Wednesday, 9 January 2013

No 10666, Wednesday 09 Jan 13, Sankalak

1   For an aged mind, China developed a calculator (6,7) ADDING MACHINE*
10 Dry fruit for an eccentric from Rio? (6,3) BRAZIL NUT {BRAZIL} {NUT}
11 Widow escorted by South African in boudoir (5) BOWER {BO{W}ER}
12 Part of the Book by a minor prophet (5) NAHUM [DD]
13 Desirous of success, American gets stung by promises to pay (9) AMBITIOUS {AM}{BIT}{IOUS}
14 Ingratiatingly respectful troops follow Sergeant-Major (6) SMARMY {SM}{ARMY}
16 Notice, by British order, for building material (5) ADOBE {AD}{OBE}
19 A representative among Bundestag enthusiasts (5) AGENT [T]
20 Cool directions followed by Frenchman (6) SERENE {SE}{RENE}
25 A level playing field at Roland Garros (4,5) CLAY COURT [CD]
26 One held by thief in Delhi’s group of singers (5) CHOIR {CHO{1}R}
27 A hint read back (about time!) gets the bread (5) PITTA {PI{T}T}{A}<=
28 Not knowing when there is no light? (2,3,4) IN THE DARK [DD]
29 Period spent in school learning what is theoretical? Yes, including bits of art and religion (8,5) ACADEMIC YEARS {ACADEMIC} {YE{A}{R}S}

2   No single winner in a lifeless, preliminary race (4,4) DEAD HEAT {DEAD} {HEAT}
3   Strange milieu, devoid of energy, for a bone (5) ILIUM MILIeU*
4   Cheerful daughter quits dubious dealing (6) GENIAL dEALING*
5   Worker, one with corpus, gets medicine to fight disease (8) ANTIBODY {ANT}{1}{BODY}
6   Ah, Babe!! It can be made fit to live in (9) HABITABLE {AH+BABE+IT+L}* "Babe!!" appears to be a typo for "Babel!"
7   Mild remonstrance expressed at this moment twice (3,3) NOW NOW {NOW} {NOW}
8   Pipe sections with universal, black terminals (1-5) U-BENDS {U}-{B}{ENDS}
9   Born to hurry in a short encounter (5) BRUSH {B}{RUSH}
15 Wise men caught with rod, one used for tricks (5,4) MAGIC WAND {MAGI}{C} {WAND}
17 US marine affected by swelling in the artery (8) ANEURISM*
18 Stylish editor backs good French ambience (8) DEBONAIR {DE<=}{BON}{AIR}
21 Famous announcement of discovery (6) EUREKA [E]
22 Chance for action for a policeman in extremes of sufferance (5) SCOPE {S{COP}E}
23 Legislation accepted by insurers has to do with milk (6) LACTIC {L{ACT}IC}
24 Our time lost in a bit of data not tending to change (6) STATIC {STATistIC}
26 Material that a chic rep exhibits here (5) CREPE [T]


  1. Boy, Oh Boy ! The babe typo had me chuckling !

    1. I too knew something was amiss. Man!

    2. Oh! It is a typo. I thought it was a problem with my glasses.

    3. Or possibly the p's devil

    4. As you can very well see today's THC number prominently displays 666.

    5. It is preceded by 10. Luckily we had only one. I was spent a long time on that and still was not sure of anno though filled in.

    6. 6 Ah, Babe!! It can be made fit to live in (9) HABITABLE {AH+BABE+IT+L}* "Babe!!" appears to be a typo for "Babel!"

      I did not think in the line of typo, till I saw this blog. I put the answer, looked for L and thought Live in is duing double duty of giving L

  2. Could get many at single glance.

    Now now, in spite of being engrossed in Photoshop everyday, did not know 'adobe' as building material. Eureka!

    Many amazing anagrams.

    1. You should have read Zane Grey, Louis L'amour, Max Brand, JT Edson, Sudden and Joe Millard's Dollar series ! Or even Lucky Luke...

    2. Here is a link to Lucky Luke, the man who can shoot faster than his own shadow!

    3. Doc, both spellings are correct

    4. Comic con bangalore had lucky luke in tamil...amazing stuff!!

    5. BVK, I am curious to know if any Tamil name was coined for Lucky Luke.

  3. No supporters for Number Ten?

  4. aneurysm can also be spelt as aneurism. I learnt it today.

    1. I only knew the spelling as aneurism. But then, I am only a Chartered Accountant and not a doctor.

    2. gnorance is bliss. I did not know the spelling and so it did not make a difference. I can also hide under the same excuse of not being a doctor (whether all doctors know the correct spelling and even if they know and write it,if it will be legible is a different matter.)

    3. Two spellings probably came into the dictionary due to doctors' handwriting issues, though I cannot claim that my handwriting is legible.

  5. 'na hum' jane! Otherwise completed.

  6. What's the indicator for 26D? Here? Doesn't seem convincing.

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