wedding, so no CW for me today

  12. My doubt is not about Panda, the bear which I know. My doubt is about connecting it to a priest in Banares (which is pandit)

    1. Priests in Benaras, Puri etc are called Pandas

    2. Padmanabhan apparently did not read my post of 1032 completely.

  13. Panda's Tamil equivalent is "pandaram"

  14. Reached Virudhunagar at 6 PM. Poor connectivity her so I may not come up tomorrow as well. CWs including a special by xChequer will be up at the scheduled timings of 8:30 and 10:30