Monday, 7 January 2013

No 10664, Monday 07 Jan 13, Sankalak

Another good set of clues.

1   Anyone can be upset by irritation (9) ANNOYANCE*
5   Selfish desire for good grass (5) GREED {G}{REED}
8   Principle governing conduct is becoming in court cases (8) LAWSUITS {LAW}{SUITS}
9   Struggling, the large cow gently went out to find the compound (6) GLYCOL {COw+GentLY}*
11 Surface lustre causes great failure (5) GLOSS {G}{LOSS}
12 One of 17 elements that are rather unusual (4,5) RARE EARTH* &lit
13 Robin Hood was a heroic one (6) OUTLAW [GK]
14 A popular cereal containing a bit of thiamine covered with cheese and browned (2,6) AU GRATIN {A}{U} {GRA{T}IN} Yummy!! My COD
16 Become out-of-date? But be victorious around the world! (4,4) WEAR THIN {W{EAR TH}IN}
18 Studies in music (6) ETUDES [E]
22 Making an announcement about accidentally finding toy daughter lost (9) NOTIFYING {FINdING+TOY}*
23 Not proper in small apartment (5) INAPT {IN}{APT}
24 Old mate, reversing position, applauds (6) EXTOLS {EX}{TOLS<=}
25 A memento to make one nervous, oddly (8) SOUVENIR* {1+NERVOUS}*
26 Mist causing a bit of strain? Appeal to god! (5) SPRAY {S}{PRAY}
27 Deliveries assessed and given too much importance (9) OVERRATED {OVER}{RATED}

1   Music giving everyone, for example, gold in return (7) ALLEGRO {ALL}{EG}{RO<=}
2   Welsh town with a novel harbour (7) NEWPORT {NEW}{PORT
3   Assurance of fidelity, a part of letters (5, 10) YOURS FAITHFULLY [DD]
4   The disposition of flora, fauna and so on (6) NATURE [CD] (Correction - [DD] - See comments)
5   Interpreting order, reeling vet somehow gets the dog (6,9) GOLDEN RETRIEVER*
6   Disallow including royalty in a passage from a book (7) EXCERPT {EXCE{R}PT}
7   Marine creature, a plaything docked by one from Helsinki, say (7) DOLPHIN {DOLl}{PHIN}(~finn)
10 Throat problemtreatment of water in drinking vessel needed (5) CROUP {C{RO}UP
15 Courteous and polite assembly of Roman figures (5) CIVIL {C}{I}{V}{I}{L}
16 The German caught in reverse kind of fall is doubtful (7) WONDERS {WON{DER}S<=}
17 More brainy like a teacher, it is said (7) ASTUTER {AS}{TUTER}(~tutor)
19 What may be cast by cops to catch the culprit (7) DRAGNET [CD]
20 A butterfly that is tardy, unusually (7) SATYRID*
21 Don’t pay attention to one hiding in to malign or exaggerate (6) IGNORE [T]


  1. Nice one.

    4 The disposition of flora, fauna and so on (6) NATURE [CD]

    I took this as DD
    flora, fauna and so on

    1. CD too is not incorrect. In fact, it almost tends to &lit.

  2. 19 What may be cast by cops to catch the culprit (7) DRAGNET [CD]

    Liked the alliteration in the clue.

    1. Alliteration always allures agile...(to be filled)

    2. ,aspiring, albeit antiquated auditors always asking answers again and again, against all advance accounts and anticipated approvals.

    3. Score-

      Richard-3, Kishore- 17 :-)Kishore duly filled in- listener's choice?

    4. further refinement

      ,aspiring, albeit antiquated auditors and accountants always asking answers again and again, about all advance accounts and anticipated approvals.

  3. Good one from Sankalak - though I did not get 14A and 22A!
    Good day all - bitterly cold morning, here, in Delhi. Hope to get some sunshine later in the day!

  4. Colonel, I have a feeling 14a would have been your COD even if it just said "Covered with cheese and browned (2,6)" :D

    1. even if it just said "Covered with cheese and browned (2,6)" :D

      even if it just said "cheese" :D

    2. That definitely would not cheese me off ;-)

    3. "You said it". Reminds me of the common man (aam aadmi?) of R.K.Laxman.

  5. I have found that Sankalak usually gives a little extra in his clue for (what he feels) a little difficult or not so common words to make it easier for people like me. that extra bit certainly helped me today.

    Apart from the above, quite a few clues today,like 1A,5A,16A,27A,3D,15A-my COD and of course 19D had excellent surfaces. Something Sankalak specialises in.

    Samosa was vert delicious today.

    1. Sorry. There is no 15A- I meant 15 D on which Kishore has elaborated.

  6. My COD was the cleverly amusing 15D

    1. Yup, liked it a lot. It's probably one of the longest words that can be formed with Roman numerals, the other being CIVIC. However, both don't have numeric values. The longest word that can be formed and has numeric value would probably be MIX(=1009).

  7. Sorrows don't come singly but in battalion.

    Both BSNL and Airtel telphones were out of order at the same time and each took their own time to repair.

    For sometime the broadband connection was working but even that was lost when a repairman came and did something!

    To complete he list, the UPS has become interrupted.

    Trying to retain my sanity...

  8. They say "It never rains but pours", but such telephone breakdowns are normally associated with rains. But in this weather....? Probably that is why you say that you are trying to retain your sanity. Any road cuts in your area to cause the damage?

  9. Kishore,
    Re. words formed with roman numerals:
    How about (MI)(MI)(C)

    1. Good one. But again, no numeric value

  10. Col:

    Pl respond to my comments on Sunday Special. thanks

    1. Raju,

      You could send the CW to me as long as there are no copyright issues. After you send them across i will get back to you if further clarifications are required