Monday, 21 January 2013

No.10675, Monday 21 Jan 13, Neyartha

Neyartha has one cross word many to say

1 Posh pleasure boat (5,7) CABIN, CRUISER (E)
8 Cynic gets Pole’s misplaced funds (7) SCOFFER (COFFERS with S going to the front)
9 Part of a lathe found in a castle tower (6) TURRET (DD)
11 Fancy biscuit obtained using the speaker’s small bow (5,4) PETIT, FOUR (~PETITE FORE)
12 Flight or train path? (5) AISLE (E)
14 Unenthusiastic Poles abandoned translucent mixture (9) RELUCTANT (TRAnsLUCENT)*
16 Mention time to make way for the Yankee with a hoot (4) YELL (TELL with Y for T)
18 Sound from Leo was partly uproarious (4) ROAR (T)
19 Assess light for a cricket game (4,5) TEST, MATCH (TEST + MATCH)
21 Failure to ignore Washington’s call (5) SHOUT (waSHOUT)
22 Suffering hoarder goes around Iowa, showing a food poisoning symptom (9) DIARRHOEA (HOARDER* outside IA)
23 Dirty student moves in for Idaho storm (6) SQUALL (SQUALid/L)
25 Go over to scratch the head like an educated person (7) ITERATE (lITERATE)
26 Sister spies note hidden by Anonymous in a formal public statement (12) ANNUNCIATION (NUN + CIA + TI inside ANON)

2 Maid on atoll brewed a Spanish wine (11) AMONTILLADO (MAID ON ATOLL)*
3 IT finds ethnic design covering back of … (8) INFOTECH (ETHNIC* outside OF<=)
4 … motor car built to carry new bird (9) CORMORANT (MOTOR CAR* outside N)
5 Speak in complete … (5) UTTER (DD)
6 … sentences at first with the elite comedian informally (6) SCREAM (S + CREAM)
7 Street in Pondicherry, prior to independence? (3) RUE (CD)
8 Magnificent lawn of the police informer (10) SUPERGRASS (SUPER + GRASS)
10 A kind of insurance for the student engulfed by heartache at sea (10) HEALTHCARE (L inside HEARTACHE*)
13 Attendants caught with an Irish staple vegetable (5,6) SWEET, POTATO (~SUITE + POTATO)
15 Drunkard goes up with a niacin compound for the Italian conductor (9) TOSCANINI (SOT<= + NIACIN*)
17 Independent regent gets upset after following me from the south (8) EMERGENT (REGENT* after ME<=)
20 Realise Tina is at fault for sheltering Austrian revolutionary (6) ATTAIN (TINA* outside AT<=)
22 Bob (American singer), Charlie and Ed leave right away to launder without water (5) DYLAN (DrYcLeAN)
24 Functioning as something adequate (3) QUA (T)


  1. Monday morning blues? Where is everyone? Kishores net still retaining its 'Holy' status?

    1. If everyone is in Monday morning blues, no comments would be seen on your post as well. I am the exception, of course. ;-)

  2. Still holy, but nothing getting thru. Working thru mobile phone. The bsnl guy came on saturday, fidded around unsuccessfully, said exchange would reset and legged it, switching off his mobile. Got to track him today.

  3. Nice byeline to roar, yell, shout, utter and scream the theme !

  4. When my BSNL LL was dysfunctional (as opposed to malfunctioning), first I made a complaint by another phone, then I met the staff at the locality centre three or four times (meeting the Asst. Engr. twice) before the prob. was fixed.

    1. The only way to get BSNL problems fixed is by getting pally with the JE who deals with Broadband at the exchange and in case it is a line problem then keep the number of your friendly neighbourhood BSNL lineman handy. Go forbid if you try to sort it out through the call centre manned by our desi foreigners.

  5. Runnung thru the same grind. Wondering if i should change sevice provider. btw, CV, your usage of decadent had me musing : is decadent a person with only ten teeth left in the mouth?

    1. All this time I thought one could count the teeth and tell the age of only a horse...

  6. 7D In Pondicherry many streets are still called 'RUE' though it attained independence from France in 1954.

    1. And in Tiruchi, we have a 'boulevard' though our municipal sign painters now can never spell it correctly!

  7. Also, 'Pondicherry' has now become 'Puducherry'.

    17Dn. 'Emergent' in the context of a nation means 'recently independent'. Mere 'independent' may not fit the bill. Will we still call India an emergent nation?

    As we have become used to a high quality of care while setting from Neyartha, small points like this stick out like a sore thumb.

    1. I have always wondered if it's spelt Puducherry or Puduchery.

  8. 16 A - I solved as TELL. T for Y, not reverse. Which is correct.

    1. 16a Mention time to make way for the Yankee with a hoot (4) YELL (TELL with Y for T)

      The surface reading is quite clear that T makes way for - goes away making room for Y (the Yankee).

      So I would holler it's YELL.

  9. Kishore

    Changing the serice provider may not really help.

    When our desi LL was out of service last month the BroadcastArcherWilliam LL too went kaput. And the latter too took some four or five days to set it right.

    In the beginning the latter was good with letters mailed to customers by snail mail etc but with thousands of connections now their junction boxes on the streets are deteriorating and so is the service.

    From 3 pm my BroadcastArcherWilliam too is behaving erratically.