Sunday, 20 January 2013

No 2722, Sunday 20 Jan 13

1   Cheerful bishop's flexible (6) BLITHE {B}{LITHE}
4   Get down to nudism, astonishingly (8) DISMOUNT*
9   Liqueur price list outrageous - expensive, ultimately, for one (6,3) TRIPLE SEC {PRICE LIST(-i+e)}*
11 English textile town, to the west a university (5) KEELE {KEEL<=}{E}
12 Against carrying on, old Italian chap (7) ANTONIO {ANT{ON}I}{O}
13 Recall one hundred odd swallowing drop of special medicine? (7) NOSTRUM {NO{S}T}{RUM}
14 E.g. neck ends? (5,6) CLOSE FINISH [CD]
16 Exactly how rent is paid? (2,3,6) TO THE LETTER [DD]
20 Note journalists keep back (7) REPRESS {RE}{PRESS}
21 A group working in desert (7) ABANDON {A}{BAND}{ON}
23 Model, keeping one's balance (5) POISE {PO{1}SE}
24 Dissolute peer loves to get up late? (9) OVERSLEEP*
25 A boozy bender touring eastern city up north (8) ABERDEEN {A}{BERD{E}EN*}
26 Gambler in cap (6) BETTER [DD]

1   Comic strip character, a valet (6) BATMAN [DD]
2   Stupid, one point put about one in charge (7) IDIOTIC {1}{D{1}OT}{IC}
3   Girl's broken heel close to pavilion (5) HELEN {HEEL*}{N}
5   Behind bars having committed swindle - judge intolerant (13) INCONSIDERATE {IN{CON}SIDE}{RATE}
6   Rough and ready model needing dress (9) MAKESHIFT {MAKE}{SHIFT}
7   Excavate part of chateau near there (7) UNEARTH [T]
8   Louise's partner playing Hamlet (6) THELMA*
10 Area in which pollution is controlled, not good for the kipper house? (9,4) SMOKELESS ZONE [CD]
15 Recovering, continuously ingesting them (2,3,4) ON THE MEND {ON {THE M}END}
16 Leader in Premiership, a cut above the others? (7) TOPSIDE  [DD]
17 Flush? Reportedly posted a trivial amount of money (3,4) RED CENT {RED} {CENT}(~sent)
18 Doctor's entertaining chat over a brandy (6) GRAPPA {G{RAP}P}{A}
19 Even row about card game (2,1,3) ON A PAR {O{N A P}AR}
22 Some Beaujolais left in passageway (5) AISLE [T]


  1. Does the absence of a comment from the Col. mean that we are not going to have a Sunday special today ?

  2. Want to leave a comment in appreciation of Col's efforts in doing and putting up the Sunday CW despite waning interest!

    Had done this online in Everyman some time back, but still had to scratch my head for many. A smooth one, but KEELE eluded me till the end

  3. Did not get Keele despite having the crossings. Found it slightly on the tougher side today in general, but a very satisfying one to solve.