Thursday, 24 January 2013

No 10678, Thursday 24 Jan 13, Arden

 A good opener from Arden, had me scratching around for a while in the NW corner today.

1   With sales force managed to cover shortest distance (2,3,4,5) AS THE CROW FLIES*
10 Farm machinery put in the bomb alert (5) BALER [T]
11 Wicked characters unsafe around Rio (9) NEFARIOUS {NEFA{RIO}US*}
12 Material arrived shortly on block, we are told (7) CAMBRIC {CAMe}{BRICk}(~brick)
13 The Yankee and the French follow others to arrange it all over again (7) RESTYLE {REST}{Y}{LE}
14 Shoots up a short line (5) SERIF <=
16 Epics tend to be rewritten and checked (9) INSPECTED*
19 Turn setter around, he makes her show you your place (9) USHERETTE {U}{S{HE}RETTE*}
20 Party hire will put out the fire (5) DOUSE {DO}{USE}
22 Rested when asked again (7) REPOSED RE-POSED
25 It is sweet to find Malcolm regularly involved in growth (7) TREACLE {TRE{mAlCoLm}E}
27 Homeliver I see is lifeless (9) INORGANIC {IN}{ORGAN}{I}{C}
28 British woman makes a mark (5) BREVE {BR}{EVE}
29 Campaigning on line, Greece got it all wrong (14) ELECTIONEERING {ON+LINE+GREECE+IT}*

2   Sailor landed a month before in an effort to secure our freedom (9) SALTMARCH {SALT}{MARCH} Enumeration seems incorrect
3   Employer gets angry within an hour (5) HIRER {H{IRE}R}
4   Study what is written and sign up (9) CONSCRIPT {CON}{SCRIPT} Not voluntarily though!
5   Present man has authority but not in charge (5) OFFER OFFicER
6   Last staff member who is mostly regular in the estate (9) FARMSTEAD {F}{ARM}{STEADy}
7   Ridicule Pierrot regularly over Gotham (5) IRONY {pIeRrOt}{NY}
8   Hang the expense with American participation (7) SUSPEND {S{US}PEND}
9   A god of merriment bans child doing some basic maths…… (6) ABACUS {A}{BACchUS}
15 …… Because the crew has second vision (9) FORESIGHT {FOR}{E{S}IGHT}
17 Perhaps space and time oddly called as show (9) SPECTACLE {SPACE+T}*{CaLlEd}
18 Billy had time to escape with the guerrilla operating from behind (9) TRUNCHEON {T}{RUN}{CHE}{ON}
19 One country gets another country’s precipitation reportedly (7) UKRAINE {UK}{RAINE}(~rain)
21 Small island said to allow a rope through (6) EYELET (~islet)
23 Search for a soft dress (5) PROBE {P}{ROBE}
24 Wild one in a trading office (5) DINGO [T]
26 Some months end with some warmth (5) EMBER [CD]


  1. A doubt on REPOSED. My dictionary does not show REPOSED or RE-POSED to mean 'Asked again'? Any clarifications?

    1. Does REPOSE qualify as a rhetoric question?

      Pose a question again or to sit for an artist again? or Can I say I REST (REPOSE?) my case ? Hahaha !

  2. Many dictionaries do not always list all the possibilities of word formations with re-.

    The BRB or Chambers that you have lists all re- words at the bottom of some pages (without meanings) and not as main entries with meanings.

    While well-known words such as retaken, repossessed, etc, are included,other rare or less used words such as re-posed may not be listed at all. A comprehensive list will be too large.

    'Reposed' as 'rested is there. But reposed (with or without the hyphen) in the sense of "asked again" or "sat as a model for the second time" is not.

    1. I remembered having seen a signboard at an upholsterer's shop - 'Old items recovered here' where a hyphen was missing.

      Wish they could recover the lost ones...

  3. Another doubt:
    27 Homeliver I see is lifeless (9) INORGANIC {IN}{ORGAN}{I}{C}

    Is homeliver: a person living at home. Acceptable word? Is a homophone ind. missing for see = C? Or is it convention?

    1. Homeliver is not there in any dictionary. As regards see/C even though it's not specified I think it's generally accepted in CWs

    2. Thanks. Had not come across usage of see: C

    3. Raghunath:

      IN-HOME- ORGAN -liver-I see _I C IN-ORGAN-IC.

      Many ways to beguile a solver ?

  4. With regards to my request for visitors of the blog to send me their details for the database. Citywise summary of known visitors as of now is as under. Figures in bracket indicate only those who have responded with their complete details.

    Kochi - 2 (1)
    Chennai - 18 (4)
    Bangalore - 8 (5)
    Hyderabad/Secunderabad - 4 (4)
    Vizag - 1
    Mangalore - 1
    Salem - 1 (1)
    NOIDA - 1 (1)
    Coimbatore - 2
    USA - 3
    Australia - 1
    UAE - 1

    1. I presume that the sole solver from Mangalore is none other than yours truly.

      Interested in forming a The Hindu Crossword solvers' group in Mangalore and also host a S&B meet in the near future. The earlier the better, since the forthcoming summer is expected to be forbiddingly warm. Friends like Col Gopinath and Kishore from Bangalore and those from Chennai may be interested in taking part.

      Calling all solvers from Mangalore and around - if any of you is interested, please drop a line at (ALL IN LOWER CAPS) RLASRADO(AT)GMAIL(DOT)COM at the earliest or call me up on + 91 94802 00000.

    2. Long ago you also said you could organise a van trip to visit places of tourist interest nearby.

      Richard, I would be most interested in attending an S&B at Mangalore and also taking any organised tour.

      Will pay subscription. It is fun to have friends around in a sightseeing trip.

    3. The offer of a guided tour of the worth-visiting spots in our district, including famous temples like Mangaladevi, Kollur, Subrahmanya, Dharmasthala, Kateel, Kadri, Polali, Kudupu, Someshwar and others still holds good. Pilikula zoo and biological park and St Mary's Isles (which have, as once mentioned, have India's rarest hexagonal basalt rock formations) also are worth considering. The package tour could entail two or three days.

      CV, Bhargav, Deepak, Dr DS, Rengaswamy and a few others had so gracefully shown interest. But my point is that unless a few members from this place too join in, the meet may not be as meaningful.

      I am still in the process of identifying solvers from here and around, with no success as yet. My friends at the Mangalore edition of The Hindu have promised to do a feature on Deepak's blog with a view to attracting some likely members from here.

    4. You can add me to the 'interested' list. The only proviso is that I may be visiting U.S. this summer for a few months and I sincerely hope that I am not forced to miss out. I t should be real fun and my suggestion would be add a few CW/ clue writing contests along the way, if it is a 2/3 day trip as suggested by Richard.

    5. Sorry, i missed Your mail. I am regular visitor to this blog. I am from Chennai. What more details, do You need. My ID is

  5. Homeliver is a homelier coinage by Arden,

    We bisect it to get IN (from 'home') and ORGAN (from 'liver').

    1. It could be a typesetting error - should have been 'in liver'.

  6. Chambers has

    n the third letter of the alphabet (C, c).

    1. Taking your cue, I looked into Chambers and found similar interpretations for:

      BEE: B, DEE: D, EF:F.

      I did not search for the other alphabets with similar sounds, bit I suspect we'll find these listed too.

  7. A good start by Arden.

    A doubt about 7D-
    What is the connection of 'gotham' to New York (or NY)?

  8. I did, Col. But still unable to connect (too dull?)

  9. See the Panel on the right under"new York City' after you go to the link. This is what is written there

    Nickname(s): "The Big Apple", "Gotham", "The Center of the Universe", "The City That Never Sleeps", "The Capital of the World"

    1. An easier way is to google for Gotham and you will get the answer

  10. Thank you Col. & Suresh. Should get more google savvy!

  11. Sorry, Deepak, just saw your Tuesday's comments for me, whilst browsing,

    You had mentioned that you would be sending something for the Sunday special from your collection of clippings. I have run out of stock so if you have anything do it across.

    I have a few from a competition that I participated in , whilst in Naiorbi. I shall scan and send one for your immediate use. This was a private affair and the name of the compiler, as usual, is a pseudonym. I don't think any copyright issues will arise.

    I can't figure out how our bloggers will find it but you may give it a go.

    Sorry , hust saw your comments of Tuesday:

  12. oh boy,first ever time with Hindu Crossword,and now could anyone think like this to solve the puzzle??Had a hard time understanding even the answers... :(..and I thought I knew English!!